Thursday, 7 December 2017


I'm an enthusiastic person.  I can celebrate anything and everything.

"There's the bus!" - whenever we see the local village bus pass by.
"Look at the sheep in that field - they're all sitting down!"
"The geese are flying over!"
"Isn't it nice to be here!"
"Doesn't the sky through the trees look beautiful!"

I've said all of these things in the past week.

So the theme "Let's Celebrate" which I chose for "Art Journal Journey" this month is dear to my heart.

Celebrating old friends - an old friend who has been in several of my paintings.

A new bird has appeared in our garden.

I've got several mugs but two are my absolute favourites (or maybe three.....or four).

And at this time of year I love to see Christmas trees and decorations in house windows.  

The painting was made with watercolours, pens and washi tape and a little bit of Photoshop trickery.

What do you like to celebrate at this time of year?


  1. I love your little paintings and the installment with just a hint of mystery & two or three more tablespoons of colour to wear with pride for AJJ!
    Yes I like to celebrate the whole year like you and not just when the calendar tells to celebrate.
    Wishing you a wonderful start of the weekend ahead, we have a Holiday tomorrow - so a long weekend for us all - nice! I hope to find time to celebrate art!

    Happy evening my friend and thanks a lot for being such a supportive host visiting all the participants and letting them such nice comments!
    oxo Susi

  2. I adore every one of your most beautiful small watercolor paintings. The colours are gorgeous. All put together is absolutely charming. It really looks like made by hand. And last but not least, your new 🐦 is fantastic. He/she is welcome with us 😃

  3. I love your wonderful water colour paintings, and the awesome page you created.
    It is good to celebrate at any time of the year, but maybe we should celebrate life and just being here as that is very special.
    Yvonne xx

  4. enjoyed seeing your little pictures then wow they were all together in a large picture. Loved the centre flower. All so colourful.

  5. It’s living in the moment and always refreshing to notice the wonderful every day things that are so often taken for granted. All your little celebration paintings are precious. I’m feeling a little partial toward the sweet new little bird. Christmas decorations and lights are always a favorite. I never tire of seeing them. Also love the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and mingling with happy festive shoppers.

  6. I so enjoy how you can celebrate the little things, the mundane, the ordinary, the usual. Although each of these beauties are unique in their own way, they make me realize we need to stop and appreciate what we have and count our blessings along the way. This is a fabulous Art Journal Journey entry today, Sheila. I especially like your theme this month.

  7. I say a lot of those kind of things and my family thinks I'm a little nuts. :) But oh well, their loss. I think your art is full of celebration and joy. It's nice to see your old friend and your new friend too. I hope they become good friends when they meet. :) Hugs-Erika

  8. Oh, I envy enthusiastic people! I believe they get more out of life than me. I keep my enthusiasm inside me, outside I'm quite reserved, a typical introvert and hermit :D

    You water colors made my day! I hope to capture some of their feelings in my work with those children poems I'm now doing.

  9. Celebration is super ! As always, you have a knack of combining painting, drawing colour and photoshop brilliantly. The result would make a super card. Love it, Awesome !!

  10. So fun, those observations that you celebrate, they remind me of a child, or the child in each of us.

    I loved each glimpse of your art, your characters, your childlike expression in your art. They all make me smile. Thank you for that.

  11. Your painting is such a magical celebration! I actually thought each element was fabric as they look so rich and opulent - amazing 😁. I love how you celebrate and find joy in everyday things, and it's so lovely to celebrate with you! I have been celebrating some of these things too this month as much to my delight our Christmas mugs are unpacked and being used, and also we wrapped up warm and went out for a walk tonight just to look at Christmas lights around our neighborhood - needless to say there were lots of "oohs" and "ahhs" 😉. Thanks for choosing such a great theme and wishing you more celebrations this weekend! J 😊

  12. The words in your entry are so heart warming! Yes, I too am able to celebrate little things, because at the end they are the big ones. My first thoughts were like Jo's - each element was fabric, so beautiful and colorful drawn and painted! And I enjoy your "Photoshop trickery"!
    Happy weekend! Rike x

  13. yes, celebrating is a state of mind... and as a positive thinking Person one can celebrate each and every Thing, you are so right! love all your samples and how you celebrate your creativity! happy 2nd Advent:)

  14. You created a wonderful patchwork-painting, I imagine, that this must be also great made in fabric!
    I'm just celebrating, that I've just put all the stripe-cards for the mail art project in the mail ...
    love Ulrike

  15. Hi Sheila - today is the first day of freedom from decluttering and making Christmas cards - so I am celebrating having spare time by catching up at long last - and what a lovely treat to find you hosting a fab theme at AJJ and plenty of time for me to join in :)
    December is a great month for us as we were married that month too _ I love all the things you celebrate and I love all your fabulous happy art here - and its always a tonic to read your lovely posts.
    Gill xx

  16. My things to celebrate - friends, while I am sending Christmas cards to those who live far away, they all come to mind; the cosyness of indoors when outside is chilly; the beauty of outside with snow on the hills, and lovely sunset skies behind the snowy hills; lovely seasonal foods like mince pies, stollen, mulled wine! I loved the vivid colours Sheila in your collage, and the lovely way they all fitted together, with such a varied background and with extras like the big green and pink flower. Superb! Hugs and have a good weekend!

  17. Wonderful the small paintings and how you put them together to a new artwork looks gorgeous. I can imagine that the whole motif would be nice for a pillowcase or a quilt. I love the colors, they make me happy.
    Big Hugs

  18. Hello Sheila, your artwork is so pretty and happy and I love your birds - they definitely inspire my paintings of late. Your colours are gorgeous too. :D) xx

  19. That's wonderful! The little things should bring joy into life, to discover them is very precious! Your pictures are such a joy!

  20. This is a favorite, such an original piece, full of the happy season, delightful.

  21. I love that you can open our eyes to see the joy in the little things in life, love too your enthusiasm for life and of course your beautiful depiction of things through your eyes.


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