Monday, 5 March 2018


We've had some snow in Scotland.

It kept coming and was 7 inches deep at our front door.
I know that's not much compared with other people but we played at being snowed in.

Part of the garden

Mr. Esmeralda built a garden chair from scrap wood.

I cleared out and tidied the stuff in the attic and did some knitting, helped by Mabel.

We played a game called "Caper" where you steal jewels with the help of miniature metal ladders, screwdrivers, wirecutters, knives and pipewrenches and try to get them back to your hide-out.

The words on the cards are in English and French so when you have a "Roll Again" card you can say "I'm playing a "Rejetez les dés" card which is fun, of course.  I am easily amused.

We fed the birds (constantly) and in addition to the regulars we saw more unusual visitors - one brambling, one blackcap, a flock of redwings and some fieldfares.

The artistic fox wandered by.

The blue butterfly transfer on the window is an attempt to stop the birds flying straight into it.

After a few days we got cabin fever and put on our Yaktrax Shoe Ice Grips to walk round the hill which took a lot longer than it usually does.

Mr. E. climbing the hill

In the front garden a heather was flowering through the snow

so I made a joyful little flower for "Spring", the theme at "Art Journal Journey" chosen by Rosie

All the pieces were painted first then digitally put together.

If you are snowed in I hope you are having as much fun as we are.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sounds to me like you and the "gang" enjoyed being snowed in, at least for awhile. That photo of the fox was jaw dropping. I have never seen a fox before, so that amazed me.

I enjoyed your little flower climbing its way to sunshine. It's a genuine beauty, and so is your entire page. LOVE all the snow people. Thanks for sharing these photos and your journal page with us at Art Journal Journey.

Hope by now you have knitted two socks the same color!!! But I know you like to mix and match.

SusuPetal said...

Oh, that flower is so courageous pushing its way towards spring!! Go, little flower, go!

Well, that is something I'd call winter in those photos! Keep warm!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh Sheila - you made the best of the snow in any way! I love Mr.E.'s chair and the photo of the fox and the blooming flower in your garden! But the star for me is this amazing page - you put the spirit of your weather in practice - such a wonderful soft creation and the snowman border is genius! Happy week - and thank you so much for joining us at Art Journal Journey!

Rosie said...

Wonderful photos and a great page

Thank you for playing with us at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY

craftytrog said...

I love that chair, and your sock is going to be fabulous when finished Sheila! Great snow pics and Spring page too.
Hope you get a thaw soon, like us in the South. I'm so grateful to be able to go walking again.
Have a good week,
Alison xxx

limmelon said...

Capering about in the Snow. Mabel is really just waiting till Roger Federer is on court again. The spring combination of painting and photoshop is superb as always. Love it, Awesome !!

Annie said...

Bluebeard and Elizabether said it best, your pretty little flower is climbing its way to sunshine. We know it has at least 7” of climbing to do. I think its determined to get there. It’s too pretty not to. It wants to keep the pretty blooming heather company. Brave little heather too. 7” of snow is plenty to call in a snow-in day as far as I’m concerned. But oh, doesn’t the outside look pretty with a snow undisturbed snow covering. I do LOVE Mr. E’s chair of scraps! Unique, and interesting. And I’m guessing it has to be quite a challenge that requires much talent to make a chair from scraps. He must have the ultimate workshop to work in his stocking feet! All woodworkers will be jealous to see that. What you are knitting looks strange. Looks like connected mittens??? Maybe it’s the angle I see it at. As long as Mabel knows what to do is most what matters. But the yarn colors is FABULOUS! I love the colors. I’ve not heard of that game before. It looks quite interesting. I’m guessing that Douglas and Mabel are experts and the ones to beat. To play next to the window and view the pretty snow must be a delight. Wow, a fox in your yard! He sees you. As long as the hunters don’t come jumping over the fence in a chase after him! **silliness** What a wonderful snow walk! I imagine it is a beautiful walk in all seasons. You have so much inspiration for your art surrounding you. (I hope to see Mr. E’s chair when it is completed.)

Meggymay said...

Lovely photo of the snow. It effected us badly and we have been kept indoors for nearly a week, thank goodness its thawing now.
I love your journal page with the flower pushing its way out into the open air for us all to enjoy.
Stay safe.
Yvonne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Oh, how I loved seeing what you got up to while you were snowed in 😉. Your post really made me smile and although our snow didn't stay long, I did manage to have an hilarious friendly snowball fight with my hubby and go for a walk with friends in the snow. Their dog loved to eat and roll around in the snow 😁. Later in the week we were hit by Storm Emma and the winds were too strong to walk in and as they increased the chill factor the best course of action was to stay indoors - brrrr! It looks like you had a wonderful time and kept busy though, your sock looks fabulous and Mabel and Douglas are enjoying the game of "caper". It must have been lovely to have wrapped up warm and walked in all that snow too - beautiful views 😁. Nice to see all the birds in your garden and for your artistic Fox to say hello. Such a fabulous digital piece, it feels frosty and wintery, and your little flower like the heather portrays to me the hope of spring 😀. Wishing you a happy and creative week! J 😊

Dortesjs said...

what a great post with snow and fox and your crafting. thank you for showing

My name is Erika. said...

Now that looks like a fun snow in! I didn't hear anything about shoveling or losing power or any of those other nasty winter things. :) And wow, nice view of a fox. I will say I do love your art today. It is a perfect view of a March snowstorm. Rejetez les des! Like you, I am easily amused and I would have to say that about million times just because it sounds good on your tongue, doesn't it? But I am sure you don't want another roll of snow. Hugs-Erika

ULKAU said...

Oh, it was certainly something very special for you to get so much snow this year and it's a very nice view into your garden! But the best part is the fox... I wonder how close he dares to humans!
Here you can see raccoons in the city gardens, but never a fox!
I had to smile a little bit about your butterfly on the window pane to stop the birds... hopefully the birds don't think they can eat it!
How beautifully your first spring flower fights its way through the snow!

Claudia said...

At your home is still the deepest winter! Because you can use warm socks well. Your floral drawing is quite magical with the snowmen as a frame. The flower represents the spring that will surely come!

johanna said...

wow, the snow view is great! und who won the game - one of the little ones;)?
i love this soaring little flower, it seems so weightless... and the snowman frame is a nice idea, too!
happy march - i hope it soon is time for thinner socks;) [though this one looks beautiful!]

Linda Kunsman said...

oh what wonderful ways to spend a day snowed in-games and all sorts of crafts! We're supposed to get up to 12 inches by tomorrow-ugh!! Your knitted socks are beautiful-love the yarn and colors. How lovely to find the vibrant heather peeking from the snow then making a beautiful piece of art inspired by it. And boy, the birds do seem to get extra hungry during a snow don't they...

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

What a wonderful cozy winter day, I love 'snow days'. We don't have them often as our area is well equipped to handle lots of snow. The fox is gorgeous, we have them walking through our yard as well. Your socks and art are beautiful. Take good care, Shirleyx

Dorthe said...

Hello Sheila ,
Thank you for your kind visit, to my blog.
Here is lovely to visit, and see your beautiful photos. The socks are looking so wonderful, and the game, fun :-)
Greetings from Denmark

Rike said...

Your snow photo of the garden is beautiful, you have a wonderful sight out of your window! The artistic fox looks at you - what a gorgeous snap!! Mr.E. did a great job by buliding this garden chair from scrap wood!
Mabel is proud about her help for this spring colored sock, quite right!
Rejetez les dés - this game certainly is amusing - Douglas and Mabel know!
Wonderful landscape - the photo of Mr. E. climbing the hill shows it! Indeed this walk is only making with Yaktrax Shoe Ice Grips!
A beautiful inspiring photo of the heather flowering through the snow! You made a fantastic digital page of your little freezing flower holding "hands" up to heaven crying "where is the spring-sun?" and the little snowmen around her say "hehe" ...

Tammie Lee said...

7" of snow at one time is a lot to get.
Sounds like you made the most of it. So fun.
I like seeing flowers and snow together, though it really is not that good for them.
Your little spring flower is adorable.

Mascha said...

Nice winter scenes and the game loks funny.
Sweet small flower in the snow (I have flowering wild cyclamen under the snow). I'm glad, that spring is arrived now (maybe only for a few days?) and work in the garden. Will more blogging again and normally I do that in English, only for a German Linkparty wrote in German...
Enjoy your weekend

Christine said...

Love your joyful spring flower, heard about all the snow you guys got, we are used to it in Canada but so ready for spring now.

Aylla said...

Your blog is amazing dear <3
Love your blog so much.
Follow back dear, I'm now

Gibby Frogett said...

Sorry I'm late, not sure where last week went :)
Your garden is gorgeous Sheila, nice to see Mr Fox - and I know what you mean about playing snowed in - I just don't know how people cope with regular deep snow and much colder temps than we had .... brrrr ... plus everyting seems to grind to a halt here when it goes on too long.
I wanted just one day of good old fashioned deep snow and being snug indoors - not a week of it :(
What a fun week you had though - that game looks great and your knitting exquisite! and well done Mr E what a cool chair, I hope there was enough wood for two of them.
I love your joyful flower - happy maybe that either the snow was melting or that he managed to poke his way through it all to say hello.
Hope you both are having a lovely weekend.
Gill xx

Margik said...

Hi Sheila! Love the effects you've created on your page, the little flower is very special.
Your garden looks beautiful with the snow too... lovely photo! And as I can see you had a great time with your games and your knitted socks. Mr.Esmeralda chair is fabulous, I'd like to see it finished!!!
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!
Mar :)

The Happy Whisk said...

I loved seeing all this great stuff in your post. The snow is pretty.
LOVE the chair and the fox. Great post, my friend. I really enjoyed it.

Lowcarb team member said...

I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing your photographs.
Isn't that heather a beautiful colour, I love the way it flowers through the snow.

I do like your art page too, that is a joyful looking flower!

All the best Jan

Jackie said...

I am hoping for Spring and I love your Spring flower and those lovely colours.
We too have had snow (twice), but fortunately not as much as most. I love looking at it, but I don't like being out in it ...
We had a fox in our garden too, and we live in London! Jx

kat said...

Oh so good to check you out here again, it has been so long. What a soft and beautiful flower, she looks like she is blooming through the soft snow, so fragile and wonderful, it has the promise of Spring. I love your snow photos and the knitting, what wonderful wool, jolly and lively. It has even snowed our way this Winter, I must blog soon with some updates from dream colour.
Best wishes dear friend. Xx

Giggles said...

Oh isn't the snow so beautiful. We had a few days here and there, it was pure glee at my house!! I love all your fabulous photos... haven't heard of that game.. We love games, mostly play on the computer now. Except in summer and power outages... we play lots of board games, dice, and cards! Love your spring flower, and the colour pattern of your knitting!! Wow that heather is beautiful poking through the snow... Years ago I had a whole boulevard of heather in front of my home, we loved it! Happy Easter looks like you have no shortage of fun at your house! Also another the Misters chair... I'm so impressed!! Happy Easter to you and your littles....teehee....

Peace Giggles

Beo said...

Thank you so much for this post which I enjoyed so very much!
I loved to see everything you showed. There is so much I can remember. Especially your beautiful garden but lots of details as well.
Mr. Esmeraldas chair was a hit as well. I showed it to Mr. Beo :)
and he was as interested as I was. Actually we watched for some time and discussed how he made it…
I hope you will show it standing in the garden.

I love you little flower dancing in the snow.
And sorry for not having written before. Sometimes it happens that I watch a post and being very happy about it I forget that I haven't commented it… (when I just read posts without having the time to comment

Sharon Fritchman said...

It looks like you were quite productive when you got all of that snow! And I love the beautiful work you made for the Spring theme! The colors are gorgeous, too!

janie said...

Poor mr fox in the cold snow, I hope he finds enough to eat. Love Mr E’s chair. What an inspirational couple.