Monday, 24 October 2016


At "Art Journal Journey" Valerie has chosen the theme "Indian Summer" and
at "Mix it Monthly" Conny is asking for Zodiac Signs, one of which is "Lion" - or so I thought. 

Beatrix Potter used her pet rabbit as a model for her great creation "Peter Rabbit", but as I don't have a pet lion I made some drawings from Google images and some from imagination (haha!).

I started by painting a tree and lion in watercolour

and gave him some autumn asters and marigolds.
But what's that?  That awful pink building?

It had to go.
I cut off the right side and because I still liked the lion, I gave him a face.  

Now what, with only half a painting?
But still going.......
Painted some trees for a forest.

Found a background with a path

and some pretty colourful autumn leaves.

This is when I discovered that the lion for "Mix it Monthly" was in July (doesn't time pass quickly) and this month the Zodiac signs were Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.
So a little very young Capricorn is hiding in the forest, keeping very quietly out of the way of the lion.

And that is why there is a lion in this picture. 


  1. Your lion sketches are just CHARMING!!! So sweet! And I love the way you wrote about the watercoloured and how you managed to make in the end such a fantastic painting.. even with a capricorn! You rock!
    I so laughed about the fact the lion was in July at MIM..hihi..
    that could have happened to me as well...

    Wonderful that you found time to participate in AJJ again dear Sheila!
    Happy new week to you!
    oxo Susi

  2. HAHAHA - the capricorn is hidden so well, i almost didn´t find it. what a fantastic idea to make it apt to the current theme;)
    and i love that Lion!!! well, i would be afraid to meet him in the forest (i am a funk and lions are not pets...). but he Looks wonderfully Lion-royally. and what a great idea to cut the pinky rocket house off. btw, the sketches at the beginning look very skillful!!
    xox - up into a great week!

  3. What a fun piece, thanks so much for joining us at AJJ, hugs, Valerie

  4. What about ME!! I'm a lion. Signed in as Limmelon. Love your lion though. Also love your creative mix of drawing painting and photoshop. Love it, Awesome !!

  5. I love your Lion and the forest. I assume you used digital software to combine the lion with the background, trees and leaves to create the beautiful scene. Take care, Shirleyxx

  6. It seems that I don't know my zodiac symbols very well. No matter because I am in Sheila-Art. Leo the Lion seems rather annoyed that we have interrupted his hunt. He's quite majestic looking even when annoyed with us. I love that little bunny doesn't even have to hide because everyone knows that lions never look behind themselves. I always love your forests and the uniquely creative images I find in them. Your digital editing is always amazing and fascinating to me.

  7. The lion looks really put out that he has ended in the wrong month. I like the lion sketch with the flowers on his body.

  8. Thats wonderful, Sheila!
    I love that scene. I think the lion is very different from the way you paint normally, isn't he? And perhaps he is a little bit irritated about the falling leafs and the form of the trees behind him. This must be very new for him and the cute bunny and the dear as well.
    But I couln' t find the capricorn....

    1. Sorry! I didn't know that the babies of deer and capricorn look so very similar.
      Of course I can see your sweet capricorn now!
      Please apologize my nescience - hoping that is the right word for "not knowing"!

  9. I didn't mind the pink building but then when you removed it, the lion really stood out. Great face on that cat. Wonderful work.

  10. Its a real fun page and I do love the lion, I hope he is happy in October.
    Yvonne xx

  11. what a really great collaboration of steps to create this wonderful scene!!

  12. You always make me laugh at how you turn your tale into a beautiful page. I loved the lions you drew, which are SO much better than anything I could ever make. Of course, I love the trees, too. BTW, you would put Beatrix Potter's rabbit to shame. Your art and digital offerings always, always makes me smile, and this page was no exception.

  13. Interesting steps to a wonderful result. Very nice image,well done!

  14. The expression on that lion is great. He looks regal but little bit cranky too. :) LOVING your latest piece Sheila. Hugs-Erika

  15. What a fun painting, Sheila! You even added a Chinese zodiac sign. The rabbit. :)
    Have a great week!
    xo Julia

  16. Indeed, a pet lion is so much more cooler than a pet rabbit!!

    You're piece of art turned out sweet!

  17. Oh my god - I LOVE your story! It makes me a sunny soul in this dark october! And I love the end-result, what a great picture! The lion looks like a lion should (and that is the reason while he never can be a pet, by the way - your lion-drawings are fabulous), and the young capricorn is very clever to stay in the background :)

  18. A beautiful scene shows your image - the lion lives peacefully with rabbits and deer. He is probably for the first time in his life in a pine forest and he is amazed by the fall with the falling colored leaves. This is certainly the reason, why Mr. lion looks outwards ... that's so sympatheticly!
    Your tree, at the beginning, has so beautiful colors - but later you painted it brown, what a pity.
    I love all of your lion-sketches.

  19. I'm always thrilled how you combine the different materials and then work on the PC! It's just great as you tell stories.
    ♥lich Claudia

  20. Awww I am in love with the lion and his new forest! But I am a bit afraid of the capricorn, so that is why I try to distract him from here, so that it can be safe behind the trees, haha...the blue rabbit is a cutie too!! Love the colorful falling leaves seem they make the whole scene sing!! I am sure the lil flowers are shiffering as well, because of it, afraid to be eaten, haha ♥ Conny

  21. There is so much fun and whimsy in your creations - I love it! It's facinating to see how your story of the lion unfolded and he looks so proud of his new surroundings admiring the beautiful autumn asters, marigolds and leaves. The blue bunny hiding behind the tree made me smile too! Wishing you happiness and smiles! J :-)

  22. Wow what an amazing process... so fun! I adore your drawn sweet, especially the one in the right corner!!This little masterpiece you created is so wonderful. I love how the branches meld into the green mass and it actually looks like a gorgeous tree. Leo is one of my favorite signs, best friend and sil both leos. Your lion although adorable looks slightly annoyed...wonder why? Missing the hot summer maybe? Such a fun piece.. I could totally see this as a series for a kids book...they would love all the yummy details!! The rabbit and sweet doe!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  23. Lovely piece of art. You are so talented to create your original animal stories and backgrounds.
    Hugs ❤

  24. You made me smile, Sheila, you don't have a lion... fortunately...haha! But these drawings are so fun! Your final piece is fabulous, and especially I love the little rabbit and the super leaves.
    A very beautiful scene!!!
    Mar x :)

  25. I just love all the whimsical digital collages you make out of your original artwork. Peace, my friend!

  26. Just wonderful! Very inspiring post! It made me smile, too!

  27. i enjoyed hearing about how your journey unfolded.
    cutting off the part that you do not like. Fun.
    and a hiding capricorn best be real quiet.
    I just got back from wandering in the woods and could hear guns from hunters in the near distance. A bit unnerving, maybe how a capricorn around a lion feels. We have goats and lions.
    It is a charming piece.

  28. July? oooops! that made me smile, at least it all ended well for us to see - what a fabulous scene you have created Sheila, love the expression on the lions face. I like the pink building you cut off - can it be renovated with a bit of d.i.y or has it already been binned?
    Hope your weekend going well. Gill xx

  29. Ah what a story to this picture! I'm happy you made this lion though, he looks fierce and that beautiful capricorn keeping well away is super, I hope she keeps safe! I love the stories your pictures tell and those colourful leaves brightly dancing fit perfectly for this season!

  30. Your post is so enjoyable. While I do like the lion piece in color, I think my favorite lion in this post is the female one in the sketches. She's got such a sweet look on her face.

  31. Such a magnificent beast. Lions are such majestic animals. I like the deer and bunny too. Jx

  32. Hello Sheila I love your drawings and the fierce but friendly lion in the end picture........feel a bit sorry for the rabbit hiding behind the tree but I am sure if he is in your story he will have a happy story to tell.


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