Wednesday, 18 July 2018


It's been an unusually busy July with holidays, the best of visitors and a fairly demanding garden.

Take a little walk down the forest trail, a peaceful part of our garden which never demands much attention.

Next is one of the watercoloured abstract garden series and is the actual painting with no photo-editing adjustments.

The next few are photo-edits from my own photographs in the garden.   For those of you who don't do photo-editing, I would like to explain that for me, photo-editing is just another way of making mixed-media art.

A pretty flower given to me by a friend who didn't know its name, and it is still a mystery (even more so when it is photo-edited).

A blue collage of pebbles and grasses.

These violas look as if they are on the march.

I was quite pleased with how the background purple looks stencilled.

Finally, for fans of Douglas, here is what he found in the vegetable garden when he returned from holiday.   Those of you who grow courgettes will sympathise/understand.

Douglas says "Hi" and he's happy to be back in Blogland.

Linking to Chris's theme "Art for Art's Sake" at "Art Journal Journey".


Linda Kunsman said...

what a gorgeous looking forest trail! Love your abstract floral-so pretty. And such fun photoshop art too!

Chris Lally said...

Ah, the perfect summer blog post, Sheila - the beautiful forest trail, flowers with riots of color and some yummy veggies.
Darn it - I forgot to plant squash this summer :}. You could feed the world with those things.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love your abstract botanicals and gardens. I hope Douglas is sharing some of that with you, because it looks mighty tasty. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and blessings!

My name is Erika. said...

That forest walk is amazing Sheila. How beautiful. I'd love to see more of your garden photos. You and I am guessing your husband too have such green thumbs. And your garden art is very pretty also. And your courgettes look yummy. I have some growing but they are still small. A couple more weeks I guess. Do you have a favorite way to use them? Hope all is well. Hugs-Erika

Annie said...

Oh, your garden is so inviting. I tried to get right into my screen hoping I’d come out in your awesome garden. It didn’t work but I filled my screen with the photo and felt like I was right there walking that path. I really love your abstract garden watercolor painting!...all of it...the color, the design of it, the organized wildness of it! All of the photo edited photos are pretty and fascinating. Each has a story of its own to tell. I just keep scrolling up and down relooking at each one. I think I see a fairy face in the blue collage. I don’t think Douglas needed to search too hard to find those! LOL. They sure can grow big fast...even when you’re trying to watch them. They’re so sneaky. So glad to have you both back in blogland.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I want to design my gardens after your incredible forest trail. That is appealing and soothing.

I am SO impressed by all the lovely pages you created through your photo editing. That editing really brings out the best of the photos. Each has a quality unlike anything found in nature, yet look like nature should have used those colors. You can certainly color me impressed. and I'm even more impressed that you shared these gorgeous photos with us at Art Journal Journal.

Douglas looks a bit overwhelmed, but I bet these are delicious. They certainly look healthy. Hope you and Douglas enjoy the "fruits" of your labors because I am delighted to see you both home safe and sound.

froebelsternchen said...

Your garden ist just a peaceful and fantastic place and it seems it inspires you to the most intriguing hybrid art! I am thrilled about your digital Mixed Media pieces with the garden photos and I simply adore this loose and stylish watercolour painting on top!
I just eat meals with courgettes just now as all my friends bring me their huge ones! And I can tell you there are the most yummie recipies for them, so I told my friends they can bring as much as they want to me! Lol! I have two own plants and they are quite big now as well.
Yesterday I made in the pan fried noodles out of the courgettes with freshly made Pesto with the herbs of the garden and lettuce salad from the garden! It was simply divine!
And I have made a courgette-walnut-spread ---already which was simply delicious!

Ok- stopping now , that makes me just!

Thanks so much for joining us at Art Journal Journey Sheila! Great to hear you had such a nice time with visitors ! Enjoy the garden and the summer dear friend!
Here is everything all right at my end of the world!
Hugs, Susi

limmelon said...

The forest trail looks spectacular, both the trail itself and the photograph. I don't believe no maintenance. I bet the fairy palace (Douglas's Home) is just at the bottom behind the shrubs. Does he have a cooker big enough for the courgettes? The photoshop creations the way you do them is definitely mixed media, and brilliant. Love it, Awesome!!

Gibby Frogett said...

Oh yes - I agree with Erika and would love to see more of your fantastic garden Sheila... how wonderful to have that forest trail in your garden - sigh!!!
Love all your real abstract art and digitals - the violas look very dramatic (love that purple/violet colour).
The unknown flowr is beautifully edited too - would have liked to have seen the real photo as wondering is it a 'Verbascum' ??
Great courgettes - is Douglas going to cook them? - assume they will be maybe cooked in a marrow like way?
Daves just informed me its getting hotter for the weekend :( how much hotter can it - please send/donate spare/unwanted cool air here down here!
Gill xxx

SusuPetal said...

Hi Douglas!

Your garden looks amazing, pure magic that path! And your abstracts and digitals! Your garden is a tremendous source of inspiration for your art!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh how I would love to walk on that path through that part of your garden - it looks a peaceful spot! I am so happy to see these flowers both unaltered and photo edited! Thank you so much for linking to Art Journal Journey! My Mum would have know what to to do with those courgettes - we weren't vegetarian but as veggies were cheap to grow we always had loads and some often 'went over' but nothing was wasted - she used to make lots of things for sandwich fillings or toast toppers! Have great weekend! Chrisx

Terri Petersen said...

Your garden is so lovely. It looks like a wonderful place to escape from stress and just relax and breathe. . . Your pages are beautiful!. The first one looks like an impression of a bird of paradise flower. Do you see it too? I hope you're enjoying your week! : )

johanna said...

that forest trail looks like it could be my favorite part of the garden - peaceful, really...
wonderful original watercolor painting... love that burst of colors!
and your photoshop play brought great results, too. stirred my brain to imagine enchanted gardens or woods, a lot of mystery...
and thankfully there are zucchini recipes in gazillions of variations...
have a great summer!! and thank you so much for your always uplifting comments ♥♥♥

Let's Art Journal said...

It sounds like you have been having fun whilst away from blogland 😉. I'm loving your woodland trail, it looks so magical and I'm sure that many fairies gather there 😉. The watercolor abstract painting is wonderful with the lovely bright colours and your photoshopped photos are amazing! I particularly like the mystery flower cloaked in black petals and your stenciled purple background - beautiful 😁. Those courgettes certainly grew while you were away 😉. I'm so pleased to see you and Douglas too, welcome back! Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊 x

craftytrog said...

Your forest garden walk is wonderful Sheila, my sister-in-law has something similar that I love to walk through.
And your photoshopped flowers and watercolour painting are simply stunning.
We have one courgette so far, although I'm not a fan, so it's for Hubby ;-)
Happy weekend,
Alison xxx

Little Artbee said...

Hello Sheila nice to be back on your lovely Blog pages.
Your garden path looks so wonderful, an image good to use for meditation.
Your little watercolor image looks so nice and the digital compositions with the flowers look amazing.
Swet Douglas found enough to eat in your garden. ;)
Have a nice weekend and a happy summertime.

Victoria said...

So magical..the enchanting trail from your garden to the forest is so special! I love all of your artworks and photos..very powerful and exciting works! The watercolor abstract is very meditative and the colors are exquisite!

ULKAU said...

In your Water-Color picture I can see all the blossoms of your colorful garden! Yeah, that's nice! Exploding colors, really summer!
Wow, the first of your transformed pictures, with the dark flower panicles, looks totally beautiful and unreal at the same time! I also like the colors in the background very much. Here I would have liked to see the original photo for comparison.
This technique always offers great surprises!
... and Douglas is looking forward to the big harvest!
Have a nice sunday - Ulrike

Tammie Lee said...

Your painting overflows with energy and has wonderfully brilliant colors.
That garden path is lovely and inviting. Places that no longer require a lot of work are nice.
Always lovely to see your photo art, very creative. Lovely day to you!

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh, how I love your forest garden walk … just lovely.

Always enjoy seeing your art, liked the violas.

All the best Jan

PS Hello to Douglas!

Claspi said...

The garden path is so beautiful, as well as your pictures! And of course Douglas! Hello Douglas!

2amscrapper said...

so interesting and creative techniques

The Happy Whisk said...

Helllloooooo Douglass!

Fodie Ann said...

It’s lovely to see pictures of your garden and the huge courgettes beside Douglas! Everywhere is so green, despite the hot weather! My favourite one is The one with the purple ‘stencilling’, makes me think of periwinkles in the spring. Hugs

Jackie said...

your garden looks so beautiful, and it is clearly an inspiration for your art. I LOVE your painting. Jx PS. I hope Douglas didn't keep the courgettes all to himself. :-)

Mascha said...

Hallo Douglas, you found yummy things - and a forestlike garden, that is my dream...
Great edits and mostly I like the watercolor without edit.
Sheila, I'm your follower now and I see, you are mine since any time, only because this horrible DSGVO I can no more see my followers. We must hide them.

Jackie said...

I have enjoyed catching up and seeing more of your wonderful garden, Sheila, and it's produce. I love how you have used the flowers in your arty creations. They look all look so good. Jx

Rike said...

Hello Douglas - I understand very well, we too have such crop of these incredible courgettes!
Your garden with this forest trail is a paradise!
I love your watercoloured abract garden painting and all your beautiful photo edited pages of flowers! The blue collage of pebbles and grasses looks like a big face of a blue cat (for me).
Rike xx

janie said...

Love the forest trail, the artwork but of course I love Douglas looking after the courgettes the best of all x

kat said...

Wow what a post. Your art here is fabulous, so many gorgeous organic pieces I simply love. Each special and unique, all favorites. You have such fun with your art digitally and make super pieces. It feels so summery here too and that garden is enchanting, Lulu would love for sure. It is a fairy garden.