Monday, 12 April 2021


"Art Journal Journal" is asking us to make art on the theme "Inspired by".
I am currently being inspired by Elizabeth who, this month, is posting a series of ingenious artworks made with recycled materials.
I've hardly ever made art with recycled materials so was inspired to have a go, helped by my friends.

It started with a little box of soap, strangely named "Magical Beauty Queen", and a box of biscuits.
I rescued both of these from the cardboard recycling box

and made a crown from the biscuit box cardboard.
I used Mr. E's gold acrylic to paint the crown.  He said he had hardly ever used it so that was a sort of recycling.

The deep purple fabric is from one of my fabric boxes labelled "Fabric I will probably never use".
The striped paper was cut out of yesterday's newspaper.
The pink wooden block was an offcut from one of Mr. E's projects which I rescued ages ago and have been keeping as I just liked it.

I've got a very large box full of foil papers from confectionary collected over many years and I made a little banner attached to thin washi tape.

And now - what you have all been waiting for!
It's the beauty pageant results!  Anastasia has been chosen as the Beauty Queen!  Loud cheers!!!
Cecil is the proud compere of the event.
You can see the glamorous Sapphire in the background looking slightly miffed.  She was the runner-up. 

That was the only photo I managed to get because -


A rather strange bedraggled protester has crashed the event.
"SAVE THE TEDDY" - what does that mean?
Nobody knows.  Nobody knows what to do.

Cecil has come out of his commenting box to appeal to the protestor who is saying nothing.

How did it end?
Don't worry.
It was just a game of performance art and recycling.
They are all good friends and got together shortly afterwards for a drink and a debrief although Sapphire is still ever so slightly miffed.

In case anyone is saying - "Wait!!!  This is not art journalling!!!"
We think it is.  It's (performance) art and it is in my Art Journal for today.

Kisses to all art journallers from the four actors - Anastasia, Sapphire, Cecil and Mabel.


Annie said...

Sheila!...What a joyous, delightful recycled art performance! With each photo and words I must take a break for laughing gleefully at this wonderfully imaginative Beauty Pageant! As you would say to me, top marks here! Each post frame is a surprise for what you have thought of to create and to write. Smiling all the while reading and enjoying. I know I need to save pretty foils from treats now. What a really clever idea for the bunting. Those foils are so delicate though. Well done sticking them to thin Washi Tape. The gold crown, the pink podium, the striped stage...all so clever. That little single flower strip became Cecil’s commentary box! The sudden protesting Teddy (Mabel) has me chuckling. You must have had a marvelously happy day creating this performance. Congratulations to Anastasia winning the pageant. I’m sure is was a difficult choice to choose the winner. Sapphire should be proud...she’ll come round. Congratulations to all the Teddies for a fine performance. And you’ve done a bang-up job of reporting and documenting this historic event. I’ve had such a fun time at your blog today!

SusuPetal said...

Your post was so much fun! What clever recycling and above all, what great performance by the Teddies! Standing ovation!

jenclair said...

Well, my first thought was "so much fun" and obviously it wasn't an original thought based on previous comments! Still, it is a fun post all the way through to the performance. I love the idea of recycling/performance art!

My name is Erika. said...

This is really fun recycling performance art Sheila. It's a very very clever take on Elizabeth's theme. I love how you used bits and pieces to make such a great scene. I especially like the foil wrappers as a bunting. Just to give it some shine of course! I'm glad you also shared this with us at AJJ. Thank you. Hope all else is well. Hugs-Erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh Sheila. You have absolutely MADE my day. This beauty pageant truly IS a recycling recycler's dream, dear. I truly love your quirky mind and how it works. I also love the journal entry you created, too. You certainly kept some of us in suspense to the very end. You placed the spotlight on your helpers today and it was great that they got to perform in ways they might not have before. This is simply stunning art, and a great entry for Art Journal Journey, too. And thanks for doing your part in recycling, too.

limmelon said...

Super! Very creative. Recycling Inspired. Is Mabel always the one to stir things up? Look like it. Kisses to all. Love it, Awesome!!

Let's Art Journal said...

This really made me smile and what brilliant performances from everyone, they certainly had lots of fun too! I love how you recycled materials to make the set and capturing them on your page is perfect too 😀. Thanks for the smiles and wishing you a wonderful week! Hugs, Jo x
p.s. sorry I haven't visited for a while, I hurt my wrist so was unable to type, all ok now so just catching up 😉. x

craftytrog said...

What an amazing project, so much fun, and some wonderful recycling. Congratulations to the fabulous performers!
Alison xx

Elkes Lebensglück said...

I am happy and love to make your art a journal page like this. So sweet your teddy parade and the things with it. A great story and the last picture a fabulous calendar sheet
and a big applause for this performance and for actors Anastasia, Sapphire, Cecil and Mabel!!!
That is pure inspiration for me!!!
Have great day, hug Elke

Neet said...

Well whether it is classed as art journaling or not I fully enjoyed it and it has left me with a great big smile on my face. i so loved your story and wondered what the next page was going to bring as I scrolled through.
Fabulous and thank you for brightening my day.
Hugs, Neet xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Absolutely wonderful performance art from the bear troupe! Loud cheers indeed!! Hugs, Chrisx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Oooo Sheila, one of my favourite biscuits :))
What a wonderful post, rescuing and recycling to make those props for the Bears to play out their pageant performance, I really like how you documented and placed in your journal. I feel they need to take pride of place and put on more shows for us at least once a month.. I'm sure Sapphire will get over it, there's always next year hee hee!!
Hugs Tracey xx

kat said...

Hello dear friend, it has been wonderful to catch up with all your fabulous art here again and those teddies! I love how you turned it all out into your journal, they are such a famous bunch.
Your art always makes me smile and this is so great, wishing you well dear one, I have loved your pieces and especially your famous flowers that I find so inspiring and love what you do to change their perspectives through digital art , you are a master and it is always a pleasure to visit here 😊.

Evergreenmo said...

well what fun for you creating this blog and for me reading the story. It made me chuckle throughout the acts and loved the meetup at the end just like real actors. Good idea to use up sweet wrappers They made a bright banner

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh this is such a WONDERFUL post.
Fun and creative, I loved it.
My very good wishes to you dear Sheila and Anastasia, Sapphire, Cecil and Mabel too :)

Have a lovely weekend.

All the best Jan

janie said...

Anastasia is a fantastic beauty queen, it’s amazing what you have achieved with a few scraps, the possibilities are endless. I especially like the bunting.
Sally of course is the real star of the show.