Saturday, 12 January 2019


New year, new art.

I made some collages, hoping to make non-neat collages, even using some magazine pages along with my own artwork pieces.

This one went through a thousand stages (maybe a bit less).
There are two magazine pieces, middle left and top right.  The rest is my own artwork either painted or using hand-made stamps.

I turned it green.  I think I like the green version better.  What do you think?

Here's a greetings card made with the green version.  Douglas is laughing.

The next collage is for Alison's challenge theme "Geometric Shapes" at "Art Journal Journey".  I had a lot of fun with this one.  It's made with my own painted papers.

* * * * * * *

In Real Life Land - the weather here is quite chilly especially when there is a strong breeze but these brave little marigolds are still flowering.

And at Christmas my sister gave me this sweet little paintbox. 
It's one of the Prima Watercolor Confections sets.  It's quite delightful.  

I hope the next artwork I make will be with these intriguing paint colours.


Beo said...

Although Douglas looks very happy beside the card with the second variation of colours - and it fits perfectly
I myself prefere the first, the original one. It looks great!
And as I'm tired I'll stop here and won't write anymore to the rest of your interesting post. I hope, you will understand.
Ciao Beate

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I LOVE your pink tree. I think it looks good. But of course, I also love when you turned it green. It's really a fun way to use your own art and that card is wonderful. Douglas certainly looks pleased.

What a brilliant journal page for Alison's theme at Art Journal Journey. I certainly appreciate that you used your own painted papers to create this clever collage. It's a great entry and lovely flowers you gave us. Wonderful art that we are happy that you shared at Art Journal Journey.

I love it: Real Life Land!!! What a healthy marigold. Your sister knows you. She gave you the perfect gift in those watercolor.

My name is Erika. said...

I think the dark tree piece and the green tree pieces are so different from each other. The dark one I love and reminds me of January here in New Hampshire and the green one reminds me of spring, which I am dreaming about. I can't believe you still have flowers blooming. There is definitely a big weather difference between where we live. I have ice and about 6 inches of snow. And it is really cold now. Anyhow, loving your geometric piece too Sheila. I can tell you are having lots of fun! hugs-Erika

Annie said...

Through the deep, dark forest of pink trees, we come out into the welcoming light of the forest of green trees. But it isn’t just any old green tree. This green tree is decorated. And what a lovely greeting scene of lightheartedness. Douglas knows a happy greeting card when he sees one. Your painted papers collage tells a story of its own about a pretty winter garden. Our weather sounds the same as yours. Oh, look at the shiny new tin of paints! They are so inviting in their state of perfect little paint squares. But I love most the story they tell when finally the colors are spread all over the tin inside and the colors begin to mingle with each other. Can’t wait to see this one when all that painting and mingling begins!

The Happy Whisk said...

That's a great little paint box and I love both the first and second. Hard choices. Hard choices, indeed. Happy 2019!

SusuPetal said...

Today I think pink :D That's odd, because I usually prefer green much more.

Oh, what an inviting looking paint box! Sisters <3

limmelon said...

Three cheers for Douglas ! The star of blogland. Definitely the green one, the dark is a bit macabre. I'm not normally a great fan of collage, but this one has come across well. Maybe it's the photoshopping on top which makes the difference. Geometric and real flowers, super. Love it, Awesome !!

froebelsternchen said...

I can tell you that I know why Douglas looks so please with the card you made using your own art as that card is just wonderful. I like both colour variations, can't decide which is my favourite! And your lovely geometric shaped garden in the Art Journal makes me just happy Sheila! I can see how the colour of this lovely still flowering marigold in the beautiful vase on this lovely patchwork doily inspired you ! I sewed a few of this patches by hand last year..this was so fun.. I think you inspire me to do some patches this year again! And this lovely watercolour set.... super for taking it with you on your travels! Your sister is an angel!

Thank you for yet another fantastic entry linked to Art Journal Journey dear Sheila!

Happy Sunday!
Hugs, Susi

Meggymay said...

I think the first version of your tree page is my favourite, but they both look fantastic and Douglas is obviously pleased with his card.
Your geometric flowers look awesome as well.
The new water colour set have some interesting names, I'm sure you are going to enjoy using them.
Yvonne xx

Lenie said...

Mostly I love everything green but when I saw the pink one I immediately thought: wow ! What a beautiful colours! So Sheila, my choice is pink.
As always it is a beautiful post. Lenie x

Chris Lally said...

The drama of the pink, the sweetness of the green - can't decide, Sheila because I love them both :)
I also love that the nature theme continues down the page with your beautiful AJJ challenge piece & that gorgeous marigold!
Hope you enjoy your new adventure with the watercolor set. The color palette looks very inviting!

Sue (this n that) said...

Hi Sheila, I love both cards and cannot make a choice! It looks great made up into a card and Douglas certainly approves :D)
Your collage is gorgeous - well done!
Such a pretty picture the marigold in the vase, on that sweet hexie doily. Good choice staying indoors with a chill wind about, not a lot of fun!
Your Sister's gift is fabulous - the colour selection is wonderful and you'll certainly have fun with it. Blocks of colour seem to last forever! Cheerio for now xx

johanna said...

i like both versions of the tree card (maybe the first one a tad better, but quite undecided) - and it´s nice to see that douglas is always smiling;)
super entry for ajj - love all the shapes here. obviously inspired by your marigolds... you still have them in the garden??? tons of snow would have buried them here...
have fun with your watercolors - a great gift and i´m sure we will enjoyable sheila-art with them.
xox, johanna

craftytrog said...

I absolutely love these pieces of collage art Sheila! Thank you so much for joining my challenge at AJJ.
Sweet marigolds too :-)
Alison xxx

Linda Kunsman said...

delightful art projects! Personally I LOVE the pink version best- but they are both so good Sheila!

Rike said...

My first thought: I like the pink one - then I saw the card you made with the green one and lovely laughing Douglas, yes this one I like!
The collage with your own painted papers is fabulous - happy and beautiful colors, flowers, squares and other geometric shapes!
Brave marigold flowering in wintertime, "wonder"ful!
Oh, this little paintbox - what a treasure for you!
Warmly, Rike

Let's Art Journal said...

Your collages are beautiful! I think the first one looks like a night time scene of maybe an enchanted forest and the green one is the same scene by day full of peace and serenity 😁. The card looks so pretty so I'm not surprised that Douglas is smiling! The flowers on your AJJ page look like they are smiling too. Your little marigold is beautiful and I was surprised to see that we still have snapdragons flowering in our garden 😁. Such a lovely gift, I can't wait to see what you create with them. Enjoy the rest of your week! Happy January! J 😊 x

Tammie Lee said...

I like both versions/colors. Such a different feeling to both. The card looks wonderful, so professional.

Fun that you use your own painted papers for your art, a nice use for them. I would imagine a good feeling to have your art in the before and after stages.

lovely week to you!

Gibby Frogett said...

Hello Sheila - I'm easily pleased so I love the colours in both versions but I think your lovely Douglas is thinking that he wants to keep the printed out one :)
Lovely to see your Marigolds still blooming - although with the change of weather lately maybe they are feeling a little chilly now and need a hat and scarf.
Love the colours in your fab new paint set - don't they have some cool names too. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them :)
Hope all well up there with you.
Gill xxxxxxxxxxxx

A Casa Madeira said...

Oi Sheila,
I loved the collages.
They look beautiful.
r. For a long time I had a frog that lived in the drawer of the room. I had to get used to it. I really like using bowls
great for little ponds.
Thank you for your visit there at the house.
Have a good month continuation.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous!! I love both the pink and green tree..but I feel the pink tree calling my soul! Love your new paint set, how magical, it is always such a fun feeling to get new art supplies! How I love that sweet flower and peaceful!
Thank you for sharing your magical world..hugs my friend!

Lowcarb team member said...

Don't you just love Douglas! Well I do :)
Yes, I like both versions, but the green one marginally is my favourite.

I think your collage is excellent, the marigolds a fabulous colour and your new paint-box quite intriguing, what curious paint names, have fun using it.

With the weekend so near, I wish you a good one.

All the best Jan

Jackie said...

And another fabulous card - Douglas looks very happy beside it. I like both colour versions, though. I like the different styles of your collage - both so effective. Enjoy your new paints. Jx

kat said...

Loving this post too, from your unique card made in your wonderful style to that sweet orange flower not to mention cute Douglas who I send my love to! xx

janie said...

Hello Sheila I really liked the pink tree but then I scrolled down and saw the green one...wowsers, it is so nice. You have such creative talent