Monday, 2 January 2017


In a previous post I posed the question "Where do ideas come from?".

Erika is hosting the challenge blog "Art Journal Journey" this month with the theme "Tell me a story", and the first port of call was my sketchbooks which sometimes have strange drawings in them.

I found this sweet lady standing happily in the middle of a page.

With a green face?

The rest of the story just about made itself (with the help of my magic pens).

This is her transport, landed on a convenient rock.

I've no idea who this is, he just sort of appeared.
Is he a friend?

But where did these large flowers come from?
Has the alien landed on earth .......or is this her own planet?

Who (or what) is on the approaching airship?
What is the significance of the yellow circles?

Any ideas?

The painting was made with watercolours and watercolour pens and no alien photo-editing trickery was involved.


  1. Wonderful Sheila, and she evidently lives on Planet LP - short for lavender pink. You can see the planet with the naked eye on June 33rd every year. Thanks for joining us at AJJ with your fun story, hugs, Valerie

  2. I agree with Valerie, she surely lives on Planet LP , she seems ready to go shopping with her purse in fun !!

  3. I am constantly amazed at how your mind works. You make creativity look easy, but I know it isn't. You have a way with magical art and aliens, too. It's not much of a leap when it comes from your mind, but others like me would have trouble seeing past the initial image. You ROCK!

    Happy 2017, dear Sheila.

  4. You rock! Yes - ELizabeth is right!
    I love your painting... especially the giant flowers..
    She is a green faced Alice in Wonderland in my mind!
    Thank you for your story on paper for Art Journal Journey!
    So glad to have you with us again!
    oxo Susi

  5. Oh I knew you'd be great for this theme at art journal journey, super fun! It's buzzing with life and supernatural powers. It looks like a sun filled land with all those bright yellow sunshines (as I imagine them) and that alien space ship is filled with frozen Winter warriors ready to freeze the land for Winter!

  6. Superb sketches. Maybe it's the king of blog land to award you a top blogging prize. Love it, awesome!!

  7. This is a fabulous page, love all the little figures and images you painted.
    I think the space ship is escaping with a whole load of humans aboard, they obviously had no sense of humour.
    Yvonne xx

  8. what a delightful and creative post and art. Happy New year!

  9. I think this is another planet, a place where everyone is happy and playing. That cute little girl is an alien, waiting for the alien "bus" shuttle to take her downtown. This is a fun page Sheila. I look forward to seeing the next installment of what this little girl is up to. Hugs-Erika

  10. I think this yellow circles are honey-balls which are loved by this little lady with the green face. She has dreamed of it for years
    and this friendly alien who has watched her (for years) from his planet brought them to her - hoping she will appreciate them and him
    as well. Which means: He is a friend. The large flowers are there because every place Orange Esmeralda is showing us (and I'm happy
    she does) has wonderful flowers.
    I see a little being with big feed and green hair as well and think he is a friend of the alien - who was afraid to visit his beloved lady
    on a foreign planet just by himself.
    But I have no idea what is in/at the approching airship….

  11. You do know how to have fun when you create with your magical whimsical creatures and places.
    They (news people) said recently how many new planets were discovered in 2016...the number was so astounding it left me reeling!!!
    I only know it is a crazy large number that my little brain can't begin to wrap it's mind around.
    Happy New Year to you my playful and creative friend...very glad we're on the same planet oxoxo

  12. I should not have read any of the other comments! They are influencing me! I agree that they are all such fun interpretations. I do know the yellow circles are coins in disguise. When you step on them they change into riches. Nobody seems to know that but me though. And if you don't step on them within a certain time, they float away. On this planet is a lack of trees...therefore there are giant flowers. Everybody knows that. Your characters are always unique and awesome and always up to something. Your art keeps my imagination alive and well in the U.S.A. I've been trying to get a ticket to board that transport. They are booked so far in advance. Beam me up Scotty.

  13. That was great fun to read and look at. And what fun her green face and pink skirt. Very well done. Wonderful to see your art.

  14. let me spend a day in your land of Fantasy... it is such an incredibly joyable scenery. a purple sun on a Kind-of-skateboard? oh, i could my Imagination run wild on this Piece...
    sheila, i´m looking Forward to another year of seeing your wonderful art, which always puts me into such a good mood! thanks for that!
    happy and healthy 2017, may it bring the best! xox

  15. This is a charming return for me to your Blogland Sheila! Happy 2017! I just love your lady with the green face, her house, her friend and the approaching alien craft. I think that she lives in a distant wonderland where plants grow to huge sizes and animals talk. The four legged animal with the green face too on the bicycle-like craft IS a friend, the approaching alien I don't know whether it is friend or foe! Your gift to me is an entry to the realm of fantasy - thanks! Hugs!

  16. It's so funny how your magic pens created a complete story! I think this lady is standing at a bus-stop - I see this cause of the two flowers and the resting-house in the background - and is waiting for the arriving airship-taxi to bring her into a big shopping-center. The guy on the wheels is her companion to transport the things she will buy. The little dog comes with her just for fun. And the yellow dots? ... it's a secret of the magic pens!
    I wish you a Happy New Year, and I am looking forward to all your new ideas!

  17. In your pictures you always tell a story, dear Sheila! I always have fun watching your funny actors, so the alien is really a crazy idea, but his spaceship looks great too! ... he probably brought a red dog from his far planet ...
    I myself would never think of painting an alien ...
    Best wishes for the new year - Ulrike

  18. What a brilliant start to the New Year... I love LOVE this Sheila... I think your fab airship is a 'blog bus' and will come and collect anyone that would like to live on the wonderful world you have created. This really made me smile :)
    Happy New Year Sheila.... Gill x

  19. Your art makes me smile, I love the fun and whimsy you create :-). The flowers are magnificent, I like to think that the yellow circles form a forcefield to protect your beautiful planet. Thanks for igniting my imagination and wishing you a great week! J :-)

  20. Fantastic story in whimsy watercoloured art. You made me smile :) Still smiling :) Happy New Year ! Wishing you all the best in 2017 xx

  21. Your illustrated stories are always so marvellous! It's incredible how your phantasy works :) I always feel like a happy child while watching your artwork as it's really exciting what's going on there on your blog! A Happy New Year to you!

  22. A very special story, Sheila! I love your art so cheerful and fun! The alien transports made me smile and the super flowers are amazing. Your magic pens can work wonders!
    Mar :)

  23. What a wonderful, exciting story, Sheila. I suppose that it's a new planet and it's becoming alive because the sun is coming there (the yellow spots),and plants begin to grow. And he is an original habitant and is friendly to her and other in the helicopter :))
    Thank you for a great start to the new year with this magic way, my friend!
    Wishng you Sheila all the best for this year 2017,
    Love, Sirkka

  24. I love how you started by finding your lady in the middle of the page and then just let things happen, not even knowing for sure what the story is. My stories almost always come after the art. Once in a while I can not figure out the story. If I pay attention for days or weeks after a message usually comes to me.

    It is a dear piece with fun details and a mystery about it, maybe because you were uncertain about the story. Fun.

  25. Happy New Year, Sheila!
    Sorry I've been AWOL for a while - life has been rather hectic in the last couple of months...
    Hope you had a good Christmas.
    I love your little characters. Perhaps the airship is coming to bring them new year greetings! Jx

  26. Nice creative story with fun art to go with it!

  27. Well well if this post didn't give me a few chuckles as the princess...she IS a princess was bumping into a new friend. That for sure is a princess vehicle...isn't it? Such a fun page. I think ideas randomly fly in and if we don't catch them when they move onto someone else. Once heard a famous musician say that!! Always a fun place to visit with happy colourful ideas!! Happy New year filled with good health and loads of new ideas!

    Hugs Giggles

  28. OH Sheila this was so much fun! I love this story - maybe the yellow circles are suns or moons on her planet?? And some swirl around in the sky while other swirl around by her feet. Ha! Love the art work. Happy New Year!

  29. What was in your mince pies over the holiday. This so full of fun what a story. Great art work and imagination to start 2017. Such a happy and colourful place for your green faced girl.

  30. As always ... just wonderful and very imaginative! I love it!

  31. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how grateful I am for your visits. Your comments are always from the heart and not canned or repetitive. They often make me laugh, too, because you have a wonderfully different way of seeing things. Again, thanks for your wonderful comments left the past few days.


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