Sunday, 8 April 2018


Hello again!

Regular visitors might remember I put up a couple of posts where the pens chose the colours for an artwork.

I took out four this time, but they chose four dark ones and I had to add another one - the light green on the right. 

My friend J. makes the most exquisite and also useful sketchbooks and I've now got quite a stash, so I broke open a new one and used a little thumbnail sketch from one of my Thumbnails Sketchbooks


"Home is a vase" ???

* * * * * * *

Alison is hosting "Art Journal Journey" this month with the theme "Recycle and Collage".  


I drew the sky and sea, and the rest is drawn and cut out. 
Some of the cut-out was left unglued to give a 3D effect.

Finally - and this will come under "Recycle", I had a few scraps left over from a textile piece and re-arranged they looked like this.  The only change/addition I made was to give the two walkers an eye each.

I'm not sure this is going anywhere but I found it amusing.

I'm linking it to "Try it on Tuesday" where the challenge is to "Recycle Something".


My name is Erika. said...

Oh my Sheila. I hope you put those fun shapes onto something-especially the walkers.They are very fun! but I do like all the shapes a lot. :) And your friend J makes the cutest little books-I remember. They are a fun collection to have. I like the storm at sea. But like your all your sketches, they are lots of fun! And you often ask how I have time to work and make my art. When I get home I have a couple of hours to myself (except for the dogs), and it is a good way to unload a few afternoons a week. I can get a lot of pages done-because they don't require a lot of intricate details. That's all. I am no super woman, believe me. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs-Erika

geistige_Schritte said...

I love your imaginative fantasy pictures, beautiful the recycling of the fabrics.
The storm at sea has made you wonderful I like it so much!
Have a beautiful Sunday
greetings Elke

froebelsternchen said...

You imagination is terrific my friend - I can see how much fun you and the tombows had and all turned out so unique ! Your tumbnail sketches are fabulous and I specially love the fabric figures - they are really cool and remind me of Matisse and Carla Sonheim at once ---Brilliant!
I hope you have a great start into the new week ahead dear Sheila! ♥♥♥
So happy to see you at Art Journal Journey again - you know how much appreciated your participations always are and you would make us also happy at Try It On Tuesday with this post ... maybe you want to link tuo us there as well!


from your friend

Meggymay said...

It looks like you have been having fun creating these fantastic pages and the walkers look so cute.
We'd be really happy for you to join us at Try it on Tuesdays as well.
Yvonne xx

Linda Kunsman said...

I love these spontaneous and whimsical projects- so fun!

limmelon said...

Very creative !! Your wee men look very fox like. The Storm at Sea is great. Love the collage effects. Love it, Awesome !!

Beo said...

I'm sure a vase can be a home for a flower as long as she feels comfortable in in.
And I always admire your thumbnail sketches! I still have no idea how one can paint
that small. And this very small book looks lovely as well.
Your "Storm on sea" looks quite interesting and I'm still thinking about the story
it tells.
Your fabric-foxes (I'm sure that are foxes - perhaps they are reletives of the art fox in your garden)
Ok, these colourful foxes…. are great

Annie said...

You know, I have to have your posts open on two devices so that I can see your art and comment without having to scroll up and down constantly. Great pen choices. I find that center one to be interesting...”Whispers Strokes”. I am always impressed at how much detail you can draw in the tiniest of space! Hmm...”Home is a Vase”...okay. What a fun thought that brings to mind and your illustration is perfect. The flower/plant looks perfectly content. Storm At Sea - It does look to be a dastardly storm giving everything a challenge to stay intact and survive. I’ve done that too, left bits unglued for a 3D effect. I noticed it right away when I saw the photo. I wasn’t quite sure until I read your description, but I did think bits were loose. What fun arranging your bits of scraps are! It could be a game. It brings to mind the ancient toy called Colorforms. Anyway, I love the fabric prints you had for playing with.

Let's Art Journal said...

Such wonderful art to capture the imagination 😁. Your friend is so clever to design colouring books and your home in a vase loos so pretty, the plant looks like it is saying hello and waving 😉. The storm at sea is amazing with the waves and clouds and your fabric piece is so beautiful too. I love the fabric designs and the little walkers you have created, they remind me of the mice from Bagpuss, do you remember that show? I think I can hear them singing now 😀. Wishing you a happy and creative new week! J 😊 x

SusuPetal said...

Home is a vase :D I like that! I also love those walkers! They've dressed up so smartly for spring!
Hope that storm ends soon!

sirkkis said...

Hi Sheila, and thank you a lot for your supporting comments on my site.
You've created very nice booklet pages and I adore the fun walkers. Your idea of making them is super.
Have a nice inspiring week ahead xx

johanna said...

it was good to take the light green to the group - actually i think this is almost the color constellation of your blog header:) your little booklet pages are awesome - i esp like the crown-castle-element, has something of a fairy tale... and of course i love your fabric "tangram" - i see foxes, a pin wheel... and patterns on the fabrics which i have, too... same taste, obviously:)
have a great week, sheila!

Giggles said...

Oh I love those fabric cool..and your little pages are adorable. You've left me with some great food for thought! Wonderful whimsy as always!

Peace Giggles

Little Artbee said...

I like all your images. Funny idea to play with the fabric pieces. My favourite image is "Storm at sea".
Hope you and yours feel fine and you enjoy springtime now. The colors of mother Nature are coming.
Dear Greetings

Margik said...

Both pages are fantastic and I especially like the Storm at sea. Love the two walkers... fun recycling piece! Beautiful post, Sheila!
Mar :)

Let's Art Journal said...

Glad you enjoyed Bagpuss and the mice - grin! 😉. Thanks so much for joining us at Try it on Tuesday too! J 😊 x

craftytrog said...

So lovely to see you at AJJ Sheila for my challenge! I love the two walkers, and your wonderful collage piece! And you created a beautiful page in your friend's handmade journal, such lovely colours picked out!
Alison xox

Terri Petersen said...

I found your post amusing and quite wonderful myself. Fabulous job Sheila!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had planned to be here sooner, but my keyboard had other plans. You always come up with the most amazing posts. I simply adore how your markers decide what colors you will use. These images are simply fun and so enjoyable to see. And of course, the added bonus is, you shared the collage with us at Art Journal Journey, too!

Rike said...

Your pens chose four dark ones and you had to add the light green - so it became a wonderful community work! Yes, a vase is a home, because there is water, and water we all need for living and there we stay! Stunning to have a Thumbnails Sketchbook which brings you ideas for new beautiful artworks!
This is a very stormy sea - the boat was broken into pieces and even a cloud rushed into the sea ... or my fantasy is playing with me?
I also love your recycle page made with scraps left over from a textile piece - especially these two walkers!
Wish you a happy rest of the week!
Rike xx

Claudia said...

I love the collage and all the creative pictures! The little sketchbook is very inspiring!

Marjut said...

What a wonderful work. Thank you for joining us at TioT.

ULKAU said...

I always like the way you approach your creations, it's always so inspiring! You are a wonderful artist and always create such unique pictures!
Storm at sea is wonderful with its stylized clouds and waves!
Regards Ulrike

Joan said...

You have been having fun, I love the walkers !

Thanks for joining in at Try It On Tuesday


Lowcarb team member said...

I always enjoy seeing your posts.
Especially liked the walkers.

All the best Jan

Christine said...

Lovely work this week Sheila!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh ! It does amuse me too! Your whole post reminds me I should visit more often as your art always make me feel happy! I love your sketches with your picked colours and I love the journal page too, but it certainly is those fabric animals that make me smile most today! Thank you so much for joining us at Try It On Tuesday! Chrisx

Sharon Fritchman said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog, Sheila! And this is such a fabulous and fun post! Your art really inspires me to be playful on my pages! These three works of art are fun and very creative. And I want to thank you so much for your visit to my blog too. Your thoughtful comments really mean a lot! HUGS!!!!

Gibby Frogett said...

You and your pens have been very busy Sheila - I see a few of them must have been tired and laying down but most were up and raring to go :) and what a grand job they did too!
Lots of fun things today but my favourite probably was the last piece as it remided me of The Klangers ( and finger bobs?) Great fabrics!
Gill xx

The Happy Whisk said...

Looks like it's going somewhere pretty fun, to me.

Jackie said...

It's going along the creative path, and it looks good fun to me! I love those 'Recycle' cut-outs - they have such character - and your little journal pages are fab with their chosen colours. I always enjoy visiting - thank you! Jx

Sue (this n that) said...

I love to see what you find amusing Sheila. Your art is always done with such a sense of fun, it's lovely :D) xx

Tammie Lee said...

The sea piece made me giggle, but I am not sure why. But I like that it had that effect.
your little fabric animals are quite cute.

kat said...

Fun to experiment and have fun, that's what is always great here!

janie said...

Your pens are very clever, my favourite is the two mic walkers, they are so cute.