Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Hazel at "Art Journal Journey" is asking us to create art on the theme "Magical Mystery Tour" which regular visitors will know is right up my street.

We occasionally go on Mystery Tour outings, the mystery being "Will the bus come?".  We have a bus stop near our home, and the bus comes once an hour.
Scotland allows travellers from the age of 60 to travel free on buses all over Scotland, so the 9.30 a.m. bus is often like a noisy morning cocktail party with happy older passengers setting out for the day and chatting to their friends while any younger paying passengers look down at their smart phones.

We start with Holly Apple waiting at the bus stop.

Is the mad chicken waiting for the bus too?  Or is he just out for a walk?  It's a mystery.
The flower looks as if it is running late. 

The caterpillar is an old favourite.  He is just passing by on a mission of his own.

Finally adding the landscape brings the picture to life.



  1. good that "holly apple" (giggling) has wheels in case caterpillar Comes too Close;) or must the caterpillar himself be Aware of the chicken?? hahaha, what a fun bus stop!
    Seniors of 60+ are allowed to use busses for free in scotland?? in a few weeks i will think about a removal... ;)
    have a great easter time, sheila ♥♥♥

  2. I sure hope the bus is on time or else all the those passengers will have their party right at the bus stop. :) I think they all look like they are going out on some kind of fun magical mystery tour for the day, even if it is something rather mundane like grocery shopping. But they sure make even that look like a lot of fun. have a great day Sheila. hugs-Erika

  3. Hi stranger! What a fun page, and lucky you getting bus passes, that's great, nothing like that here! Have a nice day, Valerie

  4. Rule of Life = All Buses are Late. Poor old Holly Apple !! Love the colour schemes. Th caterpillar is superb. Love it, Awesome !!

  5. I love this picture and your story, Sheila.
    I can hear them chattering at the bus stop.
    The crazy chicken is waiting for the bus as well
    I think. Just have a look at his feed... He knows
    the bus will come late and prepares for standing
    there for a long time. The flower coming up from above is
    looking for the timetable?

  6. So glad to be back visiting. I'm having my own party, since I adore your art.

    It gives me hope that one day I'll make it to Scotland, especially AFTER I'm 60. After all, I AM the Queen of Free.

    Waiting at the bus stop can be a joy in itself. Such colorful friends show up and share their news and gossip. If the bus is on time, all the better. If not, the waiting only means chatting with colorful friends.

    LOVE IT!!

  7. Ok, am I too literal? Adorable and unique Ms. Holly Apple is mistakenly at the Flower Stop rather than at the Bus Stop? Will she notice in time to race to catch her bus? Or will she just stay and admire the flower that has come racing in? I'm sure in either case pleasantries will be had by all. Most important is that you catch your bus and enjoy your free ride. It's so crazy how the young people have their entire existence wrapped up neatly in an electronic device(s). Each of your critters is a delight! I especially want to befriend the chicken. He looks a tad wide-eyed of all this happy action.

  8. Travel for free, that is wonderful and what fun too. Great artwork to boot.

    1. Came by to see if you had a new post and what else you've been drawing.

  9. That is super with the free bustickets for people over 60! Great!
    I adore this scene at the flower bus stop! AMAZING! I like all the critters and the fine outline looks fabulous here! A lovely piece and I am really happy to see you at AJJ again dear Sheila! I am absolutely busy this week, that's the cause for my late visiting! My daughter forces me to extensive cycling tours this week as they have Easter Holidays - I feel totally used!
    Happy Easter!
    oxo Susi

  10. It is a magical page and I loved reading the post and your story. The little creatures are adorable.
    Yvonne xx

  11. Haha your art and story always made me giggle when discover!! A big hug to you dear Sheila and I love your lil funny grovies at the bus stop...They are all so freakin fabulous, I guess how the bus will look like, haha ♥ Conny

  12. The outcome is adorable.
    I truly like your caterpillar and chicken.
    Well actually I like all the details.
    Quite playful and light.

  13. Oh, what an adventure! I love this! Everyday is a new possibility to experience something new.
    And I loved to hear, that people over 60 can travel free by bus, that's great!

  14. WOW.. as always a delight to look en read your small adventures!
    Love it! Groetjes Karin

  15. What a wonderful mystery tour, I love seeing and I'm always amazed how you build a page and add your background at the end :-) . Holly Apple has met so many wonderful friends and she hasn't even caught her bus yet ... lol! I adore the flower stop and the story - I'm sure I'll be back for another look as this is the perfect pick me up to make me smile :-) . Happy Thursday and wishing you a lovely Easter weekend dear Sheila! J :-)

  16. I always smile when I look at your fantasy creations - you have the craziest ideas! A holly apple on wheels, a flower-stop ... all so funny here! I am also happy to meet the millipedes or caterpillar again, always a nice reunion.

  17. Well I would surely rather hang out at this bus stop and I bet the conversations would be more interesting too! Cute chicken. xox

  18. Thanks for vision of a nice bus stop. Hope my metro stop will be as cozy....;)
    Have a wonderful Easter time ❤

  19. I can only but smile away here, enjoying the fun and spontaneity of this so much! I'd love to be waiting amongst this happy crew at flower bus stop, I wonder where they all went off to when that bus finally did arrive? I love the fun and imagination here as always, such a happy place to visit!

  20. I love your page, it's lots of fun, I hope they didn't have to wait too long for the bus and I hope they went somewhere nice.
    xxx Hazel.

  21. A fun story Sheila. You are so ingenious! Your drawings and characters are so adorable... I especially love the mad chicken. A happy scene as always!

  22. Wonderful Sheila! The bus stop I would like to see, very interesting! Thanks for the good entertainment.

  23. This is such a fun piece Sheila, and I loved seeing how it progressed. You've woven a delightful little story and, again, your colour choices are perfect :D)

  24. How amusing to follow your Magical Mystery Tour! While waiting for the bus the holly apple on wheels(!) meets many magical creatures ... like the flower curling down from heaven, the walking (I think so) mad chicken with the blue feather-crown, the caterpillar on his own way, and the three pink flying easter-bunnies (they could not be others)! More flowers and the magical landscape make the scene complete. I like the "FLOWER STOP"!
    Wish you a lovely Easter Sunday!
    Rike xx

  25. Who wouldn't love a Magical Mystery the song too!!Your characters are adorable and fun! What a wild and wonderful imagination you have! I was fascinated to know your buses are free to those over 60! Very nice!! I really enjoyed the plethora of colour and action in your scene!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  26. What a great benefit for those over 60. Your description is very descriptive ;-)
    The caterpillar doing his own thing made me giggle.
    Fun seeing how your Magical Mystery Bus Stop materialized...hope that Holly Apple got to take her ride.

  27. What a fabulous Magical Mystery Tour! I love how the story builds up as your painting comes to life. Or perhaps it's the other way around? Jx

  28. This is lovely, Mrs E, and I know the very flower stop in the legend! The caterpillar is an old friend, but the holly apple is new, what a novel combination! Are the square creatures on the left floral or air bourne? The imagination floats free . . . Hugs!

  29. Hello Sheila
    Sounds like you have a fantastic start to your day on the happy, chatty bus, the flower stop sounds lovely and looks like it could be in an english country lane


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