Monday, 12 February 2018


There's an interesting artmarks challenge over at Instagram, hosted by Rae Missigman, interesting because the theme for each day is unusual, the first five days being "Begin, Decide, Leap, Think, Commit".  How do you make art based on these?

I started again, as in the two previous posts, with my own prompt out of the bowl

and tore some strips out of a magazine on to a sketchbook page.  This was my start attempt

which seriously wasn't going anywhere, even after I faffed about for an hour or two.

I said a rude word about prompts and after another little enjoyable while produced this, not too bad for "Decide", what do you think?

For the next one, "Leap" I tore some pink painted strips, gave them little lines and painted a background for the queue.  Is this survival of the fattest?

For the prompt "Think", I painted two pages and joined them together with Photoshop

and here are the two pages.

* * * * * * *

For fans of Douglas, of which there are many ..........
When my friend Rike posted a painting of a snowman I said I would like to make a snowman but we were only getting sprinkles of snow.  She suggested that I make a snowman for Douglas, which I did. 

Douglas is laughing and says "Thanks, Rike!".


  1. You are a wonderful inspiration ;O)) thank you

  2. I’d have walked away from that challenge! Wouldn’t have had a clue how to go about it. But look at the great works you created from those prompts! It takes you explaining all your processes for my logical brain to see how this works. You see art with such a creative brain. So jealous here! I love how you’ve given them even more life with your caption words.

    OMG! Douglas’ tiny snowman is awesome!!! Is this just not the luckiest little bear in the world?! Now, I could make Douglas a ginormous snowman. LOL.

  3. Oh, art making can truly be a challenging task, but you did it!!! Great work!

    Oh, Douglas should visit Finland, we have plenty of snow and yet more coming all the time!

  4. Wonderful art in all ways, Sheila πŸ‘
    Best wishes to Douglas πŸ’•

  5. The first one is definitely going in the direction of Darth Vader. Good SF link there. The going round in circles is my favourite. Snow for Douglas, hurray, Love it, Awesome !!

  6. Decide, Leap and Think make a nice little set of three, but I still think that there is something waiting to be discovered in the one in your notebook which you said wasn’t going anywhere.
    To me it suggests a far eastern boat with a strange sail, heading across a foreign sea. I was not sure whether the dark triangles were other sailing boats, or were they sharks? As in shark-infested waters? Maybe with some crew . . .
    Douglas does look happy with his snowman, maybe you will be able to make him another this winter?
    Hugs πŸ€—

  7. Ypu created amazing pieces from these promts - well done ! Your style is always an inspirtation Sheila - looks like Zen -Art! I really can see how proud Douglas looks with his friend the snowman! Happy bear!
    Happy new week dear Sheila!
    oxo Susi

  8. Wonderful post! So much fun! You're little snowman was the icing on the cake.

  9. Wonderful pages using your prompts, I had to smile when you said you had spent some time 'faffing around'.
    I love the sweet snowman you made for Douglas, they look happy together.
    Yvonne xx

  10. I think your own prompts worked brilliantly for that challenge Sheila - those words would have had me stumped. Fabulous pieces!
    Like Yvonne, I smiled about the 'faffing' part too as I spent best part of a day faffing with my frog :)
    Aww lovely photo of Douglas and the mini snowman - clever you - although I thought it was a snowy owl when I first looked - ooops my mistake I'll clean my glasses xxx

  11. I've been following Alison and her daily creations of this challenge, and now I can see how two of you have come up with solutions to the various prompts. I was VERY impressed with the ones you created, because I totally adored how you named them. That gave them even more significance.

    Douglas looks like he really IS enjoying his snowman made just for him. Clever YOU!

  12. Wonderful art,I love your execution on the subject!
    happy day

  13. These are amazing Sheila. It's nice to see something different as I feel like (lately) all I am doing is making the same thing over and over. Interesting challenge. I think you nailed it! :) And Douglas must have loved that snowman. I think he's so cute. That in itself is very clever of Rike to suggest that, and carried it out like a pro. Happy new week. Hope all is well. Hugs-Erika

  14. I love how you made your own prompts forvthe challenge!! You came up with some creative and awesome works of art!! And I absolutely love the snowman with Douglas!!! Wow!!! So adorable!!

  15. First - greetings to Douglas "don't mention it" - I am glad he is happy with his companion!
    Second ... I never would be able to make art based on these themes, but YOU need some more challenge as your own prompts do alone? Yes, the first prompt I can do "begin", but then ... no ideas. But YOU mastered that challenge with wonderful pages - I like each one, and your clever words on the pages too!
    love, Rike

  16. I agree, it's hard to make pages with these word prompts. I create my pages then think about the word after! Lol!
    I love your arty pages Sheila.
    Alison xx

  17. you put a smile on my face with the snowman for douglas... maybe i should pretect my crocuses with a tiny igloo;)?... well, won´t help, rain is predicted...
    i think sometimes it is good to have a prompt for a beginning, but if it is not helpful, i´m very fast at tossing it. maybe i should persevere more often... but i like the way you went. the "leap" and "think" are definitely recognizable als sheila-style. (and now that i re-read your post, i think the igloo idea came from your house-hunting Piece;) and because my mind is occupied with Inuit art These days...)
    have a great time, xox, johanna

  18. Wow amazing whimsical art, love it ! Sorry I haven't been in blogland these days, but all is well :)

  19. heh heh, I love the way you think, it gets you through those art blocks doesn't it... even if you put in some faffing time ;D)
    You do love a challenge as well, I really like that.
    and you came up with great pieces too - very enjoyable to see the process and outcomes - beautiful!
    Douglas is enjoying being next to the snowman, for sure. Cheers now and hugs xx

  20. That is a cute little snowman!
    I have so much snow and have not made one.... perhaps you will inspire me.
    Suppose to get a foot of snow this weekend.
    I enjoyed your art pieces inspired by prompts.

  21. Wonderful art! I really like your start piece, my imagination conjures an archway, sail boats and beautiful reflections on a lake 😁. I'm loving your creativity to produce art pieces for the different words too. Douglas looks so happy with his new snowman friend, what fun! I hope you had a lovely week and wishing you a happy weekend! J 😊

  22. This series is fabulous as is Douglas!! I did something similar on a challenge...I intuitively did my art and then cut words out of magazine and put them together to have meaning. I loved the process and will do it again sometime...

    Peace Giggles

  23. Fabulous pieces, especially following those difficult prompts. I particularly like the one for 'leap'.
    I often turn over to a new page if a piece is not going the way I want it - it often works better when I come back to it. Very occasionally, I will cut it into pieces to use as collage in another piece.
    The Douglas-sized snowman is so cute! Jx

  24. Everything you do seems to turn out really well no matter what the challenge, you are a true creative

  25. Lots of fab playing here and Douglas and his snowman are just super, what a cute pair! Lulu loves Douglas!


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