Monday, 11 September 2017


I painted this totally gross piece to try out the colours of some old acrylics that had been around for a while.

I'm always being told not to destroy duff paintings so I kept it (why?) but later on wondered what would happen if I cut it up digitally and recoloured it.

With colours inverted and recoloured it's improved already.

First cut-out (top left turned round).


Second cut-out dulled down a little (bottom middle).


There's also something interesting happening top right.


Who would have guessed these could have come from the bad painting?
I'm quite excited about making cards and framed prints from these designs.

Linking to  Susi's "Art Journal Journey" where Yvonne is hosting and has chosen the interesting theme "Colour in my World".


froebelsternchen Susi said...

I love what you have made with your unloved painting .. very clever and now you have these four amazing abstracts and I bet that if you want you will find even some more fabulous extracts from it to work with.
I would love to see an extract with the original colours in the part top right with the blue flowers as well - that part looks lovely to me as well.
The original painting is very interesting as well - I would call it the
" Dream Garden Round Tour From Above"
I am happy you made time and are with us again at Art Journal Journey Sheila!
Happy new week!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm delighted that you listened to the people who said to not get rid of your duff paintings. To me, it was NOT duff, but I know we are our own worst critics. I also think you were bold to check your paints before you needed them for something important (OK, MORE important!).

It's amazing how different these paintings look digitally inverted. I also like how you cut it up (digitally, of course) to turn it into four fabulous masterful art pieces. I'm fairly certain your world is always colorful, but today it was even more so! LOVE these.

geistige_Schritte said...

this is a great game from a simple picture to different motifs, I take such as a background!
It fits the color of my world!!!
good night and have nice dreams

Meggymay said...

I am so pleased you kept this and re-invented your painting these pages all look fabulous.
It was great to see how you changed the colours.
I am so pleased you added these to Art Journal Journey for the theme I chose this month.
Yvonne xx

Little Artbee said...

Your changed image with the dark background looks much better, but the cutouts are gorgeous. My favourite is the one with the pink flowers. Sometimes a cutout of an image can be very interesting and looks often much better than the whole image. You did the right with your image. Never throw away an image, have a second look and play with it.
Dear greetings and a nice new week.

My name is Erika. said...

Boy, did the digital color change and the cut up make some cool pieces. I love the top one with so much green. Hope you are well and having some fun and/or interesting days. Hugs-Erika

Annie said...

How amazing your painting has transformed just with editing and cropping! I see many details in the smaller pieces that I did not even notice in the original large painting. I notice some very basic editing tools when I fine tune my photos. I must try and remember to give some of this color editing a try when I have a small watercolor. What great cards you now have.

SusuPetal said...

Black background works well. There are no bad paintings, one just have to figure out the purpose for pieces!
The details make me think of jungle!

ULKAU said...

It looks all fantastic - I love such coloring games! Today, in this picture, I like your digitally altered colors very much - it looks like in the jungle!
Greetings from Ulrike

limmelon said...

Magic ! As always, you have a marvellous way with the combination of painting and photoshop. I think the seed pods are my favourite. Keep posting, love it, Awesome !!

Linda Kunsman said...

I like the first rendering with all that color and mark making but you sure did change it up brilliantly Sheila!

Suman Pandit said...

the black really enhanced the colors and the brush strokes also become more visible adding a lot of texture too, love these Sheila !!

johanna said...

Looks like an enchanted forest now... what beautiful heart-shaped flowers in the last pic!
xox, johanna

Let's Art Journal said...

Every painting speaks a thousand words and I'm glad you kept this one, the digital transformation is stunning! When I looked at this piece, I fell in love with the design and colours of the top left hand corner and I was so glad to see it on your last photo "Pink Flowers" 😁. I think it would look lovely in the colours you painted too as I love the way you have combined the red, turquoise, brown and dark blue - perfect 😉. Wishing you a happy week! J 😊

sirkkis said...

All your creative versions are beautiful, Sheila. My favorite is maybe the first enchanting repainting.
I have to minimize my blogging because I had a cataract surgery last week. All is right but must wait a while.

Dortesjs said...

great always nice to use bad things and turn them out better.. love love

Tammie Lee said...

Colors really do impact how we like something, or not.
I also like thee digital colors better. You are inspiring.

Evergreen Mo said...

Clever use of digital skills again. I like the original painting but have enjoyed seeing all the different designs you have created. The dark background does make the colours sing

Beo said...

As always I love what you did with photoshop!!! It's unbelivable what you do with that!
And: Nobody else could have done that because you made it out of your own picture. And moreover:
In case somebody else would have had your painting he/she wouldn't have done with it what you did. It's great!
And this time I can't say which of your picture I love most.
Ciao Beo

Giggles said...

Oh Sheila this is so pretty. I didn't think the original was as bad as you make it out to be!! But I do love the changes... as so pretty. It will be so fun to make cards!! So nice to see someone enjoy digital work as much as I do!! Well done!

Peace Giggles

Rike said...

Oh wonderful - you did not destroy your original painting, and so - you see - you have created some very beautiful pieces out of this! "With colours inverted" is gorgeous, and the cutted out pages are really works of art! They are beautiful cards!
I like your original painting too (why?) ...

Jackie said...

I like it - it reminds me of Basquiat! I'm glad you continued to create from it; Such glorious pieces. I particularly like the last one. Jx

Gibby Frogett said...

Wow! wasn't that such an amazing digital transformation - thank goodness you kept that piece :)
And yes - what great cards they are going to make. They'd look fab enlarged on a wall too.
Gill xx

kat said...

These have a touch of the tropics to them, a hot and spicy feel, wonderful how you used that old piece to make magic!

janie said...

I like that the bad painting gets another chance but it didn't look too bad to me, your creations are all great those you think are bad and those you think are good, I love them all as I love your unique and individual style.