Wednesday, 15 February 2017


I was painting some Fantasy Flowers for an exhibition and had some pretty colours left over so I painted a messy page to use them up.  Splish splosh.

Fortuitously, the next day, "Try it on Tuesday" asked us to "Get messy".

I sometimes say "the pens did it" but in this case the paints certainly did it.
I didn't notice the rabbit or sheep until the paper had dried and it only need a few strokes of the white, blue and pink pens to highlight them.

* * * * * * *

Here are three more pages from the inchie book I showed in the previous post.  Each page is an inch square. 

This is one of Douglas's favourite pages.
Douglas likes flowers.

Some jewellery advice from Douglas.
Douglas knows about these things.

The Castle and the aeroplane.

Happy painting!


  1. The porcupine, seahorse and winged pig in the back are darn jealous of the rabbit and the sheep. Someone obviously left the gate open and there are some delightfully painted creatures now roaming about freely. Your art supplies are so magical. Douglas is very much a trendsetter. He too is gifted. These continuing tiny pages in your book are wonderful creative inchie art pages. You have such a great talent for tiny art. The mix of instructional pages with artsy pages is a fun contrast. I just want to reach into my iPad screen to get at that little book and hold it in m hands. I'll need to check my jewelry box now to learn if I am fashionable enough these days. Thank you, Douglas, for the insider scoop! :-)

  2. Lovely little paintings, Sheila, I'm pleased your keeping yourself busy! Great to see that a sheep and a pigged dropped in, that was kind of them. Have a lovely day, we've actually got sunshine today, woohoo! Hugs, Valerie

  3. What a fantastic pull art ... I would never have the imagination to see something in dried colour ! Looks super dear Sheila and your lovely inchie book is going to be a little gem in the end...such nice paintings!
    Happy rest of the week!
    Thank you for joining us at Try It On Tueday! This is much appreciated!♥♥♥
    oxo Susi

  4. These new pages are also so cute, Sheila. Your mini book is full of amazing paintings.
    Thank you for joining us at Try It On Tuesday with your lovely art, your page is fabulous!
    Mar xx

  5. Mir gefällt dein Stil sehr !
    Lebe Grüße

  6. Really like the page with used up paint and how on earth did a sheep and a rabbit find their way in. Your little book is super. The queen of miniature. Looking forward to seeing it close up.

  7. Its a fabulous journal page, I think you had fun with colours for this piece, love the little cute animals that popped off the page. Thank you for joining us and getting 'Messy' at TioT's.
    The little inchie book and paintings is wonderful.
    Yvonne xx

  8. That little book is so cool. I love seeing more pages in it Sheila. I looks like those paints did get a little messy, but it works perfect for TIOT. And I bet you had getting messy too. Hugs-erika

  9. Annie is right. I thought it was a rooster, but it's actually a sea horse, now that I looked at it. And I see a human face hiding in the tree, too. This is a wonderful and eclectic work, which speaks to your imagination.

    Douglas knows how to present that little book, doesn't he? Both he and the darling book are simply adorable. Thanks for sharing both your painted art and your darling little book with us. They both made me smile.

  10. The sheep is absolutely gorgeous ! Messy definitely works. Douglas doing a great job. Love it, Awesome !!

  11. Douglas <3

    That's the best flow when pens or paints lead the way and you just follow on wonder what's happening!

    Get messy, I like that!

  12. Always love to see your makes and the Get Messy for TIOT is great. Thank you for joining us

    Love Chrissie xx

  13. A perfect utilization of your leftover watercolors, it's a wonderful picture, in which you have even discovered 2 animals! How funny!
    I've always wanted to try such a random painting ...
    ... and Douglas does'nt want to leave the little book out of his paws anymore! It fits exactly to his body size!

  14. It' amazing how your rabbit and sheep came out of the splish splosh paints! I too like such painting very much.
    I love Douglas - as he shows us proudly - with his charming smile - the green flower family and the white jewellery! And there comes the aeroplane - yes, awaited - and I wonder that a castle founded place on this small one-inch-page!
    Wonderful paintings all over!
    Love Rike

  15. Love the flower and sheep :) And the little book pages are fantastic! It's amazing that they are such little mini pieces of art. Take care, Shirleyxx

  16. Fabulous art Sheila - there was quite a menagerie lurking in your painting including a Hippo, giant porcupine and some birds.
    Nice to see more of your inchie pages - but I think Douglas may have his eye on this book
    for his own library collection.
    Hope you've had a good week... Gill xx

  17. so fun that your splish splosh turned into something for a challenge. And of course you found animals in the details. So fun.

    Loved seeing more paintings from your teeny tiny book.

  18. Well isn't that a beautiful mess you made!! Adorable sheep and rabbit involved too!! Thank Douglas for holding the book so steady it's fun to see all the tiny pages!! Gorgeous rich colours on the messy tree too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. Glad to see you and Douglas are keeping busy :-). It is very fortuitous that you had paint left over otherwise we would not have seen the joy and splendour of your wonderful painitng - I love how the colours have blended together and your marvellous sheep- beautiful! Your inchie book is perfect and it looks like Douglas is having so much fun holding the pages for you :-). Wishing you the happiest of weekends! J :-)

  20. it is incredible how the animals appeared in this Piece - and that you saw them! Mimesis in perfection:) and i can understand why douglas doesn´t give this Little book out of his Hands... so precious!
    have a beautiful Weekend, sheila! xox

  21. I love the spontaneity of your pieces, Sheila, and the rabbit & sheep are just fab. Awesome colours too!
    Did you decide to rejoin Wanderlust? I haven't quite got into it yet, although i have enjoyed the sessions I've done. Jx

  22. Wonderful what your colours did with a little help of your hands!

  23. Hello Sheila - that's a wonderful piece of magical painting you did. Isn't it marvellous when things like that happen!! I once found a white fox face peeking out from one of mine, and your beautiful discovery brought back that memory.
    It's lovely to see the inchie book being revealed - Douglas does a superb job and has such good taste. He has a kind face and gives such good advice :D)
    Cheerio until next time!

  24. Sweet friends emerging in your small painting, I see some other animals in the background too and part of a face in the trees. Always so much going on in your little splishes and splats. xox

  25. Sheila, your art is just amazing! Everything is gorgeous, and your header is stunning! You have amazing talent.

  26. Hi Sheila! Your post was so wonderful and happy! I loved reading it and seeing your lovely works of art! And I also love how Douglas picked out his favorite painting and gave jewelry advice!!! He's amazing, too! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog. HUGS!!!

  27. Hello Sheila i love Douglas and love his beads, the little inchies are stunning

  28. Oh that painting feels mysterious filled with interesting creatures lurking in the shadows, it feels loose and I particularly love the bright blue sky and blue that light the painting up, the colours melting and dancing so beautifully together, such grace! Douglas is a favourite, such a cutie, he looks so happy with that little book, the perfect size for him to admire all your little works, so much fun!


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