Saturday, 7 August 2021


When we see a picture with words we normally assume the words are connected to the picture and usually explanatory to the picture.

But what if the words have nothing to do with the picture?
Would you be confused?  
Would you try to find a connection? 

I made three paintings each with a title and, using words and pictures, had a little play with the word "Type",  which is the theme Neet has chosen for "Art Journal Journey" this month.
This pretty font is called "Segoe Print Regular".

I'm also entering these pictures into the "Try it on Tuesday" challenge where the theme is "Keep it Simple".
I've been wanting to make more simple art so this was a perfect opportunity.


Neet said...

Sheila, you have given me a lot to think about here. The first picture "Sea House" worked for me with the picture - some creatures could be living in a car that sits on the ocean bed so it would be a sea house. Then I came to the next one and was a little confused but on the third picture I associated all three and decided that the pictures were mixed up from the titles.
Then I sat back and thought "No, not mixed up at all", as a philosopher would think, "who is to say that these are not true representations of what they say they are".
I never understood philosophy at uni and I guess I still don't but I do like your pictures and the Segoe Print Regular font you chose for each one.
Thanks for joining in with the type theme at AJJ again.
Hugs, Neet xx

My name is Erika. said...

My brain likes to find weird connections so in the sea house I think of people camping out in an old VW van or something of that sort. In the old car I think of the caterpillar as being around on Earth a lot longer than a car so it could be a way to get around, but the caterpillar for the house...well now I am stuck. This is a fun take on you idea though. Nice little mental challenge. And I am glad you joined in for Neet's type challenge and also at Try It on Tuesday for our Keep It Simple theme. Hope all is well and you are having a nice August. Hugs-Erika

J said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for your earlier visit and kind comments, I love your artwork but I’m not sure my brain would work in that way, although a sea house could be a beach hut, then I’m stuck, I’m going to blame the heat and old age, LOL
Have a great weekend

craftytrog said...

I love your little paintings Sheila, I want that spotty orange and pink car! Although i might cause a few accidents, I don't think anyone would hit me :D
It's interesting to mix up the titles, I really like that idea.
Hope you're having a good weekend.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Now, my husband would tell you - it doesn't take much to confuse me - so I'm not the best person to answer these questions.
They are however all charming sketches, whatever the connection
A great page for Neet's 'Type' theme at Art Journal Journey - Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Chrisx

Annie said...

First I wondered about your title. Well, you sure had me going because I jump ahead and look at pictures first. So the car as the house made me twist my head. But I know Sheila has a fabulous imagination, so it could be a house. The next one, twisty head again, and it could be a really long car that can’t even fit on the paper. But the third photo put it all together for me. And then of course I go read the post and fit the words to the pictures. The play on words and paintings is fun for the theme TYPE. And the paintings are perfect for Keep It Simple. As always, I love your quirky imagination, your quirky characters and things, and your cleverness for this post.

Valerie-Jael said...

You made some fun journal pages with strange types of objects. Thanks for joining us at TIOT and at AJJ for Neet's challenge. Have a great Sunday, Valerie

limmelon said...

The imagination can run riot with this kind of word game. Reminds one of the ghastly psychology tests of yore. However, your illustrations set the words off beautifully and are works of art in their own right. Love it, Awesome!!

Meggymay said...

Three fantastic fun journal pages Sheila that made me look and use my imagination as I read the words.
Thank you for linking them with the themes at TioT's and at AJJ.
Yvonne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm still laughing and loved how you chose each image you created and paired it with a phrase. You have such an imaginative mind and of course, UI love that you have also chosen to share this with us at Art Journal Journey, too, dear.

Evergreenmo said...

Pictures on a loop. Old car, caterpillar and back to seahouses. Keep repeating round and round. Great little paintings on an old movie roll I like the softer colours and as usual it all makes me smile

janie said...

I too like looking for connections when there is none initially apparent, but the second two pictures although interesting left me feeling bewildered. I do however love the sea horse, love the shape, the colours and all the little features and could imagine a clown fish happily making a cosy home there.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Silly me , not spotting that these are also for TIOT, Thank you so much for joining us, Chrisxx

Let's Art Journal said...

Thanks for the smiles! The little car is delightful and I like how you played around with the words too - such fun 😀. I hope you are enjoying some sunshine, it looks like the warmer weather is back for a while. Take care and happy wishes! Hugs Jo x