Sunday, 18 February 2018


Hello everyone.
I've been a little absent from Blogland (again) as I've been celebrating with a four-day birthday.  
Being one year older is always a cause for celebration at Orange Esmeralda's house.

* * * * *

I made a painting for Rike's challenge theme - 
"Animals from A to Z" at "Art Journal Journey".

It's "G" for the Ghost's Cat.

I see there is a little orange stoat there too, so it's also "S for Stoat".

* * * * *

I'm still playing with prompts and the next piece is for the Instagram challenge where the prompt is "Unfold".

"In Spring the leaves will soon unfold from the trees of Winter".

Have a happy rest of February!


  1. This ghost cat picture is absolutly great!! I love the whole scenery and of course cute ghost cat!! And who has had birthday?? It wasn't you, was it??

  2. Happy belated Birthday my friend!
    Oh my gosh - both paintings are adorable- and perfect for Rike's theme! I love your Ghost cat and the stoat and I can even see three super crazy birds in what you call trees and some crazy hens in the foreground!

    Thank you so much for joining Rike's theme Sheila!
    Happy new week ahead!
    oxo Susi

  3. Fantastic paintings. The first page with the ghost cat looks magical.
    Yvonne xx

  4. Happy birthday to you!!!
    imaginatively designed your two images!!! the colors are great!
    a good new week!

  5. I love you art today. Ghost cat is such an interesting piece. I would think a ghost cat has used up her 9 lives. I had a cat who I think still walks around the house sometime as a ghost. Not scary but makes me happy she was so happy she wants to stay. Now you must think I am nuts. :) I often celebrate an several day birthday myself. Why not? One day is not enough for sure. I hope yours was extra special and fun. Enjoy the rest of the month. Hugs-Erika

  6. Oh! Awesome! Both! I can’t stop looking at both of your paintings. The ghost one is very ghostly all over. Look how fun that there are green twinkly lights. So marvelous. And the leaves unfolding is spectacular. That painting has the feel that Spring is a spectacular event...which it most certainly is. Like fireworks and Mardi Gras all mixed together. I see twinkly lights in that one too. These are both (but especially the second one) so expressive. **I can see the second one as a card...just sayin’**

    1. Wait...and...I like those cut, added then painted over little squares along the bottom section. Great texture add.

  7. I hope I'm not too late for the party, Sheila. Happy belated birthday, dear. I think you should celebrate the entire month!

    I love your fiery Ghost Cat. He is definitely an orange ghost cat.

    I had no idea what a stoat was, so as not to embarrass myself, I looked online and discovered it is also known as a weasel. And yours even looks just like the one in the photo.

    Your second painting has such movement, I could actually feel the vibrations and the trees swaying in the breeze. This is a marvelous painting.

    Thanks for sharing your Stoat and Ghost Cat with us at Art Journal Journey, dear Sheila. We appreciate it and I personally LOVE your great art.

  8. Happy belated birthday! Cool, one year older :)
    Tremulous I am watching the ghost's cat climbing up the ghost's tree in fear of the ghost's stoat! This is a black magic page!
    Oh my gosh - yes, I see the crazy birds and crazy hens in the second picture too! They are dancing with the trees and white lights celebrating the coming event when the leaves will soon unfold from the trees of winter, yeah!
    Thank you so much for linking your fantastic two pages to my theme at Art Journal Journey! You make my day!
    Wish you a happy week! Rike xx

  9. Mega cool, Sheila! Just no time for more... Ulrike

  10. Wonderful art Sheila, the colours on the black backgrounds are amazing! I love the ghost's cat :-)
    Alison x

  11. Four-day birthday! You lucky, celebrated girl!! Happy, happy belated birthday!

    I just love the colors in both pieces, strong and vivid, perfect color combination!

  12. I love the fading effect with the ghostly forest. Super idea. The stoat (and is it a bat?) make a brilliant composition. Spring is unfolding and is nearly here, again great picture. Love it, Awesome!!

  13. Hi Sheila! Happy Birthday!!!! And WOW! I LOVE your ghost cat work of art! It is sooooo cool!!! And your unfolding spring work is beautiful, too. We are still in the midst of Winter and got 6 inches of snow yesterday. But it is supposed to warm up this week - YAY!!! Have a great week and keep celebrating, too. Hugs, Sharon

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you were able to "s t r e t c h" out the celebration. Your two pieces of art are gorgeous! Love them both.

  15. Firstly, a belated very Happy Birthday to you Sheila - you kept that quiet!! (but I bet it wasn't quiet with all your furry friends joining in the celebrations).
    Good for you celebrating for 4 days - I say celebrate as long as you keep your cards up and longer if you want) :)
    Well what fabulous art today - I was mesmerised by both pieces. The first one certainly was very ghostly - I felt like was outside looking through a window with nets, with reflections on the window of external lights and all sorts inside... the ghostly cat looks like it has its tongue out gripping the curtain(if it was in a cartoon it would slide down with its claws out shredding the curtains) and I see a rabbit with its back to me below and a man walking in from the left... and all sorts of other things going on - brilliant! and I loved the second one too- really energetic feel, great marks and twinkly bits xxx

  16. I hope you had wonderful celebrations, sending you happy birthday wishes! Your ghost cat made me smile 😉...beautiful colours and it looks like the ghost cat may have been chasing the stoat with those red and green trails they left behind 😁. Your spring leaves and winter trees are wonderful too! I hope you had a lovely weekend and wishing you a great new week! J 😊 x

  17. Happy Happy belated Birthday glad you enjoyed celebrating! Not all of us do anymore!! Your stoat is wonderful....with great shadows! Had to look up stoat...just like a I the zucchini...funny how we all use different words!! So much beautiful movement in the spring trees..l would have called that piece "The spring dance!"... Wishing you more joy, and creativity in the coming year!!

    Peace Giggles

  18. Fantastical ghost cat..very atmospheric and intriguing! Yay...Happy B-day..wishing you a sparkling year ahead!

  19. A belated Happy Birthday, Sheila!Hope you enjoyed your celebrations.
    Fantastic ghost cat (and stoat!) And your 'unfold' piece is beautiful - I love those colours.

  20. Lovely pieces and happy belated birthday!

  21. Hello Sheila,
    Your ghost cats made me chuckle. I wonder if any of my previous cats have found me now that I moved to Montana? ;-)

    All three are lovely in their own way.

    Sounds like you had a lovely birthday, yay.
    I wish you a new year that feels wonderful to you!

  22. Looks very ghostly and very good use of colours and shapes to make it look even more ghostly

  23. Sorry being late, but my best congrats for your birthday, Sheila 👏💖
    I really love your wonderful Spring art 💕

  24. Wow, this sounds great to celebrate a birthday for four days :) The ghost cat looks great too. Your funny ideas never cease to amaze me and I also love the colorful trees!

  25. Belated Birthday Wishes.
    Lovely seeing your art.

    All the best Jan

  26. Sorry I missed your Birthday, I bet it was a good one, filled with all you love. Such great effects, I especially love the second one, full of growth, it is a fertile one, again filled with Spring fertility and beautiful growth, magical.


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