Monday, 14 November 2016


Where do ideas come from?
Are they wandering about looking for an artist?

I've often had this feeling that an idea is in the air and anyone can catch it first.



And then there is the floating sequins idea.

I had finished a collage for Susi's theme of "Collage with no faces, no wings and no leaves" at "Art Journal Journey" (but hadn't posted it yet) and you could have blown me over with the smallest feather when Margik posted a beautiful piece a few days later using cupped sequins in the same way.

A while ago I made a minimalist collaged postcard 

and always wanted to make another one - so here it is for "Art Journal Journey".

The castle is a print from one of my paintings, edged with purple ink, 
the words are printed and glued on (to avoid any lettering accidents)
the sequins at the top and bottom are sewn on.  
Please note that the little bush has clusters of red berries, not leaves.


  1. What a lovely postcard! I often wonder where ideas come from, too! Have a fun day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Fantastic mini art! I smiled seeing your illustrations of where do ideas come from? Indeed where do they? I was surprised that the visions were not on your pages, but I imagine they will pop up sometime :) Have a great day, Shirleyxx

  3. Love your post Sheila! Ideas are in the air - and inspiration is all around! Lovely how you made this little art clouds!
    Happy little pieces - hope you are all right and have fun with art and no stress with other daily things!
    I enjoy the month as well - meanwhile the no no no theme is so fun .. and great how different the ideas of all participants are!

    oxo Susi

  4. Inspiration does indeed flow in the air, luckily you've captured yours!

  5. Minimalist Art in action, tremendous! Love the ideas. It is not easy catching the passing sequins of will o' the wisp thoughts which float about. You make it look easy. Super castle. Love it, Awesome !!

  6. Love your postcards! And that has nothing to do with me being a postcard fanatic...well, I guess it could a little. I must remember to look into the air more often to see what inspiration might be floating around. I do believe I can right now see some faint little clouds of inspiration floating about. We might have been sewing sequins onto a postcard at the same time as I just made a postcard with sequin berries on it. I like your cute little triangle sequins and that castle definitely makes a statement of importance.

  7. Where do ideas come from?
    Are they wandering about looking for an artist? have really formulated it so well, again with so much humor!
    Yes, two souls, one thought - I know that too. But your works are always wonderful Sheila-originals, even if you use material that others also use.
    The blue tree says Christmas is near - a beautiful minimalistic postcard!

  8. Really great work. Love to see what you've made. Super duper fun.

  9. such delightful inspirations abounds in this post! Funny how sometimes more than one will have the exact same idea for something , make it, and then share it around the same time...I guess creative souls do think alike.

  10. I am always happy when I read your posts. You have certainly been floating several inspirational ideas for us. No wonder great minds think alike. You inspire others and others inspire you. I love your AJJ entry. It is truly inspiring, as is the tree, probably my favorite floating idea!

  11. This was a super post to read, I loved the floating ideas pieces, inspiring for us all.
    Yvonne xx

  12. You got me thinking with this post. Ideas are such interesting things. Its strange how they appear out of no where sometimes. I can see where the idea of a muse came to be. Loving your art today too. Lots of fun! Hugs-Erika

  13. I really love your 'idea are in the air', you always have wonderful ideas and those clouds are so fun. I also love those fantastic minimalist postcards, especially the castle with sequins, and It is normal to coincide, you don't have to worry about a thing like that.
    A super post!
    Hugs, Mar :)

  14. Where do ideas come from ... sometimes they come in sweet clouds like yours to interrupt my sleeping at night :) I think they are wandering from artist to artist to get real.
    I like your minimalistic postcard as well as your sequins-card - the castle I like most, because I see a cool smile on it (psst - I know NO faces allowed :))
    Hugs, Rike

  15. I enjoyed your thoughts on ideas Sheila. I have thought something similar. The first people who take them and act on them get to make the big bucks with them ;-)My son and I use to talk about that.

    Your art is so charming, I smiled over the first and last one.

  16. Oh Sheila! Your art makes me feel happy! Hugs, Chrisx

  17. oh, i know this! it happens frequently. thanks god i´m not a zentangler, because in this case i would bite myself that i wasn´t the one to invent the "coloring books" and become rich, haha.
    sequins (and similar stuff) was also often used by beryl taylor some years ago (on fabric or fabric paper; do you know her?).
    i like the way you expressed that some things are Floating in the air with your clouds.
    i remember your tree Card and love your Castle as well. thinking of Edinburgh, of course:)
    have a nice week, sheila!

  18. I really like that fantasy animal in the first cloud, as well as the sweet Christmas tree card. Blessings!

  19. Fabulous and fun post Sheila. The collaged cards are cool and the castle looks like it has a face. Yes indeed, where do ideas come from...I hate it when I think of something in the middle of the night and then have to debate..turn on the light and write it down or hope I still remember it in the morning :)
    Gill x

  20. I love the thought of ideas floating through the air for anyone to catch and I love your imagination, Sheila. Such fabulous pieces! I particularly like the castle and the first little creature. Jx

  21. I love the simplicity here and the fun, so refreshing, it's a happy place to visit and enchants each time. Your castle is so lovely and captures in its beautiful simplicity. Those floating ideas are such an excellent concept, I love that and your floating pieces ready to be caught, such fun!

  22. Faboulous cards with their wonderful simplicity! You show us that Sometime less is more!

  23. great ideas and great art, loved the idea of floating ideas, float some my way. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  24. I love your imagination and how you have illustrated your funny thoughts :) I also love your minimalist collaged postcards. This is such a wonderful idea!

  25. Your pictures are always so unique, they always make a good mood! I really like your pictures!

  26. IN LOVE with your blue tree...and paint someone like me!! So so so special...Funny I have been thinking the same thing. I heard a musician say the ideas fly by and if you don't write them down immediately they fly off to the next artist who captures them! very inspirational!! You keep making us happy with these fun posts! Thanks for that!!

    Hugs Giggles


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