Friday, 9 December 2016


Have you ever made a painting, realised it was no good but then spent the next five days (on and off) trying to rescue it?


Because it was a good idea, and I am always hopeful.
Because I was trying to make something for Valerie's theme "Light and Darkness" at "Art Journal Journey".

Don't worry, you won't have to look at it, it's now safely gone.

I went back to the comfort zone, searched through my sketchbooks, played with Photoshop and created two other pieces for "Art Journal Journey" instead.

* * * * *

This was a sweet little painted text flower which I attached to a watercolour painting.

I polished it and polished it until it turned into .....

The Blue Jewelled Flower

Next to the rescue were these pages from my sketchbook.

I kaleidoscoped the left page, cropped it

and played with it until I found .....

"Lights in the Blue Dark"

* * * * *

Finally, I've been working on some sampling for a textile exhibition next year.  
This is a little piece with hand-dyed cottons, appliquéd and free-machined.

I quite like it, it's rather jolly.

What do you do when you've worked on something for far too long, and it's still not working out?


Valerie-Jael said...

It depends, sometimes I put it away for another time, but mostly I say some wicked words *#*&%*# and throw it into the garbage. Your lights in the blue dark are very pretty, and are my fave today, although the other pieces are also great. Thanks for joining us at AJJ and have a nice evening, hugs, Valerie

sirkkis said...

You made amazing magics with your sketches and originals. I like all of them but the blue jewelry flower is the first one on my ranking list. It is just lovely, Sheila.
Have a Happy weekend ❤❤

The Happy Whisk said...

Kinda when I write formulas like today, I made a new batch of pizzelles along with my maple-vanilla. But the buckwheat one wasn't setting up right. I added a wee flour to adjust and it worked but ... anymore than that and I ditch it because if I have to add too much product to save a bake that just doesn't have the science right, then I'm wasting more product and money.

If any of that makes sense, I dunno.

PS: Blog is back up and running!

Evergreen Mo said...

The blue flower looks as if it is incased in a frosty block. How clever to get that effect. It is like magic the change of colour and shapes you achieve from sketchbook to finished work.

Annie said...

Your playtime with your sketch books and photoshop are always incredible! Texty flower can go from casual sweetness to elegant glamour. I love that. Then light and dark is just a magical switch...casual to intense. Pretty neato. My favorite is your textile sampling. That's a pretty little path that I wouldn't be able to resist walking along.

My fails are thoroughly admonished then followed up with a ceremonious dumping into the trash bin. Later I pull them out and let them sit while I think about what they have done and what they maybe could do. Most fails are salvageable but a few turn out only to be worthy of decorating the trash bin.

Beo said...

Your blue jewelled flower is wonderful. So lovley,fresh and kind of "icy" and nevertheless hearwarming.
But the one before is as beautiful as her blue sister!
The orange lights in the blue dark are great!!
And to your question: I put them into a map "Übermalen". Mostly because I think "don't put that
expensive colour into the bin" But when I'm very angry it goes into the bin anyway!

Meggymay said...

Fantastic art pages, love the dark blue page.
I cannot throw things away, but I can set them aside with the hope they will be useful for something else.
Saying that, there are some that reach the bin with a few choice words following them about their lack of co-operation.
Yvonne xx

Margik said...

Love all your fantastic pieces and especially the pages from your sketchbook. The textile piece is so original!
In answer to your question, I keep it all in boxes or plastic bags in the hope that they will get another chance... sometimes they are lucky! hahaha.
Have a lovely weekend!
Mar :)

My name is Erika. said...

When I get into the salvage mode, it becomes obsessive. I keep trying to FIX it, but then I don't, and then I feel bad. Why? Because I wasted too much time on it or because I couldn't salvage it? But I love what you did show us today. The textile piece is a great combination of shape and color. Very clever. Happy weekend. ugs-Erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I usually overwork something to the point where it's no longer anything I can salvage. I don't like to give up, but, even more, I don't like to waste supplies. Your AJJ pieces came up fantastic. I like both of them, but I was especially in awe of your hand dyed fabric and textile sample. This is incredible. I look forward to seeing more samples, because they make me happy, too.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wow.. you made so many lovely things here! I start things - sometimes they turn not out like I wished and often I forget them instantly when they don't please me - find them again and reuse them -- the most important thing is just to have FUN I say to myself!
As more as we do ( that's always practicing) as better the results in my mind.
Your lights in the blue dark are fabulous and I am in love with the little piece of free machined and stitched piece - it's gorgeous!

Happy weekend and thanks so much for joining AJJ with such a blast for the eyes post Sheila!
hugs and love

johanna said...

the blue jewelled flower is such a beautiful result of playing with some filters, is suppose (i haven´t done much in this direction so far). it Looks so impressive, but i also liked the starting point.
i have me with your kaleidoscoping idea! maybe i will Play a bit with my real kaleidoscopes this Weekend if i find time. again the dark Version is more impressive than the light one.
and i love the way you created this fabric Piece. great effect with minimalistic pieces of Cloth.
about the things which don´t work out? often i just put them away and think i will get an idea later. mostly that does not happen LOL. then i throw it away. in case it is a page in a book, i will cover the page with gesso or glue down some other stuff on top of it (or just glue the pages together;))
have a nice Weekend, sheila:)

johanna said...

not "i have me" - but "you have me" with the kaleidoscope idea *g*

limmelon said...

Jolly is definitely right. Love your creative mix of painting and photoshop. Brilliant. The blue jewelled flower is terrific. Love it, Awesome!!

Krisha said...

WOW! I LOVE both your AJJ pages. Digital work amazes me!

Working in layers can some times be my redemption.........then other times my demise, and the work hits the trash can, with a lessen learned......and a few bad word....LOL!

Let's Art Journal said...

I'm like you I don't like to give up on a good idea, so if I don't like a page I usually leave it for a week or so (this stops me overworking it) then I revisit it when I get some inspiration and if I don't, white gesso is my best friend ... lol :-). So glad you found time to play, the pieces you have created are fabulous! I love your bejewelled blue flower, it's so very pretty :-). The kaleidoscope art work is so clever - the rich colours work wonderfully for the light and dark theme. As for the little piece you made from hand-dyed cotton then appliquéd and free-machined, it is very jolly indeed - gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend! J :-)

ULKAU said...

The bluedark image looks quite fantastic, it's hard to believe it was originally painted in very soft colors!
But I especially like your sewn picture - how funny, how you sewed the threads in the middle of the cuboid - I would love to see more of it!

Jackie said...

I think it's called hope, or perseverance! Only rarely does anything get thrown out, although something may be put away for a long time!!
Your 'Blue Jewelled Flower' looks wonderful and very wintry and I love how you transformed your journal page to make your magnificent 'Lights in the blue Dark.'
I always admire anyone who can sew - those appliqued threads are stunning and set the whole piece off. I look at them with amazement and wonder! How do you do that??!!

Gibby Frogett said...

My last AJJ piece I messed around with a bit as knew something wasn't right but not sure what and then (sort of) got to a happier place with it in the end. If it was unsalvageable I'd either put it aside for another day and see if it still seemed bad or see if anything could be used again.
The transformation into the blue jewelled flower was fabulous and I love the fabulous digital kaleidoscope effect on the other artwork too :)
It must have been a hard decision to throw out the piece you'd been working for several days :(
Have a great week... Gill xx oops nearly forgot to say - fab textile work too :)

Rike said...

Was there this little devil sitting on your shoulder (which I painted - on my blog), and told you, you are not able to do? Why not sending him into the desert?
But your digital artworks instead are really stunning!
And your textile piece is outstanding!
Have a lovely week!

kat said...

Oh that stitching piece does look like it's flying and dancing, it has a life of its own, full of bright spirit, super!
I love the blue jewelled flower, it's got a crystal quality, you did very well with your light and dark pieces in the end.
Good job you just packed it in when it wasn't working out, some pieces are like that, just wanting to play and not be turned out into show art, I say have fun with them then let them go!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Sheila, I love your jewelled blue flower! (and before the photo editing as well). The kaleidoscope is amazing! and the textile art is very beautiful. I hate to give up on any kind of backgrounds, cards or paintings and will spend a lot of time trying to make things work as well. But occasionally into the recycle bin it goes :( I have to tell myself that it wasn't a waste of time but a 'learning' ... right? Take good care, enjoy the season, Shirleyxx

Tammie Lee said...

All your pieces are sweet. I enjoy seeing a piece you do and then you take it to PS and create something new and fun. I have never done that.

Gosh, I don't know what i do when something does not thrill me or does not feel complete. I think I give it time until a new idea comes to me.

Your stitching piece caught my eye, really nice.

Giggles said...

Oh my goodness... these are all fabulous... I love the whimsy of even that fabric fact some of those patterns would make amazing fabric don't you think? I just love your finished pieces! They are gorgeous! I have ruined so many pieces of art by overdoing them, or being too contrived with them. Sometimes I recoup bits other times I gesso over them, and then other times I use them for digital works... I even change colours by hand on some...if I stare at it long enough something new needs to be expressed.. This is a great of all...This compilation of work could be recognized as your own individual style... So wonderfully unique!!

Hugs Giggles

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Sheila! I love how you "rescued" things from your sketch book and created cool works of art with photoshop! So creative!!! And I also love your fabric. That is amazing!!!!!

Little Artbee said...

Wonderful little artworks you have created, I like your choice of colors,very nice.
Dear Greetings and have a Merry Christmas.

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

All are just beautiful! Especially I like the littel text flower and her sister "the blue jewelled flower"!
Hugs, Annette