Thursday, 17 October 2019


Where do ideas comes from?  Everywhere and nowhere.
I found these three paintings while browsing in my sketchbooks.

A page waiting for something to happen,

a fish

and a strange rectangle.

Together with the theme "Dreams or Wishes" chosen by Eileen at "Art Journey Journey" they became


* * * * * * *

We were no sooner back from house-sitting for a friend than we were off again to a cottage in the ancient Kingdom of Fife which overlooked this marvellous view with the sea in the far distance.

Every morning and evening we walked around the beautiful area.

We did see a red squirrel running around right beside the sign the first time we walked past.

The ruined cottage was just down the road from where we were staying.  I rather liked it.

Every day we walked along a part of the Fife Coastal path and I'll show you some of the walk in the next post.


Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, Fife looks so beautiful - what a magical place! I enjoyed walking with you and I love it when you see red squirrels, what a treat 😀. Your artwork is fabulous! Your page waiting for something to happen made me think the patterns above should be reflected below like reflections in the water and then I find there is a fish there watching the TV, he must have been there all the time under the water, so funny 😉. Thanks for capturing my imagination and wishing you a wonderful week! Hugs, Jo x

Meggymay said...

A fabulous page, you were meant to to find and add these images together to create this page.
The photos looked lovely, with wonderful countryside views.
Yvonne xx

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

This is so cute and funny, Sheila. You really made me smile with your title, "Little Fish Watches TV Dreaming of a World Beyond the Sea." You have a wonderful imagination! Thank you for sharing this whimsical page with us at Art Journal Journey. Eileen xx

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I forgot to say that I love seeing old buildings like that cottage myself. I always stop and think of the people who lived there and I feel a connection to the past. Eileen xx

My name is Erika. said...

You had me with that title. Ha-ha. I love that fish watching TV. Do you think she/he likes shows filmed underwater? And maybe even there are fish film stars? Hee-hee. This is inspiring me with a fun story in my head-quite seriously. And wow Sheila, what a gorgeous place to visit. I would love to walk there and enjoy those views. Funny how that red squirrel decided to show you that there were red squirrels around. We have signs here that say moose crossing and I have yet to see a moose cross in those areas. Enjoy this wonderful time of year. Hugs-Erika

Annie said...

Does that fabulously colorful fish not know that the grass is not greener beyond the sea?...just a little different, in his case. He’s bright and beautiful. Too funny he watches TV! Who knew? It’s very cool that you’ve taken the three pieces and put them together. How nice of yourself to leave the space in the original painting for just the right details to add. I always notice the technique of the blurred lines. It is my favorite in every painting you do. And the contrast to the fish and TV really gives it the underwater look.
The Kingdom of Fife looks marvelous! Your photos capture it’s beauty. How perfect to have seen the red squirrel right at his warning sign. As if he may have put that sign up himself. I LOVE ruins and I just want to get up close to examine that neglected cottage. Oh, the stories a ruin holds secret. But fun to imagine what those secrets might be.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an incredible title. I love it, and of course I love the fish dreaming of a world beyond the sea. It's a fun post that only could have come from your imagination and creativity. And from your pen, too! This is really a clever take on Eileen's theme at Art Journal Journey, too.

The view of Fife, especially that first photo could be straight out of a movie. It is incredible and I can see why you enjoyed staying in that area. It's awesome. Like you, I was also drawn to the old cottage. It would make a great painting for someone who knows how to paint.

froebelsternchen said...

Gorgeous!I love the title and I love the whole posting!!! This old cottage is wonderful! What a creative take on the AJJ topic ! WOW!
Happy weekend and thank you so much for joining AJJ and Moo Mania & More dear SHeila!!

Susi xxx

Sue (this n that) said...

Welcome back (we are ships passing ;D))... I just had to see your post.
Delightful, colourful and whimsical as always Sheila. So pretty and uplifting... carefree too.
Looks like you've had the most beautiful places in which to relax - gorgeous country!
Cheers and hugs xx

Tammie Lee said...

You have a lovely imagination, the way you put pieces of your art together into one charming piece.

Looks like a wonderful place to wander and walk.

I love how animal signs often are true.

Lovely day to you!

sirkkis said...

Hello Sheila,
thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I answered there to your questions about the images, because some other visitors may like to know, too.
I appreciate your interest!
Your post here is fantastic. I love your cute art journal creation. It is very creative and adore the fish. Thank for sharing the beautiful photos as well.
Have a great autumn time, my friend,
Hugs xx

White Rose said...

Hi Sheila oh i love your art journalling,its very sweet.
Wow what a lovely country side,enjoy your house sitting Sheila xx

Fodie Ann said...

I love the little fish with his underwater telly! At first I thought he looked a little pale beside his former self, then I realised that he WAS underwater where all the colours are muted. The telly is much better turned on it’s head and recoloured too.
Grand views of the second house sitting, would you like to house sit ours sometime too?
Good to revisit Blogland again! Hugs, have a good weekend Fodie Ann

Rike said...

A page waiting for something to happen - that's so cool! And you really found something to happen to that page - a fish watching TV under water, you have an amazing fantasy! I like your title!
A wonderful landscape to walk around! Haha, a squirrel sign - I never saw before - and you even saw a real red squirrel running around the sign, a great experience!
Wish you a happy Sunday!
love Rike

limmelon said...

Where do your ideas come from? That is a fantastic innovative idea running those images together to create the picture. I hope the fish isn't sea-sick watching dry land. Fife is marvellous. Love it, Awesome!!

kat said...

Wow what an authentic piece and full of your great imagination. I am smiling at this fish watching t.v. You certainly bring your unique and fun ideas to life my friend. Those photos bring me right back to my home roots, I love the light, the green, the space and wonderful wild, rural feel, so happy you enjoyed all those peaceful days, I can picture you so well treasuring your moments and savoring those special walks.
Such a great post!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Sheila
I just love your art, I love your fish and I love the picture you've made. What a great title too :)
Your photographs of Fife are so nice to see, and I would love to see a red squirrel, we do get quite a few grey ones though.

Happy November Wishes.

All the best Jan

Tanza Erlambang said...

colorful paintings and wonderful countryside it

janie said...

Hello Sheila
I love your runner bean running away, that picture should be on a packet of runner bean beans in a garden centre, it is so good. Loved too all your pictures of Fife, so green and the paths just make you want to get outside and go for a walk.