Saturday, 4 November 2017

RUN !!!

Little Girl who lives in Spooky Forest was out for her daily walk.

She knows Spooky Forest well and has a lot of friends there.
But this day she was thinking deeply about her latest painting and wandered off track near to where the Unpredictable Monsters live.

RUN !!!

She says this was a good way to get warm and so is joining in with Chris's original theme "101 Ways to Keep Warm" at "Art Journal Journey"

She is also linking with "Moo-Mania" where the theme is "Make it Feminine".
I think the blue Unpredictable Monster with the long legs is feminine, don't you?


Gibby Frogett said...

ha ha wonderful story and great artwork Sheila... the good news is that the monsters look friendly I think and probably just want to play and say hello.. The blue monster is quirky and fun - love it! Gill xx

froebelsternchen said...

I let out a guffaw - this "RUN" post is so funny Sheila!
I do love the little girl - she looks fancy from head to toe!!!
And for sure she got bathed in sweat after this scare and all the physical exercise!
Not just warmed up but totally heated!
The blue "Unpredictable Monster" with the long legs is for sure feminine - and is most qualified for Moo Mania & More!
Thank you so much for joining the >keep warm collection< at AJJ and also Moo Mania & More dear Sheila!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend and all is well with you, Douglas and your hubby!
Happy weekend and much love from

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh dear! I'm hoping Little Girl wasn't too tired after running through Spooky Forest! I love those Unpredictable Monsters - I'm sure you would never know the trouble they might cause! This is a brilliant way to keep warm and Thank you for this wonderful page for AJJ!Hugs,Chrisx

SusuPetal said...

Oh, this was so fun an cool!! Loved it!

Tammie Lee said...

unpredictable monsters can be scary
running is good
cute story and art
that many can relate too

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is SO you, Sheila. Your little girl hopefully made it out of the Spooky Forest safe and unharmed. She has friends to show her the way and the Unpredictable Monster might just slink away on those tall legs when they see she has friends to help her. You come up with some of the best stories, and this one for Chris's AJJ theme is fabulous. Please stay warm, too.

Beo said...

I love your story and the picture to that!!
Or did you do the story to this picture??
Anyway it's great.
I love how the little girl changed from a creeping one to
the running one with her arms and legs moving so fast.
And although she has all this unpredictable monsters in her
back she doesn't look scared at all.
Probably she just likes to have a reason to warm up this way.
And I really hope she is glad about her picture that made her going
into this part of the wood when she's back home :)

Meggymay said...

I love the story that describes your thoughts on the scene you created. I hope the little girl is safe. Its a fantastic page.
Yvonne xx

Annie said...

Little Girl is a bright spot in that wonderfully spooky forest. Yes, I must agree about the long-legged monster being feminine. Love those spooks in the forest and the forest trees are always a favorite of mine. Just love seeing your trees. You always have a fun outside-the-box take on a challenge and your art is full of imagination along with your story. Really cool looking background...great colors for a spooky forest. Looking forward to Little Girl’s next adventure.

Rosie said...

Just fantastic

Thank you for joining us at MOO MANIA & MORE

ULKAU said...

You are a wonderful story teller! ... and again I have to laugh about your fantasy characters! The long-legged creature does not look like a monster, but it's wonderful!

craftytrog said...

Fantastic artwork! Made me smile!
Alison x

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Love your art and story :) She looks great popping with colour. Take care, Shirleyxx

limmelon said...

Definitely feminine ! Love the composition. Ideal post for halloween. Great fun. Love it, Awesome !!

Sue (this n that) said...

I love your imagination and how you transform it into these delightful art pieces Sheila.
Love the trees too! Such a colourful little girl :D) xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Your little girl looks very happy running through the forest and I think the monster is only trying to say hello ... lol 😀. She made me smile as she looks like a ray of sunshine in her bright colours compared to the subdued colours of the spooky forest and monster - perfect 😁. Hope the preparations for your exhibition are going well and wishing you a happy new week! J 😊

Pfot-und-Hand said...

Oh, the monsters would make me run too ;) Another wonderful picture, dear Sheila!

Evergreen Mo said...

Love the girls stripy jumper. She looks very deep in thought at the beginning of the story but is in full action mode escaping the monster. Really like the trees

kat said...

That monster does indeed have long graceful legs. Ah so great to be back here and smile at your art and words. Always such style with the funky, bright running girl contrasting with that dark, spooky forest, wow what incredible atmosphere, a super piece for sure!!

johanna said...

you put a big smile at my face!! i don´t know what i love best, the idea of the running Girl or all those Monster creatures, flying or hiding in the Woods. fantastic Picture-storytelling!! xox said...

Oi querida Sheila
Amei sua historia o mostro que se cuide.Vou de deixar meu
Depois me passa o seu fica com Deus.

geistige_Schritte said...

wonderful beautiful journal to funny !!!!
Have nice Day

Victoria said...

She is totally adorable and charming..this whole post is enchanting and your art is beautiful! This is so fantastical and whimsical! Love it!
have a sweet day

Sharon Fritchman said...

Oh my goodness! What a great page! I love the story behind it so much!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us!! Hugs!!

Christine said...

This little story brought a smile to my face, and I love her!

Lowcarb team member said...

I enjoyed both your story and your artwork very much.
I think your blue monster looks quite friendly ... perhaps just wishing to say hello!

Enjoy your weekend

All the best Jan

Fodie Ann said...

Wow! Jimmy says this is amazing too! No wonder she is running so fast in the Spooky Forrest, your Unpredictable Monsters look wonderful, loved the one with striped legs. Hugs

stefanie stark said...

Your little girl made me smile at a glance. She looks so unique how she walks along on the first picture and then running away on the second one in spooky forest. I always enjoy your story telling pictures so much and I love your spooky trees and the creepy monsters. It's fantastic!

Giggles said...

Well who wouldn't smile ear to ear enjoying this little visual!! Love the movement in this painting!! Well done...this painting really is worth a thousand words. Love the little monster as well as the girl on the run!! I could see a child enjoying this as much as I did!!

Peace Giggles

Rike said...

Yes, I think too that the blue Unpredictable Monster with the long legs is feminine!
The girl on the first picture is drawn perfect for what she is thinking (deeply about her latest painting). Haha but the monsters get her running to wake and heat her up ...
By the way I like your trees!
Wish you a happy day! Rike xx

Jackie said...

I love those unpredictable monsters - they are just magnificent! I hope Little Girl manages to escape and get back onto her path.
I wish I had your imagination, Sheila. You have brightened my day. :)

PiaRom said...

Haha, what a nice lil story and your girl which starts to sweat while running away from the more feminin monster! When she would stop and turn around she would see the nicely striped legs and the beautiful blue monster is wearing today ;) So lil girl dare to look! ♥ Conny

janie said...

The spooky forest looks a very friendly place to be, I think they acre all looking out for her. Great little looking girl