Monday, 2 October 2017


We've been on holiday.

We stayed in a cottage in Cornwall.

It was pretty near perfect.
The view from the upstairs window.

It had cottage rules.

The small village we were in was delightful with pretty houses.

Our main purpose on holiday is to get out in the fresh air and go long walks.

From the start of this beach to the cliffs at the end took an hour's reasonably fast walking with the occasional stop to look at something interesting.


There were lots of cliff walks.
We were highly amused at the one danger sign here

as everywhere else the unguarded paths went along like here

and here.

I did walk down these "stairs" when the tide was out.  Eeeek.

There were steep sand dunes and sometimes we had to climb over them to get home when the tide came in and blocked off the easy route.

Do you like my socks?

Socks play a big part in my holiday.  Each morning there is the ritual of the choosing of the "sock of the day".

We enjoyed every minute and had good weather, not too warm for walking, sunny with a slight breeze, just right.

I hope you enjoyed your seaside trip.


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my gosh! What a fantastic place to visit for holiday - wonderful photos Sheila! And yes - those socks are lovely too and your shoe and the socks fit the sand really perfect!
Thank you for taking me with you "chair wise" to Cornwall! Seems you really had a kind of adventurous walks with the tide - lol. You know how much I love this area!
Good to see you back! I missed you!
oxo Susi

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

My first response is, welcome back to blogland. You were missed, dear. My second is a question. Did Douglas have as much fun as you, and did he get to offer his advice on which socks to pick each day?

This looks like an ideal spot, a beautiful area, and exciting (albeit a few scary) views. That one danger sign was rather laughable, I thought.

Thanks for taking us to the seaside at Cornwall because I live vicariously!

Dortesjs said...

who oooo awsome looks stunning.. wish i could see it with my own eys..I can see you had a great holiday delightful with pretty houses long white beaches and all..soo now I will say welcome back hope you enjoy this to..You were missed.

Beo said...

Thanks for that trip,Sheila! I think that have been wonderful holidays and
I love your socks!! A ritual of chosing the right socks every morning is even
more creative than A's ritual of never wear two socks that fit together!

Did you have the whole house for yourself? (Except of your teddies of course!!)

Tammie Lee said...

It looks so beautiful and the place you stayed charming.
Did you notice that rule #3 and #9 do not play well together? Well perhaps on different days.
Welcome back!

Lowcarb team member said...

Fabulous photographs, I so enjoyed my seaside trip.
Looks a fabulous holiday - and I love your socks too!

I must have been feeling in a dotty - spotty mood this morning ...
I've just looked down at my socks! LOL!

Happy October Wishes

All the best Jan

My name is Erika. said...

Wow, what a gorgeous place. How could you have a bad holiday visit there? Really Sheila, the socks of the day is the best. How fun! I love those and would enjoy seeing the other pairs you had to pick from. Thanks for sharing those post with us. If I get back to the UK anytime I think I will put Cornwall on the list of must go to places. :) Hugs-Erika

Margik said...

Hi Sheila, your holidays are always very interesting, Cornwall seems like a place I would like to visit. Those socks are so funny!
Mar :)

Annie said...

I love have a "cottage" visual. That view I could take a long while to get tired of. Like never! The cottage rules are such a great idea and a great personal touch for the temporary tenants. The house in its setting looks inviting. A beautiful beach walk. I always love seeing the cliffs at the beach. They fascinate me. How funny the sign. Did they put up the fence so they'd have a place to nail the sign up? LoL. Those rocky stairs are simply irresistible. I would have had to walk them as well. And its not so easy to walk in sand either! Haha...I love your socks! I'm sure its an important part of dressing and not such an easy task to decide which pair to wear. Thanks for taking me on your holiday with you!

SusuPetal said...

Oh, such magnificent views, I'd like to visit Cornwall some day! I believe you've been enjoying a lot!

johanna said...

sounds like a perfect Holiday. i think the ice bears would not have minded to get wet, haha! awesome photos from the cliffs!
i´ve been in Cornwall about 30 years ago (oh my!), a friend of mine had a penpal there (in totnes). i remember we had a great week at land´s end, exeter and all These small villages which are so pretty!! thanks for bringing back those memories...
have a great october! xox, johanna

Sue (this n that) said...

Oh yes, thank you Sheila, I did enjoy sharing your beautiful Cornwall visit.
What a lovely cottage you had ... and those views!! Gorgeous.
How healthy you must have felt coming back from those walks each day. Loved your sockies... perfect :D) Cheers now xx

limmelon said...

Super holiday snaps. Sand, sun & sea, magic for holidays. Love the socks. Devon and Cornwall villages have some marvellous picturesque cottages, squares and harbours, very suitable for painting &/or blogging about. Love it, Awesome !!

ULKAU said...

Oh, what a wonderful landscape... the first pictures with the lightblue sky and the wide sandarea by the sea gives me a nearly caribean feeling, when I see these colors! So incredeble nice is Cornwall.... and only a few visitors there to see. It must have been a great vacation for your, to walk in fresh air for the whole day. I wood like to have this too. ... and I love these cottage rules and your socks are really Happy socks! Thanks for these wonderful pictures, Sheila!

Giggles said...

What a stunning beach front... wow lovely cottage too! It's interesting to see the different beaches around the world. So desolate and peaceful!! Glad you enjoyed the trip and thanks for the great photos!! Heck yes I love your adorable socks...and I see you have some very smart comfy walking shoes too!! Thanks for those cottage rules and the creative signs!!

Peace Giggles

Rike said...

Oh, what a wonderful corner of the earth! I guess you had the most beautiful holidays ever, these are gorgeous photos! The cottage rules are perfect for this place, and your choice of the daily socks too!

Pia Rom said...

OMG Sheila! Your paintings calm me down immediatelly! Thank you so much for sharing them! Maybe I am way to busy in my holidays...there is facebook, and instagram not to mention the two blogs to feed...pheeewww Now that I have see your lovely cottage and feel the good air of your long beachwalks I promise to slow down with all that social media stuff for a while, haha! And btw what a sweet sign to have in a holiday-appartment! Had to smile over the socks of the day story ;) ♥ Conny

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Cornwall is one place I would like to see, but it's nice so many folks in my blogosphere share their trips. Love those long expanses of beach with no one around. Quite marvelous. Perfect renewal vacation. xox

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Sheila! WOW! It looks like your vacation was absolutely amazing. What gorgeous photos you posted! And yes, I LOVE your socks!!! And the cottage rules, too! Thanks for sharing your holiday with all of us!

Jackie said...

Such a glorious situation and I love the house rules.
Thanks for your visit and your all encouraging comments. Much appreciated.
Fab socks! Jx

Let's Art Journal said...

So pleased you enjoyed your holiday, welcome back! The place you stayed looks beautiful, such a quaint cottage and spectacular views and beaches 😁. You made me smile with you sock design of the day too, I think we may be alike in many ways 😉. Wishing you a happy new week! J 😊

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Wow looks like you were staying in seaside heaven! So gorgeous and I love it when the weather is not hot but sunny.... ahhhhhhhh. Thanks for sharing. xx

Gibby Frogett said...

oh wow what a beautiful place Sheila... loved the house rules and your socks!
The views are stunning but those stairs looked very precarious - you were brave using them.
Thanks for sharing the photos - glad to hear you had a great time.
Gill xx

kat said...

I missed this post, but love the photos so much, what a wonderful enchanting and fresh. Ah summer days are far off now, but such breath taking souvenirs. I really would love to visit these beautiful parts one day and I love cottages. The cottage rules are fab, I hope you respected them! Oh and I love your socks, I bet you had fun picking out socks for the day, they are super cute.

janie said...

And what a cottage. Thanks Sheila for sharing your journey along the coastline and to the most beautiful of beaches.