Thursday, 23 November 2017


You are a flower.
You've gone out for a little walk and now you are lost.
It's snowing.
You're very cold.
How to get warm?

Find a friendly house and knock on the door?

Did the flower do the right thing?

Why does the lady call the flower a "little flower"?
Does she know the flower?
Will she put the flower in a vase of warm water with some plant food?

Would you invite a strange flower larger than yourself into your house? - especially a flower which comes knocking on your door during a snow storm.

I'd like to know the answers.

* * * * * * *

Linking to "Art Journal Journey" where Chris is asking us to make art on the theme "101 ways to keep warm". 
Also linking to "Try it on Tuesday" where the theme is "Colourful" with no or very little white areas.  The little flower's snow is blue so I think this is alright.


  1. To answer first! Yes I would let this flower in for sure - flowers are always welcome - I trust in the good and that she isn't an anthropophagus plant !!! Even though I would get a bit scared. The Lady will invite the flower to take a bath in the bathroom - at least that is what I would do. She calls her "little" flower because she is shortsighted and had forgotten to put on her glasses. The flower had no other choice - so hopefully the lady will do her best! My daughter repotted her beloved Orchid and it lost all blossom...
    hope the Lady does a better job with the flower!
    I love your beautiful page and I adore the lady's dress and her headgear. I guess who wears such clothes can not be bad!

    I have a wonderful big amarillo in orange just now and she is going to get very large - o.k. not as large as this beauty - but large!

    I simple LOVE your page and idea - perfect for Chris' theme of 101 Ways To Keep Warm.
    This is a very special idea and I adore it!
    It's a fantastic Orange Esmeralda artpiece!


    1. And THANK YOU for joining us at Try It On Tuesday as well!♥♥♥

  2. Yes, a small flower would certainly ask in my apartment, but with strangers I would be very careful. It is very sad that trust in people has become so small nowadays.
    Your painting with the really very friendly and kind looking woman and your questions make me thoughtful now!
    love Ulrike

  3. Flowers are always welcome in my home, this one would be told that if she behaved and gave a lovely scented aroma to the room, she would be welcome to stay. So pleased it was a flower knocking at the door, strangers would not be welcomed in. Its a fantastic journal page Sheila.
    Thank you for sharing your page with us all over at Try it on Tuesdays as well.
    Yvonne xx

  4. I really like your picture and its story very much! This beautiful flower that freezes and desires admission and the friendly woman with the blue hair in the doorway.
    However, I have to think about my answer to your questions.... I will come back when I have found the answers.
    I also like the perspective in your picture and I think this element is very new.

  5. What a wonderful little flower page! Yes the flower needed to shelter from the storm and knew this was a friendly house because of its colour and so sought refuge there. The lady saying "little flower" is a secret code confirming to any passing flowers that they are welcome 😁. The lady happily helps the little flower by providing refreshments and a warm place to stay until the snow storm is over, then she helps the flower get home. The lady was very pleased to see this flower as it turns out they both go to the same hairdressers, where they chose the same blue rinse 😉. I'd happily provide shelter for any flowers, now I just need to paint my house to let them know 😀. Thanks as always for capturing my imagination and I hope you enjoyed my answers! Wishing you a lovely week! J 😊

  6. This is a very warm, lovely page! To be honest, I am so scared of crime these days, I would not welcome strangers to my house.

  7. I'm watching this unusual series on Netflix right now called stranger things. I just started it. So as I watch, if a flower knocked on my door right now, I might get a little freaked out. Have you seen the show? It's got evil 'scientists' and kids. And missing people and weird 'sci fi monsters or aliens". Anyhow, I do think that poor flower would be in trouble in the snow. Nice page Sheila. Hope all is well. Hugs-Erika

  8. Everyone who's freezing, becomes tiny, and one has to open the doors to welcome the cold ones with open and warm heart.

  9. Wonderful the story in your picture, i love your way of expressing yourself so wonderfully!!!
    Happy weekend

  10. My keyboard is still not working. Stopped by to let you know I was here and to wish you a beautiful Thursday. Flowers always welcome here, regardless of size.

  11. I would have to knock on the nice lady’s door myself and ask her all these questions. But first I would imagine that she knows little flower’s elders and they are much, much bigger than little flower...which is why she would call it little. They must all live in the same general area. I can’t imagine little flower got too far on its walk in the cold snow, so I’m sure all is well and little flower will get warmed up and the nice lady will see that it gets back home safely. I totally adore little flower. So delicate looking with all it’s lacy edges. Wonderful snowy background! I definitely get the feel of the cold. A fun art piece and your story always makes it even more so.

  12. Wonderful story, Sheila. I'm sorry but cant let flowers which have scent come in because I'm allergic, but hope someone else takes them;)
    Have a happy weekend xx

  13. what a wonderful way to make me think.........
    well, the Lady Looks very friendly. hope i do, too!

  14. Yes, flowers are always welcome ! Super drawing, love the colour scheme. Love it, Awesome !!

  15. Haha you never fail to crack me up with your funny stories and sceneries!! But I am sure, if a larger flower than me would knock on my door, I would immediatelly be sure to now live in wiwawonderland and of course I share my house with all those sweet creatures ;) But maybe had a prob to find a proper vase for her ;) ♥ Conny

  16. Thanks bunches for sharing your beautiful piece of art and your story with us at TioT this time.
    It's a great story and flowers are always welcome at my place! Warm, Big Hug from

  17. lovely storytelling and illustration. Yes, I definitely would take in the flower!

  18. Love your flower and little story :) Beautiful watercolours :) I hope you are doing well xx

  19. I would help the flower. I am nursing a small olive tree from my daughter during the winter.
    I like your image with the woman inviting the flower to come in. Nice idea.
    Dear Greetings

  20. You're by far the best fairy-tale girl I ever met and if ever a flower knocks on my door I would probably call for my husband or my son immediately in order to confirm I'm not dreaming or going crazy and then I would take a picture of the flower in front of my door and send it to you. Well I assume the lady knows the flower very well as she raised her up what is probably the reason to call her still "my little flower". Of course I would invite the flower to come in and sit down and listen to the flower's adventures which might be very exciting.

  21. A sweet story and a nice picture. I love flowers! And I like to have her in my apartment. Only once they are in the vase, then that was their last trip, so I'm always in conflict.

  22. This poor shivery flower (you painted exactly the coldness!)! The lady call it "little" by the meaning of "lovely", so that the flower has no fear. But the flower has to put its head down to walk through that door and what will wait indoor? A vase of warm water with some plant food, or a pot on the stove with boiling soup, for which the lady needs some fresh herb?
    What thoughts! I hope the story will find a good end, as it is always so in fairy tales, or not?

  23. Well I kinda love all flowers so I am a sucker for letting a cold flower in. Yet most strangers would be unwelcome that's for sure. Flowers lure me every time!! Quirky fun scene!!

    Peace Giggles

  24. I'm always careful when answering the door to unexpected callers ...
    Loved your drawing.

    All the best Jan

  25. Sweet story, yeah, I would let the flower in.
    What a poetically vision!

  26. Yes Lulu loves this one, so do I. We would invite all the flowers in such a snow storm!

  27. I absolutely love that you are inviting the little flower in out of the cold and into a cosy place. What a lovely lady, love her hair, beads and dress in fact I love everything about this picture


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