Tuesday, 11 October 2016


What have I been doing this week?

I started a massive Autumnal clear-out of all things, including art and art materials -
old paintings which had been lying about too long,
painted papers which thought they might one day be used in a collage, 
scraps cut from magazines and hoarded.

A coal fire is a wonderful throw-out companion.
Once in the fire, it's gone.

These were the very last paintings to go.

I did rescue one from the flames, with my bare hands.

And I did scan in a few before they went, and had an enjoyable time playing with photo-edit to create some abstract card designs, three of which are below.

What do you think of these?  Which do you like best?

* * * * * * * 

Here are the last of the Devon photos.  I'm glad you have enjoyed them so far.

Devon has many beautiful sandy beaches, this one at our village

and this one not too far away

but I promised you a walk along a shingle beach.

We braved the narrow road out of our village

to drive to this shingle beach where we were looking forward to a long beachy walk, and we were not disappointed.

We didn't walk at our usual fast pace as I kept getting massively distracted by the amazing colours and shapes of the stones.


Even the tiny shingle was wonderful

and I didn't think the beach would miss this one which I brought back for Douglas.

He's not very sure what to do with it.

The sun came out and the beach looked different when we got back to the start.

I hope you enjoyed your Devon holidays!
See you there again another time!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, we must be thinking along the same lines as I have just started another big purge!!!! Glad you didn't burn yourself, gosh. Sand and shingle here, some of our river area is both and muck of course. Love the stones with lines in them. I think of them as story lines. Douglas no doubt will figure out his stone. Oh yes, and the big blog of turquoise had me in #3. xox

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I should do the same here-- so much old stuff and hoarded papers..
Fantastic photos of Devon ! Thank you for sharing Sheila and I think I like the first painting the most!
Happy rest of the week!
oxo Susi

Valerie-Jael said...

Lucky you having a fire, it's freezing here and the heating isn't working....Lovely photos from Devon, thanks for sharing, hugs, Valerie

Suman Pandit said...

lovely pictures Sheila, did you not bring back any stones to paint on ?? I love all the cards but the last turquoise one a little bit more :) thanks for sharing the awesome pics !!

Annie said...

Ah, purging and burning again. Look at those colorful flames! The pieces you saved and edited are all equally divine. I love the intense colors you get with your editing. That road may be narrow but what a beautiful picture it makes. Devon is a wonderfully picturesque setting. I can see how you would be easily distracted with the pebbles and such on your beach walk. Tell Douglas to put his rock inside his pocket and rub it for luck. Or maybe he could use it for a worry pebble, rubbing his worries away. Although I don't think he needs much extra luck or has many worries.

Meggymay said...

Loved the open fire photo, very cozy to be beside on a cool day.
Three super abstract pieces as well, I think my favourite is the first one.
Yvonne xx

Meggymay said...

Oops forgot to say the are lovely photos from your holiday as well.
Yvonne x

Margik said...

Fantastic cards, I especially like the third design! Your cute Douglas seems too surprised with that mini stone. Lovely photos from Devon!
Mar :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, now that's recycling in a BIG way. I agree that once it's gone, it's gone. Unlike my friend who pulled items out of recycle bags so she could keep them. I like your scanned cards and the first one is my favorite. I guess it's because of the flower.

I really appreciated the final visit to Devon. It's a beautiful place and I am SO glad you shared these lovely photos. Douglas must have been thrilled that you remembered him during your travels, and that stone is the perfect size for him.

limmelon said...

The colours in the flames are extraordinary !! Super fun having a gorgeous clearout. Does Douglas need a crane for his super heavy sculptural stone, all the way from Devon? Marvellous abstract card designs, Love it, Awesome !!

ULKAU said...

Oh yes, clear-outs sometimes have to be, but you also burn your pictures !!! ??? Incredible! I have to give you my address, that you better send me a picture of you instead of putting it in the fireplace!
But clever to scan them - the changed pictures all look so interesting and exciting. Very difficult to say which one looks best ... I take the first one!

And again so beautiful photos of your trip! How nice of you, that you brought Douglas also a small piece as a souvenir - it fits in the size!
Greetings - Ulrike

SusuPetal said...

You've been busy, with fire and all!

I like the strong colors in your cards, maybe the one with lots of turquoise is my favorite, it makes me think of summer and sea.

My name is Erika. said...

Purging is a good thing every now and again. We can get so bogged down with all those things, can't we? I wonder why you decided to save 1 painting from the flames. The flames do have some pretty colors. Loving those Devon photos. It is a gorgeous place, and I wish you had more. Ha-ha. Happy Day. Enjoy your cleaning. Hugs-Erika

sirkkis said...

Lovely colourful abstract cards, Sheila.
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. Wonderful beach scenes and stones.
Hugs xx

Sharon Fritchman said...

Gorgeous photos, Sheila! I love them and am so happy that you shared them with all of us. I was sorry to see you clear out some of your work, but I totally understand why. I think the third one is my favorite, although I love all of them!

Rike said...

Oh no, don't burn your pictures, I cried when I saw your fire! But you saved some, and that is good! I like the second best, why - I cannot say.
I enjoyed your fantastic photos of Devon! How lovely that you took some especially stone home for Douglas!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Oh gosh you burned your art, but i can relate, been there :) Your digital art is beautiful, I love the top one the best. The photographs are gorgeous, thanks for sharing. Take care xxx

johanna said...

i don´t think i could burn my pieces, but then... some Clearing out would be needed here, too! it is too much that accumulates with the years. good that digital pieces don´t Need real space...
i liked to come to your beach walk and the Stones are really awesome - so nice to think of douglas;) have a wonderful autumn, sheila! xo

Faye said...

Your abstracts are beautiful, especially the last one with the turquoise and fuchsia colors. You are so brave to burn your old stuff. I usually try to use up that sort of things by making greetings cards with the scraps. But it is amazing how artwork does seem to multiply and take up space. Loved seeing Devon in your photos. Is Arundell Arms still around? I think it was a fishing hotel when we visited there in the 70s.

Paper rainbow said...

My hoarded stuff would make a bonfire and need the fire brigade on standby!! I like the second photo edit...think it is the stripe...especially on its side. Lovely holiday photos Devon is very beautiful and you had lovely weather.

Jackie said...

Wow, burning old paintings seems quite drastic to me, but perhaps I should be braver! it does help if you scan them though. I had a hard choice choosing between the first and the last of the three, but I think the third is my favourite. Something about the colours and composition. It looks wonderful.
I've so enjoyed sharing your holiday photos. Thank you. Jx

The Happy Whisk said...

The first one because it's October so the first one reminds me of that more than the second.

Great pictures.

Beo said...

I love your abstracts! And as they are telling stories as your paintings do mostly and are painted in your very personal style I didn't mentioned that they are abstracts in the beginning.
I can see a very cute mouse hanging from the bench at the top in the second one.
And the photo of Douglas is self explainig. There are no words needed to see that he doesn't know what he could do with the small piece of the earth.
And thanks for your holiday pictures. They are wonderful! Did I tell you that I would love to go there as well??

Evergreen Mo said...

I had an huge clearout when I moved into a smaller house. Trouble is I think I could use some of the artwork now I have a studio. Like the last piece of artwork, again in awe of your digital skills

Tammie Lee said...

Your Devon photos are beautiful. I could get lost/absorbed looking at the pebbles. I love that you brought back one tiny stone.

Wow, you grabbed one out of the fire, I love that.... you just had too, i guess.
I like all three. Inspiring that you are doing spring cleaning in autumn, maybe you will now inspire me.

Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

You live in a gorgeous area, Sheila! Devon is so beautiful and I hope to visit it one day. Your abstract designs look great! My favorite is the last one.

kat said...

Sorry it took me so long to get here, but what a great visit again! I feel for those beautiful paintings being burnt, as I love your work so much but understand clear out, it is good.
I love your digital art and have a hard time picking between number1 and 2 of your paintings, both are favorites! Number 3i is good too but not as much as the first two for me, I love their darkness and they just particularly strike me, sometimes it's hard to say exactly why.
Devon is such a special place, what a beach full of treasures, Lulu and I would have been just like you enjoying all the shapes and treasures to play with, such fun!

Gibby Frogett said...

Looks like a few of us are having autumn clear-outs.

Thanks so much for the lovely comments about my Christmas cards etc..
I found a load of Christmas bits I'd accumulated and thought I'd try to use them up - but
all I did was make hardwork for myself when I probably should have batch made a lot with the same design and just done a few special ones.
Our clearout (this time) has been mainly records... a couple weeks we got rid of 240 Lps to the BHF and there are still several hundred here.. but 100 of them ready to go and goodness knows how many singles too - but we got side tracked playing some and some got put back aside again.

I guess we often have no choice but to get rid of 'stuff' when we either outgrow it or the walls start closing in.
I wanted to reach in and grab your lovely artwork and say no - don't do it... but I'm too late :( gosh - I hope you didn't get too high on any fumes when they burnt!
Glad you scanned some to enjoy seeing and using again.
Love your digi-peieces but couldn't decided if I liked 1 or 2 best, both have great textures and cool effects.

Devon is really beautiful - it was nice to see your photos, except I was wishing our own beach here was like that.. sigh! I'd enjoy looking at the stones too - nice photos of them, great for digital projects too.

Nice and sunny today, still green although the Lilacs are loosing leaves now... glad to hear autumn has arrived with you, so there's hope for us still down here :)
Have a lovely day Sheila.... Gill xx

Giggles said...

Darn how did I miss this again.I love the mantle of cards...and these gorgeous three scans....I have no idea how to pick of favourite of those three because I love them all...they are a family that should be married together. A box set of cards. I go back and forth trying to figure out which one I like best to no avail... I think I like the second one best...but no... I love all the vibrant turquoise on the third...then I hop back to one and love the little flower and all the pink,blue and orange. I could never choose they are like children.Plus I could see those patterns made into fabric...ever heard of Spoonflower? Oh and I love love love the blanket that Douglas is sitting on too. Did you make that quilt or table cloth. It is so fabulous. I was thinking you should have grabbed a few of those flat rocks to paint on...maybe Douglas could do that with tiny piece!

Hugs Giggles

Laney said...

Oh I don't know if I could burn old paintings! I love the three digital pieces. It's hard to choose but I think I like the first one the best. Something about the flower and the colors makes me happy. I really enjoyed seeing the pics from Devon. Lovely. :)

~*~Patty S said...

Starting with your lovely Devon photos before I lose my train of thought hahaa ;-)
That tree tunnel is magical and so inviting as is that glorious stretch of beach.
Stones and sea shells can entertain me for hours on end.
There is a place in Florida known for its abundant seashells and the call it the Sanibel Stoop when you walk along the shore with so much to see.
That is a very fine selection of beautiful stones for sure.
"Shingles" is an interesting word which does describe the perfectly flat pebbles.
Douglas must feel special just knowing you brought him a wee treasure from your visit to that glorious blue blue water. Lovely pix.

~*~Patty S said...

I could have sworn that I commented on your lovely artwork too.
My powers of concentration and focus are a bit off lately.
Having our son home is special but I am used to functioning with lots of "alone" time.
So much going on both inside and outside here at our Magpie's Nest.
It will be nice when the dust finally settles and things go back to "normal" hah whatever that is.
The colorful flames in your fireplace setting your artworks free ♥
The last piece has such lovely color and form.
Something about the squiggly bits that speak to me extra much.
Happy beginning of the weekend dear one oxo