Monday, 26 September 2016


Bleubeard and Elizabeth are the hosts this month at "Art Journal Journey" with a very interesting theme, "Back to School".

On our first year at the Secondary School, aged 11, for one of our subjects we had a delightful teacher.
He was young, handsome, charming and a terrific teacher. 

Back to school, at the start of the second year, we were given our new timetable and told which teacher we would have for each subject.  Imagine our horror when we didn't get our lovely teacher again but got one who was, let's say, the exact opposite.

These flowers at the Flying Circus school have just this minute met their new IT (Information Technology) teacher for the year.

But don't worry about them, little flowers adapt easily, just as we did.

* * * * * * *

Here is the third of our Devon holiday pictures, as promised.
The South West Coast Path goes through the village where we stayed.

This was the start on the west side

and this was near the start on the east side. 

The cliff walks are picturesque and often very near the edge.
This was the walk from our village to the next.

Walking in the mist was interesting too.  You can see the coastal erosion, and more bits of the cliff are almost breaking off.

A narrow path further along the coast. 

This part of the walk was maintained by the National Trust with a reassuring wall on the cliff side.

We turned the corner and this is where I said, No!, no further, thanks. 
Would you have walked along this path? 

Of course in Devon there are many beautiful beaches and I promised you a shingle beach, but I'll leave that till next time to allow you a rest after your cliff walk.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The new IT teacher looks a bit formidable. It's good the darling flowers are adaptable, because they are simply too, too charming to be put through problems at an early age. Leave it to you to take us back to the fun flying circus school with your fun, outside the box joyful paintings. Thanks for sharing this with AJJ.

LOVED the walk you took us on today. I probably would have been scared out of my wits, because I am afraid of heights. I was especially worried about the erosion. However, the rest of the images and views were spectacular.

Beo said...

Oh, the poor ones....
The school building is terrific and the sky as well!
And the mimic of the flowers and the way they held their flower bodies
is wonderful
And now I'll have a look at your photoes :)

Beo said...

I really enjoyed the photoes.
They are great!
And no, I wouldn't have walked along this path either.
I'm not sure if I would have walked the path before as
I am - as Elisabeth - afraid of high.
But the views and the sea are more than wonderful.

Valerie-Jael said...

What's wrong with that path? Looks a great place to walk along....lovely photos, that seems to be a beautiful place where you spent your holiday. I hope the flowers adapt quickly to their grim looking teacher, we mostly had nice teachers at grammar school, but there were a few old harridans, too! Thanks for another lovely contribution to AJJ. Hugs, Valerie

Evergreen Mo said...

These flowers don`t look happy. You have caught the feeling of wondering about the unknown. You know what I am like with techno stuff, I would have quickly left the area after one look at the IT tutor. The flowers are very brave to hold their ground even if they are leaning a bit. Lovely photos.

stefanie stark said...

Hihihi ... I really had to laugh out loud when I read your notes about the new teacher and saw the cute picture afterwards. Many thanks for this funny story and the adorable illustration that made me laugh so much :))))
And again I enjoyed all of your lovely photographs or do I have to say I enjoyed the most beautiful landscape? Beautiful like a dream! I copied one of your pictures into my personal diary to have a reminder because one day I really want to go there.

Giggles said...

Oh dear we all had teachers that made the year less than desirable!! Love your I.T. fun this circus school!! Great imagination! You just can't help but smile ear to ear! More great photos and even if I didn't have mobility issues I'd not dare that cliff walk thank you very much. is I'm not a fan of heights. Oh but I love all the scenic photos they give such a nice perspective of the land! Thanks for sharing those! Glad to hear it was such an enjoyable time!

Hugs Giggles

My name is Erika. said...

I would have walked on that path. I always want to know what is around the next corner, and I forget that I have to turn around and go back. What a gorgeous place! Can't wait to see the rest of your photos. And loving the new instructor at trapeze school. :) Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

Annie said...

Look at that stormy seeming background sky a ways down the road from circus school! It looks awesome as an art sky. Maybe it's a good sky. Nothing is always as it seems in Sheila's art world. Love the school building. A wing-like roof. I so want to go to school there. The worried flowers and turtle are so cute! I know they will be fine. You would never put them in a bad world.

WOW! What wonderful walks!!! Of course I couldn't be sure without being there, but I think I would walk the path. I have walked up a steep hill/mountain a time or two. I can't imagine it is much different than that. Beautiful country!

The Happy Whisk said...

The drawings is wonderful. And so are those photos.

limmelon said...

It is terrifying (I mean IT), the teacher is gorgeous. Love the Sky effect, it's brilliant, and the expressions on the faces of the flowers. Devon is beautiful, with completely different scenery round each headland. Love it, Awesome !!

johanna said...

haha, i had a good laugh about the faces of the flowers - great Piece (as always...); and i would have enjoyed a building with plants on the Roof...
we didn´t have male teachers in our first years, but later on... well, i remember the one or other crush i had on some of them;)
great, great photos!! that green! (well, the rain should come when i´m not visiting;))
not a path for me though! i am extremely scared of height, i can´t even breath or look when others come Close to an edge. and it seems to become worse with every year...
have a great week, sheila! xox

SusuPetal said...

Oh, those cliffs and path and the dangerous beauty of erosion!

Hope the flowers will adapt soon :D

sirkkis said...

What a fun circus school for flies ;)
Thanks for sharing the fantastic photos, Sheila. Wonderful scenaries.
Have a nice time xx

ULKAU said...

Again you painted a wonderful picture story of your memories!
Really great, as you give so much of human expression into all of your characters. The flowers look really shocked, but I find that the crawler-teacher actually looks very nice ... and he probably is also a little afraid of the new students.
What a lovely spot for hiking and relaxing! This path on the slope looks really very exciting from ... I think it would be exciting to try. But if I were standing in front of it, I also believe, that my courage would leave me. Ulrike

Meggymay said...

A fantastic page , for your school memories, its lovely how the flowers have expressive looks on their faces. The photos you shared look awesome, super coastal scenes.
Yvonne xx

kat said...

Oh dear that teacher looks so old and boring, you've depicted the characters so well, I can so feel their characters by just looking at them, the slowness of that teacher and how he will send them all to sleep and the flowers shock and horror, oh dear!
Wonderful, as always I'm smiling away here, loving it all! Thanks so much for sharing this spectacular cliff walk, I too would have stopped where you did! Breath taking views, I can have a whiff of the fresh sea air as I gaze at these, such a truly magical place!

Margik said...

Sheila, this drawing is one of my favorite of yours now. So inventive! I absolutely LOVE it. These flowers are so fun! Lovely photos and great place to walk. I love your country!
Mar :)

Rike said...

I love every detail of your flying circus school, especially the flying roof!
Your photos of the cliff-walk are gorgeous! It looks very dangerous.

Tammie Lee said...

I so enjoy the little beings you create in your art, so creative. Good to know that they will adjust. A good teacher can make such a difference!

Your walks look wonderful. I want to walk there, always have. Lovely autumn days and nights to you!

~*~Patty S said...

That cliff walk would have definitely given me pause...not sure at all if it would have been a path for me to enjoy.
The walled walk looked nice and cozy and much more inviting.
Great expression in your flowers for your fun Flying Circus piece.
Your "terrific" teacher sounded like a hard act to follow for sure.
The first Devon photo makes me want to bring some nibbles and sit and just breathe!
Happy October! I have no idea where September has flown... oxo

Faye said...

I love the way the flowers are reacting to the new teacher! Thanks for sharing those incredible photos of the cliffs. Wow!

Jackie said...

Can you hear me chuckling (and my smile is very broad)? I just love your picture. I glad those pretty flowers are resilient enough to cope with the changes!
I think you are right about that path! it does look scarily near the edge! Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures. Devon is so beautiful. Jx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi I'm also smiling looking at your wonderful whimsical art that tells a story. You still have me convinced that I need to visit Devon, it's so beautiful ! Happy Weekend xxx

Claudia ClaSpi-Art said...

Oh Sheila, I had to laugh so, the view from the startled flowers, delicious! Even your holiday pictures are beautiful, because I would like to make vacation there equal.

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

Wonderful and very imaginative painting! I do love your imaginary creatures! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

janie said...

Your imagination goes on and on .....unlimited! i love the school and the new IT teacher. The added addition of seeing where you went on holiday is a bonus, and that path.....eeek! i would almost certainly fall over