Thursday, 8 June 2017


The uber-talented Rosie at "Art Journal Journey" is asking us to make art on the theme of circles. 

With the ordinary computer mouse and using the basic Windows Paint program I drew three circles and coloured them.  

Mouse drew a (rather wonky) vase for the circles which had turned into flowers.  I enjoy seeing the different way in which one can paint with the mouse which often has its own ideas about lines and direction.

A little caterpillar wandered by

followed by a new species of bird (new to Orange Esmeralda).

The new bird is very interested in the flowers.

I quite like this bird.  You might see him again (with his family).


  1. How lovely is that??? A wonderful creation

    Thank you for showing your artwork to ART JOURNAL JOURNEY.

  2. Oh wow.. I saw this bird today at Erika's blog with her babies!And now it is here at your painting!
    What a wonderful painting for AJJ dear Sheila!THANK you very much!!! That is so unique!
    I love the colors and the fact that you all did with the regular mouse is stunning...
    Wish you a very happy rest of your week !
    oxo Susi

  3. That new species of bird is really quite the thing. I love his long legs and his cool pink feather hair! I love your circle piece Sheila. Its a lot of fun-as your art always is. Hugs-Erika

  4. I hope that fun bird flatters by my balcony and visits my flowers, too. Lovely piece! Valerie

  5. Love the bold colours. The caterpillar is super. The mouse drawing is terrific, not wonky at all. Love it, Awesome !!

  6. This colorful, typical Sheila creation is so funny to look at again!
    I love your caterpillars anyway and am happy when it shows up again in a new picture! Mr. Bird is great with his long legs and I am curious about his family!

  7. Such a lovely idea to create circle flowers and the vivid colours look so tropical! I think your bird is fantastic and how lovely to take a walk with the little caterpillar. I can't wait to be introduced to the rest of the family, how exciting, now you have me wondering what they will look like (grin!). Happy Thursday and enjoy your week! J 😊
    p.s. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and the Gelatos paint like watercolour, you read my mind as you can find out more on the post that I have just published on my blog today 😉. So nice to be chatting with you again, take care my friend! J x

  8. Oh, roses - I thought when I saw your flowers
    they are loveley! Your bird is very special I understand
    that he is new for you (for me as well :)
    I wonder if the caterpillar is just wandering by or if
    he will be there when you show us the familiy of
    this special bird.

  9. Its a fabulous vase of flowers and your creatures look real fun. I do hope you use them again.
    Yvonne xx

  10. You always amaze me with your adorable creatures. This is fantastic, Sheila!
    Love your new species of bird and especially the super vase of flowers with those beautiful colours.
    Mar :)

  11. I love your new bird species! He's the best! Also love those bright and dark flowers. You have a magical mouse related to your magic pens and paint brushes. Nice neutral and stylish background to show off these great subjects. Catapillar wants to be new bird's first and best friend. Can't wait to meet birdies family.

  12. Hi Sheila! I love your adorable and creative work of art! And I love the story behind it just as much!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend! HUGS!!!

  13. You are so clever drawing with a mouse Sheila - I just cant do it and only just manage with pen and tablet :) I very much like your Mackintosh-esque flowers but the bird was my favourite and he made me smile - I rather think he is a green bird wearing a sleeveless blue jumper and hoodie with faux Mohawk hair :)
    Have a great weekend...
    Gill xx

  14. I'm always impressed with your digital art, but this mouse drawing is even more incredible. It is SO Orange Esmeralda, too.

    I like your color choices, and look forward to seeing that new bird and his family again, soon. It was a super way for you to honor Rosie's circles, too.

    Sorry I'm late visiting. My internet let me down, but I'm back now.

  15. Welcome you new awesome bird, I love you! Nice to see the whole family in the future, too.
    Your colourful mouse drawing is great, Sheila.
    Happy weekend xx

  16. I cannot believe that the new bird is interested in the flowers ... I think it is more interested in the caterpillar - in reality. But not to frighten the caterpillar the bird looks like it is interested in the flowers.
    I shall go now and search my "Paint" on the computer and do such fabulous drawings too - do you think I am able? No, I am not!
    Happy weekend, Rike x

  17. I more than like this! I love your little bird!I do hope your little caterpillar isn't thinking of munching holes in the flowers! Chrisx

  18. Oh, I also like that bird! And hopefully we'll see also his family!

    Mouse drawing is fun, you never know, where the lines are going. I have no separate mouse, I draw with a touch pad mouse on my lap top. been doing that for so many years, that I believe I wouldn't cope with another kind of mouse.

  19. Always new and fascinating critters in your gardens and near your flowers. What will show up next. Wonderful, wonky circle goodies. xox

  20. Your art is pure Orange Esmeralda, that's what I love so much, your special world of fantastic creatures, this one eyed bird really makes me smile I'd love to see him again and meet his family! I love the background and the colourful art standing out so well against it, always so cleverly done!

  21. some how the short legs of the caterpillar next to the long legged bird made me giggle.

  22. I quite like that bird, as well as that wee caterpillar! Fab flowers, too, and your background gives the whole piece depth.

  23. I like the new bird. Good idea to give him long legs allowing him to look closely at the flowers. Hope he is so far from the ground he misses seeing the caterpillar ( lunch )
    Another good story

  24. So beautiful roses! And the bird is also great, just around the small caterpillar I'm a bit worried. What if the bird gets hungry?

  25. These roses have such a wonderful pot/vase - love the dots. dotted Patterns always make me feel good, there is a playful lightness about them. and your bird Looks so friendly - i´m sure i will like his Family, too:)
    have a nice Weekend, sheila - xox

  26. Hi Sheila, your whimsical digital drawing/painting is fantastic! As always I love the story that goes with it :) I hope you are doing well, xx

  27. In loooove with your new bird...I think he is a lucky one, because of his long legs he can see everything, even in the distance...ok he can fly, but hey sometimes one is lazy ♥ Conny

  28. I slipped in and out of here a few weeks ago and didn't remember if I commented but I do remember loving the colour and whimsy of the flowers and the long legged bird! Always such a fun visit. Enjoying catching up here!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  29. My favourite is the first picture of the flowers in the vase. It would make a brilliant card or one of a set of cards


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