Saturday, 4 February 2017


You know how normally you are making art and you are enjoying it and then other times you are so obsessed with what you are making that you want to make it all the time till it is finished, no matter what other tasks are calling your name?

This is what happened when my Real-life friend J. made me a handmade book with forty-two pages, each page measuring an inch square.  I couldn't stop painting until it was finished.

The opening pages - Welcome.

This was the first page painted.  I was pretty excited by the book right from the start.

The whole book could have been on a single theme but there were too many ideas clamouring for attention.

A little bird is having a lie-down.

Many of the pages would not lie flat for photographing, so Douglas volunteered to help.

This was the first painted two-page spread.

On individual pages the two opposing pages were co-ordinated.  There's a little piece of washi tape here.

A strange land. 

I had the most amazing fun with this little book.
I'll show you more pages another time.

When I was at art college they were always trying to "persuade" us to make large pieces, but I always ended up with small art.
Do you have a kind of art you always go back to, even if you experiment and try new things?


Tammie Lee said...

this is super charming
and super tiny
i love that it stole your heart and imagination from the start
so wonderful that you filled it's pages to the brim
with your adorable and fun art!
lovely weekend to you Sheila.

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Hi, Sheila! I love your little painted book. Your style is so free, unique and colorful! I've always admired it. Hope all is well.

sirkkis said...

Hello, Sheila!
What really, really wonderful book project. I envy your skills to draw and paint small pictures. I always start to do too large.
Thank you for sharing this tiny magical book. Can't wait seeing more.
Have a lovely weekend ♥

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my gosh! A little gem! Just lovely is your little booklet!
Oh yes--- I understand that - I end up with Art Journaling most of my time, even though I want to do something!
Happy weekend dear Sheila!
oxo Susi

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous way to work in a gifted book. It was good of Douglas to offer his help, too.

I am a BIG girl. I don't do well with small, because I grip pens, paintbrushes, and stamps too tightly when they are small. Since collage is my favorite style, it's hard to find images I like that are tiny.

I certainly admire your teeny, tiny book and your unique art in this book. It shows you can work in any size and any medium.

~*~Patty S said...

What a delight and wonderful gift from your friend Sheila!
Inchie size is very petite.
Your "...too many ideas clamouring for attention..." really makes me smile.
Seems I always end up playing in art journals and this has been going on for longer than I think I'm sure hah!
What a treasure your wee book is ♥♥♥
There was a time when I really enjoyed doing tiny one inch collages.
Looking forward to a further peek into your pages.

Corrine at said...

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing some of the pages. Great gift and now you will have to keep making them it's just your size. I adore the little bird having a lay down. xox

Annie said...

Yikes! So tiny, so amazing! I can never get over how you can paint an entire story within a one inch space! I love how the book can sit there all fanned out. You can pass by and turn it just a bit for a view of the next pages whenever you want. Look what a large book that is for Douglas! He must love reading it. I'll bet it's his new favorite. Each page is divine! Can't wait to see more.

Beo said...

What a wonderful book, Sheila!
You know that I admire your abilitiy to paint on this little pieces and that in a way that this pictures tell their own stories! I can't imagine how one can write that small...
Thanks to Douglas for helping!
I think I love the blue rain most but next time I'll have a look at this another picture could be my favourite as well. Are you going to show us the cover of you wonder-book?

My name is Erika. said...

How cool Sheila! I think this the best little book. Its fun, playful and colorful-all packed into these little pages. I can tell you had a blast making it. Luckily you had 42 pages to play...and we have 42 (well more or less) pages to enjoy. :) Hugs-Erika

The Happy Whisk said...

I love, love, love this. It's so much fun and really, I'm blown away by it. Wonderful job.

Right now I'm taking a lot of black and white photos. I'm enjoying that a great deal.

SusuPetal said...

OMG what a charming little book, no wonder you got inspired! I just love the tiny pages and admire your hand to create such small art.
And my respect to Douglas who helps you so much!

I'd like to go back to large canvases, but the lack of storing space tells me not to...

limmelon said...

Love it. You certainly have a unique style which comes across in both large and small sizes. The J book is gorgeous and you've filled it with exceptional talent. Hooray for Douglas. Love it, Awesome !!

ULKAU said...

This is soooo cute, your little book, filled with so nice pictures!
I've noticed for a long time that you've got a taste for little things ... What does your therapist say? (This is a joke!)
I think it is a special feeling to paint mini-small - maybe I try it once.
I like the dancing girls swinging their legs ... and the little bird as it lies on his back ... the little purple worms under the earth in strangeland - you have wonderful ideas!
To your last question: I like the postcard format very much, maybe because I am a MailArt fan ...
Love Ulrike

Rike said...

Yes, I have a kind of art I always go back to - it is to paint with gouache. And I like small art too. But this tiny inchie-book is the most gorgeous artbook I have ever seen!
I love the Welcome-Lady with her hands up - she shows us her joy of filling the first page! Each page is very special - blue rain - cute little bird watching clouds (fantastic idea)- helpful Douglas with his favorites: the flowers - lovely dancing girls - even a little washi-tape found place there - smiling trees in strange land ... a whole world of magic!
Love Rike

Gibby Frogett said...

I had a look at your lovely photos before reading your post Sheila and
at first I thought it was Douglas that had taken up painting until I read
that he was just kindly helping out while you took the photos.
What a great treasure you have created - I love the dancers especially.
Looking forward to seeing more pages.
I am in awe of how you have so much detail in such a small space.
Having only really discovered in 2015 that beside crafty stuff that I am interested in art too - I am still in the stage of experimenting and trying out different brands of paints/pastels and paper surfaces etc - but I think I've made the mistake of buying big books to fill and should have started with smaller ones. I seem to want to quirky/whimsical faces at present mainly.
Gill xx

johanna said...

OH MY GOD!! i´m Scrolling up and down over and over... this is one of the cutest things i´ve seen in a Long time!! i adore every single page here! i can fully understand you had so much fun and couldn´t stop. good for us!
i´m also drawn to not-too-big formats (speaking of paper art), one of my favorites still is the 4x4 Inch square. i should get my a** high (sorry;)) and make some again... but can´t let my fingers away from Cloth at the time being...
i will Bookmark this post and come back any time when i Need some uplifting of mood;)
have a great week! xox

Evergreen Mo said...

This little book looks great, super pressy. The dancing girls with their legs all askew is my favourite. I would think if I was working in a A5 book that it was really really small so hats off to you for managing to make lovely pages in inches.

Karin said...

wow love this little book!
Groetjes Karin

Suman Pandit said...

WOW...the wonderful wonderful world of Sheila !! so many amazing details in such a tiny space, I love the bird laying down and watching a cloud...give a hug to Douglas from me :)

Let's Art Journal said...

Oh, your little book is adorable and filled with lovely art pages! What a lovely gift from your friend! I can't believe you are able to draw such detail on an inch sqaure of paper, there is so much imagination and creativity in each piece. Douglas is so sweet and seems very happy to keep the pages open for you :-). Can't wait to see more! Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend! J :-)

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

A very cute little book!

Giggles said...

I LOVE it!! So adorable...I could see children loving this little book. I am amazed at the small art I tried some but it's nothing like yours! What a wonderful gift, a lovely supportive friend too! Be a flower...all the pages are so unique and fun!! Love what a good helper Douglas is too!

Hugs Giggles

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your miniature hand painted book is darling! The pages are a testimonial to the love and joy you put into them. Blessings, my friend!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

I adore your mini art book. Well I always adore your art as it's so whimsical and tells us a story. Take good care, Hugs xx

Sue (this n that) said...

Hello! I came to you from Giggles' blog. Your posts are so sweet. I love your little art book and agree, small is delightful. Such a beautiful creation. Cheers now :D)

kat said...

Wow I really adore this little book of beautiful art, I'm smiling and enjoying this so much. A real treasure and teddy so kindly keeping the pages open for us to admire! This reminds me of that little book we still have that you offered Lulu, we had so much fun with it and filled it all with colour and lines, I loved it even more than her I think. It is wonderful to art on a small format like this, things just turn out differently and I love the simplicity the pages call for too when they are so small. I can see you had a super time, you have me wanting to do the same!

Annette P. said...

What a treasure! I do love that small book with your adorable paintings! Just wonderful!
Hugs, Annette

Margik said...

Wow, Sheila your little book is really lovely! An inch square? This is a treasure soooooooooo cute.
Douglas looks so proud!!!
Mar x

Jackie said...

Oh wow, your little paintings are stunning. What a fabulous little story book; just the right size for Douglas. :-)

janie said...

Your little miniature book is exquisite, I especially like the two page dancers

Sharon Fritchman said...

Your tiny little book is absolutely amazing!!! I love the story it tells, the beautiful works of art it holds, and how Douglas was able to help you in photographing it! So cool!!!!