Thursday, 27 July 2017


Hello everyone.

I always love being on holiday and I always love being back home too.
When we are away our garden is looked after by our Real Life friends J & E and I don't know what they do to it but everything always looks so lush and well-cared for when we get back.

The first thing I do when I come home is zoom out to look at the garden.

Douglas and the giant cabbage

Douglas among the flowers

Douglas with the broad beans for tea

I was also very keen to make another piece for Elizabeth and Bleubeard's challenge at "Art Journal Journey" where the theme is "Summertime Love" and I think I have just managed to get in under the wire.

The garden and giant flowers in the sketchbook

The garden by day

And I couldn't resist a little photo-editing to show

The garden by night

It's good to be back in Blogland and I'm looking forward to visiting you all and seeing what you have been up to.

What's the first thing you do when you come home from holiday?


  1. Great to have you back Sheila - wow - everything in the garden looks giantly - Douglas looks impressed! I love your little painting of the garden and the house - day and night!
    So nice of you to join Elizabeth and Bleubeard a second time this month!
    The first I always do after holiday is starting the washer -lol.

    Happy rest of the week and a lovely weekend ahead!

  2. Great to see you back again with your lovely art and vegetables! Valerie

  3. Douglas and the Giant Cabbage look superb. Well done to J & E. The Garden by Night is fantastic. Love it, Awesome !!

  4. This is brilliant Sheila! When we visit our caravan (home from home!) it is always a wander around the garden! When we come home it's usually popping the kettle on for a coffee!! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. who thanks for commenting on my garden blog. I have a creative blog to.
    your blog is great and I will be your follower and put a link to your blog on my blog.
    great things you do. and sweet to put Douglas og your lol lol i do the same sometimes ;O))

    xx Dorte in Denmark

  6. Douglas looked happy to be in the garden. great photos.
    Your journal pages both look fantastic.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Welcome home Sheila. I would have been by sooner, but Bleubeard just finished his duties at the fair. Now we are both home and eager to visit you, Douglas, your garden, and your incredible home and garden with the magical flowers. It looks equally lovely during both the day and night. I can feel the summertime love in that garden, too. So glad you shared it at Art Journal Journey.

    BTW, you were right about Bleubeard's fortune. He is loved the world over, far more than me (grin).

  8. Douglas is so proud of his garden of prettys and eadibles. Who wouldn't be? You must make sure you keep those neighbors. So nice that you've nothing to worry about with them in charge while you thoroughly enjoy your holidays. Dis you paint your pretty garden and giant flowers with watercolors? Love it by day and night. A place where flowers grow taller than the trees... I just am seeing the story begin that way.

  9. Your garden looks lovely. So nice that you have people to look after it.

    Smiling after looking at your art. Such sweet whimsical plants.

    When I get home..... I have to walk across my lawn to get to my porch. I scan the yard, ponds and forest for critters and take to heart the beauty of nature.

    Lovely summer days and nights to you.

  10. ... of course, the first course after the holiday always goes into the garden or balcony ... no, of course I first look to my pet in the terrarium ...
    How lovely you are back, dear Sheila. And immediately you are inspired by your giant plants to paint a suitable picture, as in paradise, flowers bigger than a house. How nice!

  11. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and welcome back 😀. Your garden is amazing and I think Douglas enjoyed exploring all the pretty flowers and giant veggies! Wow, that cabbage is huge and when I read your caption is reminded me of "James and the giant peach" ... lol 😉. The garden with giant flowers made me smile too and I loved seeing it at night time too, it's funny how the grass and stems turn green at night time with the light of the moon 😁. So glad to see you and Douglas back in blog land! Wishing you a Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊

  12. Welcome back Sheila! So nice the little bear sitting in the cabbage. Your new image looks so lovely by day and night. I like your special style of creating images.
    Greetings and a nice summer.

  13. Lovely post with the adorable Douglas! Love both versions of your beautiful garden.
    Mar x

  14. Wow- that is one giant cabbage. I have never grown it but I should try next year. I like trying new things to see if I have the knack with them or not. And that is a great garden page for AJJ. I like it better at night. It's like everything has little lights to make it glow. :) Happy weekend and hope you had a great holiday. Hugs-Erika

  15. The garden is looking good. I like the giant flowers both day and night although the night ones are looking really bright and the night house is glowing.

  16. Welcome back! Your garden looks indeed well cared for, also in your drawings :D

    The first thing I do, when I get home, is to unpack my bag. If I don't do it immediately, it's never done, I've noticed !

  17. i totally love your sketched garden Scene... when back home i look for my cat, and the garden, too. happy welcome-back!!

  18. How wonderful garden you have - both at real life and in your sketch book.
    Thank you visiting my blog and for the lovely comments there. They always make my day.
    Happy becoming August, my friend xx
    P.S. I wrote something of Jaffa on my comment box;)

  19. When I come home from holiday the first thing I do is to carry my bags from my car into the house, then take a box of biscuit, sit down and eat some biscuits and enjoy the rest after a long car driving.
    Douglas makes the same (without carrying the bags), but he eats beans :)
    How big are the beans (the flowers and the cabbage) - or how small is Douglas!
    Yes, the giant flowers ... so nice of you to show us your beautiful garden not only by day but also by night - what an astonishing difference! Wonderful drawings!
    Rike x

  20. Douglas is so sweet and makes a great figure! Your garden is very inviting.
    ♥lich Claudia

  21. Oh what a joyful post.
    Loved all of your photographs ...

    My good wishes for this new month of August.

    All the best Jan

  22. Oh my goodness what a treasure trove that garden is!! Wow so impressive!! I think Douglas may have done a little watering while you were gone!! What kind friends you have! It's amazing how well a garden produces when it's loved!! I always admire people with a green thumb. I've always been able to grow gorgeous flowers but never that great at veggies. I love your gorgeous garden by night...really really good!!

    Hugs Giggles

  23. Hi Sheila ...I'm sooo behind sorry and just starting to catch up ( several weeks of copying tutorials from a scrapbook site I am a member of that's closing down).... hope you had a great holiday.
    Douglas and the giant cabbage sounds like it should be a story - that cabbage looks huge enough for 'you' ha ha to carve out the inside and make into a summer house for Douglas.. ok you may need some glue to keep the layers together maybe mmmmm ?
    Love the pink flowers - no idea what they are but Douglas was well camouflaged there.
    Your giant flowers and garden are fab - the editing to night time really effective. Your artwork here would make great rubber stamps xx :)

  24. Oh this garden seem as if from a wonderful picture book! It's so charming to see Douglas on the cabbage, in the flowers and with the beans :-) and your painting is charming too! I love the rose colored house inbetween the giant flowers and again I love your magic talent for creating magic worlds.

  25. aw, you always make me smile Sheila! Douglas is so gorgeous how he roams around your garden - he had fun too by the looks.
    Beautiful painting as well. Have a very happy week ahead :D)

  26. I love your garden with the giant flowers and plant both by day and night :) The little bear is so cute in the plants as well. What is the first thing I do when I get home? Unpack..... and yes look at the gardens if it's summer. Take care, Hugs, xxx

  27. Oh so cute, Douglas in the garden, your garden is well loved and cared for, I can see why he must be so happy there!
    It's great to catch up with all your posts again and your giant flowers are delightful, I'd love to have giant flowers in the garden that seem to float and dance like yours.
    The first thing I did when I came home this time was to check the post, I had ordered some books so it's always fun to receive those little amazon packages in the post box to welcome me home. xx

  28. Hello Sheila it must be Douglas hard at work again, just how does he manage to grow flowers bigger than houses and so much lovely food and flowers


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