Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Hello everybody.
I didn't expect to be away from Blogland so long but a good friend asked if we would like to stay in her cottage while she was away on holiday.   As she lives in an beautiful part of Scotland, it was an offer we accepted immediately.

This little burn was on one of our walks, close to the cottage.

One of the (many) first things I wanted to do when I came home was make art for Erika, who is hosting "Art Journal Journey" this month with the delightful theme "Polka-dots, stripes, plaids or patterns".

We've been having a massive clear-out, including paintings and other art objects and this little sampler was one which I saved from the going-out box.

I thought it would be fun to make a similar sampler digitally using bits of old paintings and went through many attempts before finding simpler is often better.

Of course the garden has gone crazy and I quite like when it does that.

The tomatoes are larger than ever before and grow very well in Scotland both outside and in an unheated open greenhouse.

Last post I showed the upside-down wife

and promised you the upside-down husband. Here he is just as I quickly drew him, upside down

and here he is the right way up.

Hahaha!  I think he has managed to acquire a pet from another planet, and I'm not too sure about him either.  He's also brought a strange plant along with him (or maybe it's a lamp?).  Do you like his hat?

Hastily moving on, Mr.E's Sweet Peas are still doing well and here is Douglas to show them to you.

Once again I'm glad to be back and I look forward to visiting you again.


My name is Erika. said...

Oh wow Sheila, what a fabulous post. First of all I have to jump to your garden and say what amazing tomatoes. My veggie garden didn't do that well this summer, even though my flowers did fantastic. Go figure that one. And I would jump on the chance to go house sit too. I bet it was a nice little get away too. And your sampler art is a very cool idea. I like it a lot, and want to say thanks for joining in the challenge at Art Journal Journey. And the upside husband is the perfect match for his now right side up wife. Hope you are enjoying those tomatoes and your garden. Hugs-Erika

White Rose said...

Hi Sheila awesome post my friend and wow what beautiful work you have done ,you are very clever.
Oh boy look at those healthy tomatoes ,wish we could grow them lime that.
What a beautiful place you got to stay at ,hope your day is a good one Sheila xx

froebelsternchen said...

I simply LOVE all about this posting! Wonderful art and photos and I can imagine how happy this garden makes you!
And the upside down husband looks fab to me as well!

A wonderful entry this digital painting inspired by the wonderful cross-stitch sampler, perfect for Erika's topic at AJJ!
Thank you beyond belief for supporting us again!

Great to see you back in blogland!
Big hugs, Susi

Annie said...

Welcome home! Oh yes, what a beautiful area Maureen lives in. The ground is so clean and clear of weeds. It looks amazingly inviting to roam around there. That is a very sweet X-stitch sampler. Always surprising what might inspire some art in another medium. Quite a delightful sampler in paints. I always love your amazing trees...their design and colors and the way they glow. Yep, they glow. The sampler is a paradise for the flowers, the trees, the birds and the butterflies. All with a fun dotted border. Your wild garden looks beautifully wonderful. And those tomatoes...if only I could reach in to pick a handful to munch on. They look so delicious. Your upside down man has me smiling and chuckling a bit. He brings to mind our Uncle Sam. His pet does look a bit frightful. The pet might be a bit worried about the plant and what it might do to him. The plant brings to mind The Little Shop of Horrors and the plant is about to say “Feed Me!” Douglas looks so proud posing with those Sweet Peas. They look so frilly and beautiful. I’ve had quite the fun time visiting your post today.

SusuPetal said...

Good for you to stay at your friend's cottage! Must have been a wonderful time!

Your upside-down drawings are so much fun, so personal and expressive, I like them a lot!

Chris Lally said...

Welcome back, Sheila! What a generous friend you have. Sounds like you had a great time!
Glad you didn't throw out that sampler! What a good idea to fashion a digital painting on it. I love how it turned out! You're right - simpler is often better!
Love the garden, too! The last hurrah before the chill. And those tomatoes! Wow!
Your upside husband is great! They make a good looking couple, especially with their "alien" pets:)
And finally, thank you for the last photo. It made me smile.

sirkkis said...

It's nice to read you had a wonderful visit, and your garden must be glorious in all lovely colours.
Douglas, thanks for Sweet Peas 😘
I love Mr.E's hat and his ability to walk upside down 🤣.
Thank you Sheila for a joyful post and have happy time at home 💗

ULKAU said...

What a gift that you could spend time in such a beautiful place...but coming back was definitely even nicer...so many red tomatoes were waiting for you! Great harvest after this warm summer!
I had to laugh, did you really draw the man upside down?
The strange pet looks like a zigzag lion without a tail...hi,hi!
I haven't tried drawing the wrong way around yet, I'm always happy when I do it the right way around.
Warm regards - Ulrike

peggy gatto said...

Nice to see you and your art again!

limmelon said...

What a pet, is it a Dat, or a Cog? Better upside down anyway. Maybe Australian. Autumn leaves against the burn, beautiful. I love your idea of the photoshop sampler. The garden's gone bonkers. Love it all, Awesome!!

Beo said...

Thank you very much for the insight into your life . Your tomatoes.... Unbelievable! I actually have some tomatoes this year, but they just don't turn red. So we were able to harvest a few, but the "rest" is still big and round and GREEN on the plants. Maybe I should have taken better care of a friend's house and left my garden to itself? Your upside-down-husband looks funny. I don't know if I like his hat. But I like his pet, it could be a prickly pug.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How incredibly lucky you were to have friends let you house sit for them. That's a beautiful area and so peaceful and quiet, too.

I had to laugh that you robbed the going out box so you could be inspired to make that sampler that fit Erika's theme at Art Journal Journey so well. It's so adorable and I always love your digital art. This is fabulous. Thanks for supporting Art Journal Journey this month, dear.

Your upside down man is a hoot. I hope that's not a plant or we might be headed to the Little Shop of Horrors (grin)!

You have so many wonderful tomatoes. I couldn't believe how big and beautiful they were. Mine have never looked that good. In fact, mine died before they were barely out of the ground this year. You must have a magic green thumb (well, magic at least). Your flowers are proof of that.

Sue (this n that) said...

Hi Sheila, lovely to see you.
What beautiful bushland walks you were able to take alongside your friend's cottage. That would've been a very relaxing holiday/sit.
Your sampler is so sweet and I love the pretty material its sitting on for the photo. Loving so much your digital sampler too... oh those colours xx
Your garden's lushness is beautiful - those nasturtiums and their leaves are whats happening here too. Prettiness for sure, and I bet the bees have smiles on their faces at all that variety!
Well done with those tomatoes too.
You're clever with Mr & Mrs Upside-Down... I can think that Mr has a woolly sheep on a lead ;D)
Oh and your Mr E's Sweet Peas - so delicate and in another of your gorgeous vases, no wonder Douglas has that sweet smile all over his face xx

Rike said...

A wonderful part of the world where you were housekeeping!
There the little cross stitch sampler was going back from the going-out box, haha! It's incredible how you were inspired from it - I scrolled up and down and thought "I never would be able to create some new forms from this sampler like you did". I find the birds, the butterflies, the tree and the flowers again.
Your tomatoes are awesome, they all hang in a row - come, and look to mine, they all grow crazy between the leaves and I have to search them :)
So, here is the upside-down husband ... I now know why the wife is laughing in that way :)
Cute Douglas with his sweet Sweet Peas! The colors all fit together!
Wish you a happy weekend! Rike xx

Let's Art Journal said...

How wonderful to stay at your friends cottage, I bet you had a wonderful time and the little burn looks so pretty and tranquil 😀. I like your art inspired by your sampler, I think the pink bird does too with his cheeky smile, he looks like he is admiring the view ...lol 😉. So nice to see Douglas and those beautiful sweet peas, our everlasting ones have done so well this year at one point I had seven vases of them - grin! Welcome back and wishing you a happy Friday and Weekend! Hugs, Jo x

The Winnie Chronicles said...

I do love that digital sampler Sheila, it would look great in a fabric collage. The sweet peas and Douglas are gorgeous and the tommytoms are fab! Very eatable x

Gibby Frogett said...

Lots to see Sheila.. I didn't know where to begin... that burnside walk looks so lovely and peaceful and your garden as beautiful as ever. Nice tomatoes! - we have his and her ones as I'm fussy and like bigger ones with less pips :)
Oh no not more sorting out of your art works - it must be hard having 'so much' to decide what to keep :D glad you kept that sampler though, its a beauty - love the colour palette. Great idea for the digital sampler too - I had a great story going in my head looking at it and won't bore you with it but the scenario was set under the sea as thats what I first thought of.....
And upside down husband made me smile of course and 'the little shop of horrors' sprung to mind..
ahhh and thank goodness we end here and calm my mind with a lovely photo of dear Douglas proudly showing off Mr E's gorgeus sweet peas...
Fab post Sheila and a great start to my day.. thank you :)
Gill xx

kat said...

Hi dear one! So good to catch up here after soooo long again!! Wow what a great time you must have had in that enchanting cottage in Scotland!
Loving seeing Douglas again and your new characters in those sketches, they are so loose and fun! Your digital art always pops and yes I love simple , you always have had this knack for simplicity as well as popping colour effects that show off all the simple lines so well!
Much love your way
Kat xx

kat said...

Oh I forgot to mention wow those tomatoes look fabulous, what a harvest!!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Sheila
What a lovely post.
I did enjoy seeing all of your photographs. Your garden is still showing a nice lot of colour, your tomatoes look delicious and Douglas shows off the sweet peas wonderfully well :)

Hoping the month of October has started well for you.
Take care

All the best Jan

The Happy Whisk said...

Testing to see if this comment works. Hope you're doing well. Getting cold here. Burrr.

janie said...

Hello Sheila love the wee burn, it looks a very nice walk but what amazing tomato plants and vibrant flowers x