Saturday, 10 September 2016


Hello again!

After three weeks of the party of the Arts that is the Edinburgh Festival in August, we flew off to Devon on the South West of the UK to do some strenuous Coastal Path and countryside walking and breathe the clean and fresh sea air.

This was the peaceful village where we stayed

and this was the view from our rented cottage.

I hope to show you more later when Mr. E. has untangled all the many photographs.

I took my 4 x 4 inch sketchbooks again along with some oil pastels and watercolours.

While we were away our dear friends J. and E. looked after the garden and fed the birds (most important) and everything grew at double its usual speed, with the fruit

and the vegetables racing away.

Now I'm looking forward to visiting my friends in Blogland again.
Whenever I've been away it seems like everyone has had the most wonderful blogging art party, so do come in and say hello. 


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I didn't even know you were gone, so I'm thrilled you are back. The landscape of the area you stayed reminded me of the area around where the tv show Doc Martin was filmed. It certainly is a gorgeous place you stayed, so I hope to see more soon.

Your little 4 X 4 journal produced some fabulous and incredible art while you were away. Such fun.

Your garden looks a bit like mine, with everything growing out of control. But you have more goodies coming out of your garden and I basically have nothing but bolted herb!

Welcome home, dear Sheila!

sirkkis said...

How wonderful post, Sheila!
The photos are great and cool. Sure excellent to take long walks along paths.
Your minibook Art is gorgeous. Really love what you created.
Thanks for news from your lovely garden as well!
Wishing you Happy Weekend, my dear friend ❤
P.S. Thank you for lovely comments on my site!

johanna said...

i´m in awe with that landscape of your travel, so idyllic!! i´m eager to see more photos...
and i like what you did in your 4x4 Journal. it is such a great Format i think. and i hope you can enjoy the fruits of your garden now. we have such a sunny time here, better than early summer was!
xox, johanna

My name is Erika. said...

Wow! It is just gorgeous in Devon. I think a little time in a cottage there would be a fantastic place to be for a holiday. Loving your sketchbook too Sheila. Can't wait to see some more photos once they are all sorted out. Yup, this is the season for gardens to grow and give us their bounty. Too bad its such a short season, at least where I live, for that. Happy weekend.

Jackie said...

Your holiday looks idyllic, Sheila. We have just come back from lovely week in Yorkshire, and were fortunate to have really goods weather, so we could enjoy being outside.
The pages in your 4x4 sketchbooks look fabulous. I love the variety of styles.
I hope you are enjoying the fruits of your garden. Jx

limmelon said...

Love the wee sketchbook pages. Very creative use of holiday time. Away from the vegetable garden for a moment and everything goes mad. Love it, Awesome !!

Valerie-Jael said...

Nice to see you around again, good that your friends looked after the garden so well. We went to the stamp mecca today, and met lots of blogging friends, was fun! Hugs, Valerie and Susi

Anonymous said...

I see you have some of the same majestic views. It is a big sweeping view from the mountain top there about 3,000 feet/914 meters high and the bay is all around because it's an island, so it looks bigger than it really is. Nice work in your journals and your garden is certainly yielding lovely fruit! xox

Beo said...

Thank you so much for this lovely pictures from your holydays! I would like to see that in reality too. It looks so beautiful. And as beautiful are the pictures you did in your sketch book. I love to see them. And I wonder how you did this art being on the way. Or did you do them later "at home"? I think all those pictures are not overworked by photoshop although this brillant colours look like that. Did I tell you that I love them? :)

The Happy Whisk said...

What an amazing summer you've had. Brilliant. Love it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Margik said...

Hi Sheila, Devon looks a nice place... gorgeous photos! I really adore your mini journal, all pages have an original design and a fantastic combination of colours.
I really enjoy seeing the fruits of your well-kept garden!
Mar :)

genie said...

Aren't you happy you took your art journal with you. The art pieces are wonderful. Love the little houses. Your use of color on these pages is so nice. I just love the mix. genie

genie said...

I forgot to say what a gorgeous place you went after the festival. Heavenly views of the water. Know you all had a heavenly time. Wonderful scenery. genie

kat said...

I wrote a comment for the wrong piece by mistake, an old November one, but anyway I'll comment again saying how wonderful Devon looks and that breath taking view from your cottage is magnificent.
Your art is a treat, all those beautiful colours playing happily together and the fee flow and simplicity delight the eye. A real treasure of a book.
Enjoy those plums, maybe you could make plum jam, that's a favorite of mine with a touch of rum. What a wonderful garden you have, you must enjoy it so much!

SusuPetal said...

Oh, that village looks almost too beautiful! Such views, you must have enjoyed so much!

I also like to combine oil pastels and watercolors, it's fun to follow watercolors finding their places.

Meggymay said...

Wonderful pages in your mini journal. It looks a beautiful area you were staying in, super views and I'm sure you would have enjoyed your walks .
YVonne xx

stefanie stark said...

It looks wonderful there! You must have spent such a wonderful time there and I LOVE the view from your rented cottage. One day I absolutely also want to go there. And it's so charming to see your tiny sketchbook! I love it too!

Suman Pandit said...

beautiful pics Sheila, all looks so peaceful and fresh !! great that you were able to do a lot of wonderful art there....and i think plants and kids look all grown up suddenly in one's absence :) !!

Evergreen Mo said...

wonderful views. A change from the bustle of Book Festivaling . Is that a word? Lovely little holiday workbook. The colours as usual are superb. Hoping to beg some of these lovely plums.

Annie said...

What a beautiful area Devon is for spending some relaxing walking time. I love the coastal areas. Your 4 X 4 sketchbook pages are all marvelous. I especially am drawn to the left page of the last set. I love the colors and the great depth and texture you created. I want a house with that as the outside walls. Your fruit looks yummy. I just want to reach right into that bucket and help myself. And the vegetable looks beautifully lush.

Rike said...

Wonderful photos from a wonderful place! I like your tiny sketchbook much, what a great idea to do such small art. I think this is much better than to start in a bigger one - cause there always is the question "where do I begin?" and the "fear" about the white sheet.
Great vegetables!
Wish you a fine week! Rike

ULKAU said...

Your resort was really a very peaceful place, a beautiful quiet countryside. And you have brought such beautiful new sketchbook pages ... the one above right, I like best.
Hmm, the plums (or prunes) look so fruity yummy, I love to eat it!
Here is just again midsummer - incredibly hot!
Love Ulrike

Karin said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday! beautiful sketchbookpages!
Groetjes Karin

Giggles said...

Wow what a view....stunning!! Love the art journal pages too... I could soak in that colour all day...Your gorgeous bowl of plums are so inspirational...the colour is gorgeous. I think I hear photo shop calling.... that kale looks many great recipes for that yummy green stuff. All that great produce should keep you healthy all winter long!! Glad you had a nice getaway...can't wait to see more photos!!

Hugs Giggles

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

I love your art pages, beautiful as always and wonderfully whimsical. The photos of Devon are gorgeous, I want to go there now :) I assume you've had a wonderful time. Here it's been hot, busy, & fun with some stress thrown in. Take care xx

Tammie Lee said...

I would enjoy walking there! So lovely.
So fun that you bring your art supplies with you. Of course I do too.

janie said...

Hello Sheila
So lovely to see where you went on holiday and to see your abundance of fruit and veg.....looks delicious the artwork too your journals are always great