Monday, 11 June 2018


Windows has brought out a new version of Paint which has lots of additional features.  I've drawn a few pictures with the mouse using the old Paint so was inspired to try out the new.

I'm linking to the challenge at "Art Journal Journey" where Gill is hosting the theme "Inspired by....".

One thing I like about drawing with the mouse is that the mouse has an artistic mind of its own so it's often just a matter of watching what it does next.
When someone throws a party they sometimes say "Bring a friend".

OK I know it's crazy, the mouse did it.

* * * * * * *

I'm often in the garden and thought you might like to see some of it.

Sheep in the rock garden.

Boxy has a new neighbour in the Zen garden and he's not very sure about it.
You can just see Boxy top centre.

My niece made us a little deer for Christmas and Mr. E. adapted her design to make one for the garden.

We have poppies all over the garden, everywhere.  This year I planted flowers specifically to help and attract the bees.
They go crazy over these poppies.

They love foxgloves too.  They go right inside a bell and have to reverse out.

Some of the vegetable plot.  Mr. Esmeralda made the raised beds.

On Saturday I planted mimulus round the birdbath and neatened the edges.
The next morning it was like this.

Here's the culprit.
The female blackbird was racing back and forward pulling up earth and rushing off with it.
We guessed that part of her nest had collapsed and she was doing emergency repairs.

A little flower bed to finish.

Hope you enjoyed this short visit to our garden.
If you ever come again, bring a friend.


June Macfarlane said...

Beautiful nature and gorgeous journal creation

Hugs June x

sirkkis said...

You have a wonderful mouse if it brings this kind of fun friends! Beautiful piece.
Your gardens are every very beautiful and made with great styles. All they are perfect. What a poor blackbird who lost its nest and did you that mess 😋
Enjoy your fabulous garden and the fun friends 🐆🐴🐕
Hugs 🌼

limmelon said...

The colourful mouse strikes again. Remote control one assumes. The antlers are awesome, enough to frighten any boxy. Blackbird in a panic ! Love it, Awesome !!

Gibby Frogett said...

Your mouse does amazing fun things Sheila do you feed it on just cheese or something else?
As always your art makes me smile and very happy :)
Your garden and veg are looking good even though Mrs Blackbird has been digging :)
Mr 'E' always has some great ideas and makes some fabulous things - he should have his own blog!!!!! :) The Deer is really fab.
The raised veg beds are a great idea - the way my back has been lately that would be great here too :)
Thanks for sharing what inspired you and joining in at AJJ.
Gill xx

Meggymay said...

Your mouse is very talented Sheila, I'm sure he has good guidance from yourself when he wants to use the 'paint'. Its a fabulous page.
I loved the photos of your garden, the poppies and foxgloves looked beautiful.
Yvonne xx

Lenie said...

You have a beautiful garden and a lovely deer, Sheila.
And another wonderful story. I loved reading it. Have fun and enjoy your week. Hugs, Lenie

Chris Lally said...

Where can we get a magical mouse? :} Love the whimsy and the spectacular color in the artwork, but then they are also repeated in your lovely garden.
Your niece, your husband, Boxy, the birds, the bees - you've got some talented helpers, but YOU have the green thumb and artistic eye. Beautiful yard, Sheila!
I enjoyed your post!

SusuPetal said...

Your mouse has such fun friends! And I know that they all love to live in your beautiful garden with that awesome deer, rocks, sheep and all those colorful flowers.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

My mouse doesn't have your mouse's skills. In fact, mine died last night and had to be revived. Thankfully, a newly recharged battery was close at hand and performed miracles. Now I wonder if the reason my mouse is such an errant mouse is because I use PhotoShop. I think your mouse has great skills, and wonderful color choices, too! It's a great entry you shared with us at Art Journal Journey, too.

You have a fantastic garden. I wish Mr. Esmeralda would build me some of those raised beds. Yours are out of this world and gorgeous, too.

johanna said...

i wish my mouse was like yours... i think i´ll send her to you so your mouse can give training lessons to mine! ... love the wooden deer:)
i can see you spend the whole day in your garden... these raised beds are fantastic for gardening! i do not plant any vegetables, the slugs are faster than i am.
i had to laugh about the blackbird... i have this same spectacle at my neighbour´s every day!! at the front door he has a flower bed with bark mulch - and he is very picky. very very. and the (male) blackbird comes EACH ans EVERY day to play the game... and the neighbour tidies up EACH and EVERY day, again... and i´m grinning EACH and EVERY day... so you see, i´m easily pleased, haha!!
well, i´m not so pleased about timmy. i really found hard words when he delivered the starling. guess what? yesterday he brought a sparrow!! maybe we are just talking in different languages?? (i love him, but this will be my last cat!)

froebelsternchen said...

OMG! I am thrilled about your GARDEN and the critters in it! And the digital Windows Paint
painting is such a wonderful rendering of your beautiful garden! I am just happy you shared that "done by the mouse" painting - and I can tell you that you got this artistic self -willed mouse on the right track! So happy to see this amazing post linked to Gill's lovely theme!
Thank you very much dear Sheila!
Wishing you much fun in the garden and I bet you have there always fun with all this amazing flowers and wonderful critters!♥♥♥

Love and thanks from

My name is Erika. said...

I like the texture you can create with newest Paint version. The mouse certainly knows how to make a party colorful and full of fun and joy! And your garden has me jealous. Wow! Gorgeous plants-that foxglove is amazing. And your raised beds are like from a magazine. :) I can tell your ardens are made from love. Thank you for sharing. Hugs-Erika

Linda Kunsman said...

oh what a gorgeous all around post- it all makes my heart sing-thank you!! and the poppies...:):)

Rike said...

Best greetings from my mouse to your mouse - my mouse said this work is adorable!
So many beautiful photos of your wonderful garden - thanks for showing your paradise! I am in love with theses raised beds - my back is sad not to have such ones!
The poppies and foxgloves are lovely places for the bees - yes, I saw it also, the bees have to reverse out of such blooms.
The sheep are lovely! Oh dear, that deer! Boxy has to accept this masterpiece in the Zen garden!
Haha, clever blackbird! There the earth is fine and loose to grab - and it is their birdbath-ground, it's the home garden of the (black)birds :)

Annie said...

Your mouse is SO talented! I love bright colors on a black background and obviously your mouse likes that also. The characters/critters look like a fun bunch for a party. I’ll bet that fabulous flower is so happy it was invited to come along. I love the party streamers at the top and the music vibes at the bottom. A party I want to go to!

I always love touring your fabulous garden! How great that Boxy now has a friend. The deer is awesome! Great job by your niece AND Mr. E. Well done planting with the bees in mind...we must make sure they do not become extinct, we need them. Your flowers are so beautiful. Mr. E’s raised beds are so nice. Brings the garden up to you a bit. Easier on the bending and crawling around to find the yummy vegies. My goodness but that blackbird was quite desperate and needy to make such a mess for her emergency repairs. We must help each other. So kind of you to provide what she needed to rescue her nest.

Katie Jeanne said...

:P Your mouse has a sense of humor..gotta love it. Your garden is quite large, and lovely.

Let's Art Journal said...

Now that's what I call a party 😉. I love how you used the black background and neon colours, and it's always nice to bring a friend along and such fun to see them all dancing around your page! That flower is definately making some moves 😁. Wow, you garden is magnificent, I love all your bee friendly plants and veggies! That's a lot of work, you must have been so busy. I enjoyed exploringeyour garden and discovering all your friendly garden residents too, those darling little sheep, Boxy, your box snake and your little deer. The deer Mr.E made is very majestic with those anklets too 😁. Our blackbird does exactly the same thing, they don't think about tidying up after themselves do they 😀. I hope the storms aren't too bad where you are, we have very strong winds and I just can't watch my new apple trees anymore, poor things! Wishing you a lovely week! J 😊 x
p.s. sorry I haven't visited earlier, our internet connection has decided not to work this week. We have just had an engineer round this morning who replaced wires and boxes, we just need a new router and it's all fixed (grin!). J x

Terri Petersen said...

Wow Sheila, this is such a fun post. I love all the bright colors against the black on your page. Your garden is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

kat said...

Oh this is all so beautiful, I feel I am with you enjoying a tour of your garden. It is a place of peace and colour. Nature is blooming here with all the love you give. I am smiling at it all and will think of you in this peaceful greenery this Summer.
Loving your art too of course, the colours are bursting and that reindeer gift is precious, such an original gift. Great as always to visit and share in Orange Esmeralda land!

Lowcarb team member said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog …
Such a lovely post.
Your art is good and your garden is delightful.

All the best Jan

Victoria said...

Beautiful art, colorful and fun! Wow, what a super gorgeous and magical garden you have.....loved every minute of it!
So wonderful to visit your world!

Sue (this n that) said...

I do love your quirky art … always alive with colour... Lol, your mouse is clever too :D)

You and your hubby have a magnificent garden!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

What a beautiful colorful garden. No wonder your artwork is always so colorful. Blessings!

The Happy Whisk said...

Cute little sheep. Love your raised beds and the reindeer was cool too.
Happy Mouse Drawing and boogie boogie.

Tammie Lee said...

Hello Dear Sheila,
Your garden looks wonderful! Fun that you figured out who was digging in the dirt. Fun mysteries, even if we would rather it stays lovely.

Your art is charming and fun and inspired a smile. Lovely summer days to you.

Jackie said...

Your mouse is obviously very creative - it's fabulous!
Your garden looks lovely. I'm glad you were able to help out Mrs Blackbird. We have foxes who do that, and not for such wholesome reasons ...

janie said...

Love what your mouse can achieve, she obviously favours the bright colours which are stunning. And your garden is just absolutely amazing, love, love, love the veggie plot.