Sunday, 22 April 2018


For the past week (although it seems like a year) we have had men about the house (mostly outside) painting windows, doors, railings and walls.  Wherever you are or whatever you are doing (!) a man can appear at a window or door at any time.  It is totally discombobulating.

I managed to make some art by hiding upstairs and had lots of exercise running up and down the stairs to fetch bits of art equipment and cups of coffee.

Alison at "Art Journal Journey" is asking us to make art on the theme "Recycle and Collage".  
I've got a large box of painted papers some going back twenty years so that's the recycling.

If I hadn't been discombobulated I would have shown these papers before I cut them, but here is some indication of the bits

and the picture before I sewed the fabric to its "vase".

Here it is framed.

It's going to a group exhibition in May.   We each made a picture on the theme "Flower" using identical white frames.

Douglas likes it.  So that's alright.


  1. Oh, nice that you've had free exercise running up and down stairs! Men make one do everything :D

    That flower in its vase is beautiful and delicate, I'm glad it's going to an exhibition. I hope Douglas won't miss the flower too much.

  2. What a fabulous flower in a vase. It is gorgeous. I am sure it will go over well at the exhibition, and I know it must be fabulous if Douglas likes it. He has great taste in art.

    I would be upset if I saw a man peering at me everywhere I was. But I laughed at your depiction of one.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible recycled project with us at Art Journal Journey. It's a true beauty and so YOU!

  3. the outlined picture with the reylingssachen has become beautifully playful!
    Great page from dem men. I do not like something when a man appears everywhere!
    Happy sunday

  4. The man: The pink is your house. The blue is your window. The man knows he is annoying you...that makes his day. You can see it in his happy face and cocky stance. The paper and art scraps are quite inviting. This is evident in your finished piece. Pretty colors, touchable textures and a fun design! Tossing in a fabric piece, what a great detail idea.

  5. A bit of fabric, so it must be textile art, certainly according to Douglas anyway. Good composition, with the coloured background. It'll do well in the exhibition. At least you get exercise with men about. Love it, Awesome !!

  6. Very funny how a man can pop up in the window at any time.
    That means less running about the house, naked!

  7. Haha, I remember this situation as we got a new roof 7 years ago.
    I love your wonderful recycled flower in this amazing vase - and I can just agree with Douglas! It looks just beautiful dear Sheila! Thank you very much for joining Art Journal Journey my friend! Have a good start into the new week!
    Hugs, Susi

  8. Your project and recycled flower looks fantastic. It will look wonderful with the other exhibits.
    I hope you don't get to many stray men around your house next week.
    Yvonne xx

  9. 'discombobulating' ... I love that word!

    I do like your art too.

    All the best Jan

  10. it´s not only douglas who likes it - me also ♥
    and i have a fantastic new word... discombobulate. i will use it as soon as possible;)
    have a nice week, xox johanna

  11. I would like to hang the flower picture on the wall immediately! You have put that together again quite wonderfully with the so different elements - in inimitable Sheila-ART!
    Spring greetings from Ulrike

  12. I also like it. Great way to use up papers. Good composition and it looks good in the frame

  13. I sure would be discombobulated too with workmen passing by my windows like that:( What a pretty framed flower scene- and absolute delight!

  14. Discombobulating - I can only guess what it means, because I do not find a German translation. But I can imagine what it means when any time men can appear in each corner of the house - even in the bathroom! You painted him fabulous - smiling and very sure of himself!
    I like your framed picture! But I like the first picture with the cutted pieces too - a very beautiful composition!
    Rike ♥♥♥

  15. Your comments and artwork made me smile, I can just imagine what it must be like to walk into a room with a man outside the window and how discombobulating it must be 😉. Your canvas is stunning, and to me your flowers look like they are outside chatting away whilst watching the men outside, now how fun would that be and how discombobulating for the men outside 😀. Wishing you a wonderful week! J 😊 x

  16. Your collage looks fabulous in that white frame! And it will look fantastic in the exhibition.
    I adore your cute Douglas!
    Mar :)

  17. ahh your post made me smile Sheila... but ..why is that mans hair standing on end - what on earth did he see when peering through your window????
    Hope normailty (mmm??) returned soon and all the peeping toms gone and work complete.
    The 'D' word always make me laugh - even though its not easily spelt by someone like me :)
    I really love your framed recycled piece and wonder if maybe Douglas chose the pieces as they match him perfectly.
    Bit behind - will answer mail asap.... Gill xx

  18. This is quite charming, it looks so good framed. Cherry and light hearted, even though you were discombobulated by the men. The first on is striking too, and could be a bit like your diary piece at the moment.

  19. Oh dear, I would hate that too! You discombobulation picture sums it up! I'm glad you did find some private space to do some creating, though, Sheila, as I really like your 'recycle and collage' picture, just like Douglas. It has a fresh and spring-like feel to it. I hope the exhibition goes well - your piece should have pride of place.
    Hope the men leave soon and that your discombobulation is resolved very soon. Jx

  20. Such a sweet and nice image dear Sheila. In that frame it looks gorgeous. I love your choice of colors so much and the fabric vase looks pretty good to it. The soft striped background is a perfect contrast.
    Dear Greetings

  21. I adore your composition Sheila! It's going to really stand out in the exhibition.
    Alison xx

  22. So sweet! I love using recycled media to create a piece of art - though my art is rarely so frame worthy.

  23. Hope the painting and men have disappeared by this point. It would make me a little discombobulated too. Hugs-Erika

  24. This is so sweet and simple, a favourite! I bet Douglas loves this one, it's a winner!

  25. I think Douglas has excellent taste, it is a gorgeous little picture.


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