Thursday, 17 August 2017


Over the past few weeks I've spent 20 hours making a textile piece for an exhibition.  After 20 hours I took a violent dislike to it and it will never see the light of day again.  (Sometimes you have to light the fire in Summer).

Then I painted a watercolour with flowers, trees, bunting and a cat you would not want to meet.  Same again.

So I was best pleased when this Cool Cat came out of my watercolour brushes this morning to give me her very best advice.

What do you do when you've made something and you don't like it at all?

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Linking to "Art Journal Journey" where Jo is asking us to make art based on poetry or a quote.


Annie said...

Oh, cool cat is the best! My sentiments exactly! I want to lie around lazily with him. And definitely in his pink and purple environment too. I love those words and I've had them on my list of sayings to use ... somewhere. They are such fun and make me smile.

20 hours on a textile piece. Oh dear, are you sure it cannot be salvaged???
If I've made something I don't like, and it really is bad, with zero potential, it lies around until I can work up enough bravery to dump it. In the meantime, that gives me enough time to rethink it and see if there really is no potential for a fix. But I'm known for dumping it immediately in a fit of rage for the failure, only to retrieve it a little while later.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your cat turned out amazing - I love her cool laziness and the colours you have chosen.
Don't mind that the pieces didn't turn out as hoped - that is NOT an individual fate -
here are so many pieces in my drawers that aren't allowed to see the sun again since they turned not out as I wanted them to turn out.You will see - some time they come handy for another project in mind.
Thank you for joining Jo's theme dear Sheila!
Happy rest of your week!
oxo Susi

geistige_Schritte said...

The cat is great and the saying *smile*!
I put it on the side and when I need sometime I need it or I change it.
happy Evening

Let's Art Journal said...

Oh, how her advice made me laugh ... lol 😁...I love it! Your cool cat looks very chill-axed lounging in her sunglasses and I would follow her advice as she looks very magical with her pretty lilac fur too ... lol πŸ˜‰. I always find white gesso is my best friend when my journal pages don't turn out as I would like, not sure it would work on textiles 😁. Thanks so much for sharing you cool cat with us at Art Journal Journey and for making me laugh so much! Happy Thursday! J 😊

My name is Erika. said...

I think that is not only an adorable cat but a very very very smart cat too. What a great quote. And a great cat. I always feel so bad when I destroy something I made, but I don't feel bad stitching over it, painting over it or cutting it apart and using the bits. Why is that I wonder? Anyhow-I am going to tell myself the same thing as your cat says since I really just want to go read and relax this afternoon, so I think I will. :) Hugs-Erika

Beo said...

Your catlooks cool with her sunglasses and I wonder how you managed that the eyes can be seen behind the glasses. One of her eyes looks directly in the eyes of me and I have the feeling her piercing glance means that I shouldn't contradict his advice because otherwise I would know what she is able to do with her talons...
But I wouldn't disagree anyway because I love that advice.

20 hours?? Thats very much! I think you have been very angry about the piece that didn' want to become the way you want as you had thrown it into the fire.
I normally overpaint things I don't like but that couldn't be done with this piece - or
is that a possibilty to use something like that in future? It could be a very interesting canvas.
Of course I hope you won't have have a dislike for the things you do in future!!

limmelon said...

Its the odd great piece like the gorgeous cool cat that comes out of hours of seeming failure that keeps us going. Why should he do anything today ? Yesterday was frantic ! Love it, Awesome !!

Tammie Lee said...

I am so happy that you created something you like after all that you did not.
We dare not light a fire this summer as we are in a drought with so many wildfires. Alas fires are even forbidden.

Your cat is cute and it's wisdom/thought makes me smile.

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

I love your cool cat, his words made me smile :) How 'cat like'. I miss having a cat, very much but for now we will be 'pet free'. I've thrown out things that I've created and didn't like, including a very large canvas. Take care, Shirleyxx

Evergreen Mo said...

one really cool dude. Like the colour. I think he is right so join Him in a really laid back day.

Meggymay said...

That is a great quote and a fabulous drawing of the cat.
I tend to hoard mistakes, you never know when you might be able to reuse them.
Yvonne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sadly, Sheila, I show MY mistakes on my blog. It's how I learn. Real artists (like yourself) give me advice and it makes me better the next time. Surely your 20 hours work can't be that bad. After all, we are our own worst critics. I found that some of the pieces I liked the least last month, others thought were the best.

I especially love this cat you saved from certain fiery death and his cute saying certainly fits how I feel lots of days. Thanks for sharing this adorable creature. He is well worth keeping, that's for sure.

ULKAU said...

Yes, very cool is your cat, that makes the sunglasses alone!
My first thought was: gangster-cat, but if I look right now, the cat looks more like a playboy!
To your question: if I have created something, which I do not like, I am so frustrated, must put it aside and do something completely different.
This usually helps and releases the head.
Now I am very curious about your textile pieces ...!

Giggles said...

Oh my goodness you purples cat is fabulous and wise!! Love it!! I bury it or gesso over it!! Sometimes it's the layers that end up making a terrific piece!! I had some many abandoned works of art in my art journals!! I often come back to them with a new eye! Same with sewing... and I've taught my son in law to do that with wood work... Just leave it for a bit and see if it looks different later!! Wish you had of posted them...I'd love to see them anyway!!

Peace Giggles

johanna said...

when i created a Piece i don´t like... AND i have put some effort into it (like your textile Piece - 20 hours!) - i just put it aside. out of sight for a while. then, in case i stumble upon it one day, and i still think i don´t like it - i would try a Change... adding or taking away Details (if possible)... or, the simplest Methode with fabrics: give it a unifying wash of Color. that might be a bath in tea e.g., or if another Color would be better, a very thin Dilution of silk paint. (haha, i think about this because i´m currently mostly working with this;)) that really could Change the look a lot!
just free yourself from the idea it should go to the Exhibition. (maybe it will become good enough for another one?)
you could also cut it up in pieces (stripes?), sew some single colored (or b/w checkerboard...) pieces between and unite them again...
well, i´m talking into the blind, as i didn´t see the Piece. but i really would try to "rescue" it. you can throw it out anyway, when everything Fails. and i think we are often way too critical with ourselves.
have a great Weekend, sheila!

Gibby Frogett said...

ha ha this is such a cool looking cat Sheila and I wonder are her glasses to mask red eyes from a hangover maybe ? She is rather gorgeous!
It's not the first time (if I recall) that something ended up on the fire is it :( (I'm hearing Queens 'Another one bites the dust' in my head now).
oh... 20 hours... what a shame :( was there nothing useable?
Depending on what it is that I may not like, I try and salvage something - it might be scanning something that I can alter and use then digitally... or if it was a mixed media 3d piece try and take off re-useable bits.
Hope your having a great weekend - wondering if you might be getting the winds worse than down here... is it tail end of Hurricane Gert due tomorrow I think, so hope all well with you and garden if it arrives.. Gill xx

SusuPetal said...

OMG, how cool is that cat! That's the attitude!

Seeking for perfection is a curse, I've noticed. Before I became angry and disappointed with myself, when I couldn't unite my visions and my productions. Nowadays I'm much more merciful to myself, luckily one gets a bit wiser in that sense when becoming older.
I seldom throw away the ones that turn out to be a disaster. Quite often they are good for something else, backgrounds etc.

Been away for a couple of weeks, life offline, and I've enjoyed every minute!

Rike said...

Cool quote for this cool cat - I love both!
Just now I have a double page in my artjournal I do not like - and I ask myself WHY not? The colours, the lines or what? But I cannot fire it - the page is IN my journal. So I have to go to the next page, that's all! And maybe few weeks later I shall like it?
So I want to tell you: 20 hours you had spent being creative - this is NO lost time, whatever happens with your artwork!
Rike xx

Dortesjs said...

Very sweet ,love cats ;O))

Margik said...

Great drawing, Sheila! Your cat is so fun and the quote is perfect for it! When I do something I don't like, I put it aside, I'm sure I will find some use for it.
Mar :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Love the quote, love the cat.
Well done.

All the best Jan

Blogoratti said...

What a delightful painting and the cat is me sometimes. Great work and greetings!

janie said...

That is definitely a fantastic painting of one very cool cat

Claudia ClaSpi-Art said...

The little bird looks as thoughtful as he walks through the garden. Is he thinking about the coming autumn? And Douglas and Mabel are so cute!

Jackie said...

Such a stylish cat!
If I don't like something I've created, I put it away for a while - weeks, months - and very often after that it gets transformed into something else. I find gesso is quite a good way to restart, but of course you can't do that with fabrics ..... What a shame about your textile piece.

kat said...

Such a cool cat, looks like she's enjoying Summer! The things I don't like well they just become old pieces. Canvas ones are made into new pieces after a while, they have a rebirth. Still the important is just to have enjoyed the process and get in the zone as you said before, that's what I love about creating it's just that! Such a sweet place to be in!