Thursday, 28 December 2017


My theme this month at "Art Journal Journey" is "Let's Celebrate!".

We have a birdbath and pond in our garden and one of the pleasures of life is watching the birds having a bath and otherwise enjoying playing in the water.

Let's Celebrate - Birds in our Garden!

I would also like to celebrate the challenge site "Art Journal Journey" itself, celebrate the indefatigable Susi and Elizabeth who run the challenge each month with energy, enthusiasm and friendliness, and celebrate the artists who share their art.


  1. An ADORABLE boating bird - üerfectly balanced in the waves! I so appreciate your lovely style - I started digital drawing with some apps for the tablet PC recently and thought a lot of you. It's not really easy - you have a good hand for editiong and painting !
    What a lovely painting - and the colours and textures are so cheerful! The charming frame makes it into an exhibition piece for me! Art Journal Journey LOVES your theme and hosting and your artwork! Very well done - and I really feel flattered by your wonderful words about us Sheila!
    Have a happy rest of the week in 2017!
    We are looking forward to a fun and happy AJJ Year in 2018!
    So good to have you as a blog friend!

  2. An adventurous bird, boating beats flying any day, ask a duck. Love the composition including the border in particular. Keep it going, love it, Awesome !!

  3. This is a real fun page Sheila, I loved the sweet bird in the boat.
    Yvonne xx

  4. Only You would find a way to create a bird in a boat in a birdbath. This is beyond clever, dear Sheila. It shows how clever you are. It's a gem.

    I've had so much fun celebrating with you this month, dear. You have been such a good hostess, and both Susi and I are simply delighted you shared your clever art and hosting skills with us this month. Happy new year and happy 2018. And thanks, too for this entry at Art Journal Journey.

    1. I am with Elizabeth - it was a pleasure to have you as an hostess Sheila!♥♥♥
      THANK YOU!

  5. Hahaha...OMGosh, the visual I have of your birds riding the birdbath waves in boats! Too cute and such fun! Love the birdie AND the birdie flag both watching ahead. I don’t know one end of a boat from the other, but the cute things in the back balancing the boat are fun too. Love the water and birdbath wall background too. Terrific technique. Your art always makes me smile.

  6. Really like the pattern bordering this picture. Great use of colour. Wonder where the bird is heading on the waves?

  7. that bird rowed straight into my heart! what an ingenious idea to place a bird in a boat sailing a birdbath:)) and such a nice front flag to direct him the way.
    a super entry for your month of hostessing the celebration theme. it was great!! xox

  8. ha ha brilliant Sheila - love that bird and boat, he must have had too much turkey?? (maybe not!) and too heavy to fly. Wondering if you've had snow as well as rain up at your end of the world. Been pouring here all day and our birds could probably do with that fabulous boat of yours xxx

  9. This is a lovely piece ...
    Isn't it fun watching the birds in the garden - I think they may have been feeling cold these past few days.

    Happy New Year Wishes

    All the best Jan

  10. Oh yes, cheers to Susi and Elizabeth. And to you too, for always making such happy art that puts a smile on my face. Love the bird. He's got a great boat! perfect for keeping his feather's dry. Happy New Year Sheila. Hugs-Erika

  11. Your bird is a beauty and I also like his boat with the bird's head bow and the flowers at the other end. He seems to really enjoy the water. And it is really always a great pleasure to watch the birds. Sometimes it takes me quite a while to finish the washing up because I stop and admire the birds. Yes, we can celebrate the birds, can't we

  12. Your bird looks fabulous sailing along and I love the thought of you providing boats in your birdbath, what fun the birds must have when they visit you 😉. I love seeing birds in the garden and this is definitely something to celebrate - perfect! Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with love, happiness and peace! J 😁

  13. Oh it's so funny to see your very special bird bath :))) You can alwas surprise me with your wonderful ideas and the lovely way how you paint them. Wishing you the best for 2018

  14. I'll take a bath with the birds!

    Happy New Year, Sheila <3

  15. Happy and healthy New Year 2018, Sheila 🌠💕

  16. What a cute border :)
    Even birds enjoy the technical inventions of people - look at this guy! Why swimming? - when there is the comfort of travelling in a boat!
    I love that bird - with its head in a very dangerous angle ... with the boat ...
    And that all happens in your garden??
    Rike xx

  17. So cute your bathing bird,makes me smile.
    Happy,healthy and creative New Year.
    Big Hugs

  18. Happy New Year, Sheila. Birds are always a delight to watch, but yours seems extra special! Jx

  19. I can't get you email to click up to send you a note but I wanted to wish you a happy new year and hope you art exhibit goes well. The only thing I can say about how much I accomplish is that my house is never very picked up, dinner is usually not very exciting and my hubby is good at going to the grocery store. :) Hope all is well. Hugs-Erika

  20. I always love your art it's unique and intriguing. May you have the best year ever Sheila

  21. Oh how fun to celebrate such wonderful artists!! Love your whimsical birdy in a boat!! As always so fun....bringing a huge smile to my face!!

    Peace Giggles


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