Tuesday, 9 August 2016


One of the first priorities with our garden is to make it a safe haven for birds, bees, insects and other creatures. 

We made a stumpery next to the woodland walk for visiting hedgehogs, woodlice, beetles and other friendly visitors.

Sadly we have never had a visiting hedgehog, even although there are lots of little stump "houses" here for him to hide in.

And that's why this hedgehog is wandering.  He has heard on the Hodgevine that there is a perfect house waiting for him in Orange Esmeralda's garden, but he doesn't know how to find it.

If you see him, could you let me know?

For those who are interesting in such things -
Like "The Artistic Fox" in the previous blogpost, this was painted with watercolours and measures
6 inches square unframed.
A stumpery is a garden feature made from parts of dead trees to form a habitat for several types of wildlife.

Linking to "Art Journal Journey" where Gill has chosen the theme "Nature's Wonders". 


  1. Oh, we have hedgehogs here but no such beautiful haven as yours!

  2. Hi Sheila! Sorry, I haven't seen that hedgehog here, I saw a real one 2 days back but it bogged off before I could get a photo! I'll tell you if I see your purple punk hedgie. Thanks for joining us again at AJJ with your colourful natural wonder, hugs, Valerie

  3. Love the stumpery. Purple spiky hedgehogs, great, they are all the rage in some places. Only see the pink ones here. Love it, Awesome !!

  4. As he is a STAR - I think his name is Mr. Punky Hedgehock with rockband - he is definitely on world tour just now.. so.. no wonder that you don't see him in your garden in Scotland.
    Thank you dear Sheila to be with us again at Art Journal JOureny with such a fantastic painting!
    I love it!
    oxo Susi

  5. hi Sheila your lost hedgehog looks like it has a very pleasant environment to live, perhaps he prefers the land of lovely orange flowers and pink skies and he wont be able to see the sky if he visits your stumpery

  6. Hahaha...'heard it on the hodgevine'...how cute! A more dedicated vine than the grapevine, I'm guessing. Isn't he a beauty! I do hope he finds his way. I think the cute flowers are trying to help him. Your watercolors are marvelous. I love your green ground. Your blended purples and blues and greens on the hedgie are simply beautiful. I keep scrolling back up to fill my screen with him. I'd even let him come inside if he wanted.

  7. First of all, your art piece's watercolour background is very beautiful. And of course I love a bit sad looking hedgehog! He is really COOL. I'm sure some day or night he will find way to your enchanting garden.
    Have a happy evenin Sheila,
    Love xx

  8. I've never seen a hedgehog, and I'm not even sure they are native to the US. But I promise to let this colorful creature know you have a gorgeous garden just waiting for his/her presence, should I run into him or her.

  9. I like it very well, that you have such a big heart for animals in the garden! A beautiful natural garden needs a little 'clutter', so that the sweet hedgehog feel comfortable. I'm sure you will have a prickly guest soon!
    On paper, he's already there - how funny, it's still a baby hedgehog, it must still grow a few more prickles! - Ulrike

  10. I love your stumpery Sheila and I'm sure when a hog finds it, he will then move in and stay.
    Your wandering hedgehog is adorable and it looks to me like the flowers are very concerned for him too, but what can they do to help him? He needs some birds that can fly above and guide him safely to you.

    We've lived here 20 years and once we realised we were on a hedgehog route, by the amount we were seeing, we made sure the garden was hedgehog friendly. One night we had seven hogs all at once in the garden including some little ones walking around me - it was brilliant.
    Sadly other people have done some major changes to their gardens and it has had a knock on effect for the wildlife in general - one very large garden in particular over the back to me has completely bulldozed what was there to start again - and now I haven't seen any hogs for about 4 months, maybe more...
    I hope you see a hedgehog soon :)
    Gill xx

  11. What a gorgeous hedgehog and I think he would love to live in your stumpery! Such a good idea to create a safe heaven for wildlife that visit your garden. Your watercolour painting is wonderful, I love the colourwash background and those flowers are very pretty! Wishing you a happy week! J :-)

  12. Your page and hedgehog look so precious, I hope he finds his home soon. Your own wildlife area looks so inviting, I'll send him over if I see him.
    Yvonne xx

  13. What playful wandering hedgehog Sheila. I think he would love you stumps, butt maybe he just hasn't wandered that far yet. hope he arrive soon. hugs-Erika

  14. Oh Sheila, your purple hedgehog looks fabulous with those lovely flowers swirling around him! Your fantastic natural garden is a good home for them. Lovely art!

  15. Shells, This is precious. The colors are wonderful. I will keep looking for him in case he boarded a shit and crossed the pond. I LOVE your paintings. genie

  16. oohh sheila, i love your pink hegehogs,your painting so fabolous,and yes this its realy a wonder of nature,you must painting more hedehogs,then they is a pink rock band of hedehogs,hihi :-)
    have a nice day.

    hugs jenny

  17. Hi Sheila! I love your photo of your hedgehog and your pink one is spectacular! A wonder of nature for sure! Hugs, my friend!

  18. Your purple hedgehog is adorable and I hope to see him in some of your next pictures again. I hope you can paint one about his arrivel in your garden.
    And thanks for explaining what a stumpery is!!
    I wonder why all 3 flowers are looking at the hedgehog so astonished.
    Ok. probably because all this flowers live in your wonderful garden and haven't seen a hedgehog before...

  19. how nice to see him in his artsy look!!! he is adorable. well, i love my *real* one, but your´s definitely looks more spectacular.
    stumpery was a new word for me, and i really like its Sound;)
    good luck getting a real one... maybe in autumn, when they prepare for winter.

  20. Ah this is another super and original piece! Your creatures always feel soft and gentle, I hope this one finds the home you made for him, it looks so welcoming for all those little creatures, fabulous, how I love it round here!

  21. If I see him, I'll send him your way. And I'll give him a pack of muffins, good ones though. Not bricks.

  22. Your hedgehog certainly has great attitude with its mohawk like features!
    That brilliant coat of purple fur is quite marvelous too Sheila ♥
    Just the sounds of a "stumpery" is charming and how nice for wildlife to have special places set aside for them.
    In clearing out an old woodpile recently we came upon a wonderful colony of black clicker beetles. Oh they are handsome with their black patent leather looking bodies and a very good size too.
    p.s. we do not have hedgehogs at all here so I have only seen them in photos...they look sweet!

  23. Your hedgehog looks very sweet in purple red and violet, perfect colors for hiding in the night ... and I think he is already in your garden, but you haven't seen him there.

  24. Fabulous and colourful painting, love it! I've never seen a hedgehog, I somehow doubt they wander around here in Ontario, Canada :) Happy Weekend, xxx

  25. Oh wouldn't that be such a joy to see a hedgehog in your garden. Especially a whimsical purple one...I would be in absolute heaven! I might even have to bring him in the house for a spot of tea so I could get a take on his funky little personality!! Hopefully he's not as thorny as he appears!! I don't fancy thorny folk! I feel he will find his way if he could only find the ruby slippers that Dorthy once had! Fun post my dear!!

    Hugs Giggles

  26. Oh, what a cute and unique hedgehog! I think he is very shy but I have no doubts he is in your wonderful garden!
    Hugs, Annette

  27. Surely your hedgehog art will be an invitation for one to show up!
    Love its happy charming feeling.

  28. I love your colourful hedgehog. I hope you get to see him, or at least a relative, in your garden. You are certainly doing your best to encourage a visit. Jx


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