Sunday, 28 August 2016


The Edinburgh Festival is the largest Arts Festival in the World.  

We are being tourists in our own city and going to many Festival events, mainly the Book Festival and Early Music and Jazz concerts.  Three weeks of it, and we can go back to our own home in the evening.
What could be better.

As regular readers will know, Douglas has his gardening duties during August, but he also likes to go to the Festival.
He was the very first visitor on the very first day at the Book Festival cafe.

It was difficult to choose from the great selection.

The Book Festival is held in one of the large garden squares right in the middle of the town, circled constantly by busy and often noisy traffic

but entering was like going through an enchanted portal, immediately one was in a magical and peaceful world of books, where the sun was shining and everyone was happy.

The square had one resident Book Festival seagull who liked to sit where he could see everything that was going on.

There were eight tents for events and two large book tents, one for books for adults and one for books for teenagers and children.

The adult book tent.

A smaller events tent.

The large events tent with 570 seats.

For most of the talks we attended, the tent was absolutely full, you couldn't get an extra mouse in.

We went to many talks and discussions on topics including the Dark Ages, Vapid Leftism, Angela Merkel, the perils (or not) of Video Games, mobile mindfulness, podcasts and poetry, book design, the influence of genes and cycling through Africa.

There was usually a new book out for each event and the author was there to sign the book afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Douglas and I are linking to Elizabeth's "Tea on Tuesday" even although Douglas had a coffee.  We believe that is alright.


Beo said...

Oh yes I did, Sheila!! I enjoyed it and I would have liked to be there in real time. All those photoes of Douglas are so nice, heartwarming, some let me smile. And it's so good, that Douglas could see all that so she has a lot to tell the plants (and frogs) in your garden.
And I love you paint about the festival. There is much I feel about the festival just looking at it. Thanks for this post!

Meggymay said...

Thank you for taking us along to the Book festival by sharing your wonderful photos. It looks a super destination, I would have loved to have been there.
Yvonne xx

Karla B said...

It must be fantastic!Wish I could be there too!

My name is Erika. said...

This is a great post Sheila. How lucky you are to live around such stimulating festivals. I would love this book festival. I really enjoyed these photos. Hope you have more to show us. Oh yes, and the art is fun as always too. Hugs-Erika

Giggles said...

My favourite part of course was Douglas and your gorgeous vibrant introduction the pattern and colours....very thrilling! Then the bonus was all the wonderful photos of your staycation! My kind of holiday enjoying what's in your midst and still sleep in your own cosy bed!!Thanks for sharing the fun!

Hugs Giggles

Annie said...

Largest art festival in the world...impressive and what a great benefit for you locals! I love your opening post art piece. I think it's a great connection to the festival. And Douglas got to attend. What a lucky teddy he is. The seagul atop the horse and rider...what direction do I go with that. Hahaha...I love it. The rider's hair will soon not be green any longer. LoL. I trust you have much new reading material to keep you entertained.

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like a big, happy, fun festival. Enjoy your three weeks of books. Have a great new week, hugs, Valerie

limmelon said...

Whoever said that TV would be the death of books better think again. Tremendous spirit at this festival and new ones starting all over. Hurray for Douglas ! Love it, Awesome !!

rike said...

What a busy day for Douglas, and at last he had to sign all his books! Sure he was big tired afterwards!
Clever seagull!
For your art you used very exciting colors! And I enjoyed all your great photos from this festival!

Karin said...

Wow it looks like you and Douglas had a great time at the festival!
Groetjes Karin

Fodie Ann said...

Aaah! The Book Festival, now I understand references to canvas and hot/dark tents! You have had some lovely days under the watchful eye of the book festival pigeon on his lofty charger! Very educational! I remember the big tent well. It is indeed full to the brim in your photo. Hugs Fodie Ann

~*~Patty S said...

OH what fun fun fun.
I always forget how "petite" your Douglass is ;-)
Had to smile also at your "put a bird on it" photo!
It looks like the weather was perfect.
Can't help but think how much trouble I could get into surrounded by so many delicious tempting BOOKS!
You are lucky indeed to be able to go home and recharge your batteries and visit again when you wish.
So glad you shared some photos with us.

~*~Patty S said...

your Book Festival art piece is inspired too!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a fantastic event! Thank you so much for sharing all the photos Sheila and thanks to Douglas too - such a cutie! The artwork you made digital is just beautiful!!!
oxo Susi

genie said...

I never knew of the book festival at the same time. You have really done something to me. As bad as my back is, I think I HAVE to return one last time to Miltown Malbay, Ireland, and to Edinburgh. I have gobs of BA FFmiles banked from years ago, and if I do not use them now I really will be unable to make the trip. Bud says NO. I am not going but you can go. He is the hiker so traveling across the pond is not in the ;its of things he wants to do again. And I want to go out to the cliff and see the puffins. I never did that. You now have me dreaming. Something keeps sticking in my mind....The Rose. There was a little street, I think, behind the main street where the parade took place and it was very famous. Am I crazy or does this place really exist. Maybe it was Rose Street. It has been so many years I could have it all mixed up. Loved seeing your pictures and the food goodies..and a book festival. That is SO exciting. Have a happy week as I dream of making that magical trip across the pond one last time. genie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I feel like I must live under a rock, because I've never heard of that festival, and I learn right off the bat that it's the biggest art festival in the world. You have put me to shame, dear Sheila.

I'm so glad you shared these wonderful photos of the book festival with us. It's simply amazing. I was really impressed that you attended all those discussions, too. It sounds like a very enlightening time. The fact that it's right in your back yard, so to speak, also makes it worthwhile. And thanks for introducing me to Douglas, too.

I look forward to more of these festival visits, especially the music ones. But most of all, I enjoyed that really lovely and colorful art you created to introduce us to this festival.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

When I first saw the choice of food and drink Douglas chose at the Book Festival Cafe, I thought he should join T Stands for Tuesday. You (and he) must have read my mind, because we are delighted he and you decided to join us for this weekly event. We're thrilled to have you here for T.

johanna said...

i did not realize that Festival is THAT big... when having visited Edinburgh, we came along it when we went to dean village.
actually if i could choose to live every month in a different City, August would be my choice for Edinburgh. the "fringe" was especially exciting for me.

Linda Kunsman said...

Love your vibrant art piece! And that festival-oh my-I would be way too tempted to buy lots of books! Looks like it was a perfectly beautiful day for a festival. And Douglas looks very happy too:) Happy T day!

ULKAU said...

As I look at the photos, you have had great luck with the weather at this great event! Once no rain in Edinburgh! How wonderful for you to live in the city where such an interesting festival takes place. ... And how funny that your little bear everywhere could be there, he fits so well in the bakery but also on the books!
Your colorful picture at the beginning is a perfect introduction. Ulrike

Krisha said...

OOOOOH! What a wonderful festival, and so close to home, yes, what could be better?
Those are some large tents that can sit 500+ people!
Love you intro art piece, and the choices of food would have been difficult for anybody, but it looks like you chose something that looks yummy!
Happy T-day

Let's Art Journal said...

It looks like you and Douglas (who is so cute!) had a marvellous time at the festival and having it right on your doorstep so you can return home as and when you please is fantastic! Those cakes and scones look ginormous and very delicious. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

Margik said...

What a lovely art with so vibrant colours, your piece is unique as always! The Book Festival looks very interesting and it seems to me that the cute Douglas also enjoyed it a lot.
Thank you for sharing your photos!

The Happy Whisk said...

Wonderful photos and what was that bake on your plate?

Gibby Frogett said...

So envious of you having this fabulous festival almost on your doorstep Sheila :)
Would have loved to have seen that.
Great photo of the statue with the seagull and of Douglass amongst all those yummy delights.
I would have loved to have perused all those books especially. (will have to make up for that by picking up 3 new books I've ordered - all about art of course!)
Your wonderful artwork sums up the happy vibrant atmosphere of the whole event.
Thanks for sharing your day.. Gill xx

Carol said...

WOW! Those are some big tents :) I have never been to a book festival so it was an enjoyable event to see in the photos. The food looked so yummy too ♥ Have a great week !!!

Tammie Lee said...

That sounds like a wonderful event!
So glad you enjoyed it.

sirkkis said...

Wow, Sheila, I envy your possibility to attend that wonderful event.
You've painted a most beautiful page.
Love ❤

kat said...

Oh it looks like Douglas had a wonderful time! I would have loved this event too, I'm a book lover for sure! Oh and the children's tent must have been filled with treasures too, what a marvellous day you must have had and the sky was that wonderful deep blue I so love. I can feel the Edinburgh Festival atmosphere just looking at these, what a truly splendid city, thanks so much for sharing this!
Your art piece for the Festival is wonderful, it has the same beat and brightness that goes with the Festival vibe, what a wonderful banner this would make for future Festivals, filled with such warmth, it reflects well the richness and energy of the event!

Halle said...

That was quite the festival. Looks like a great time.
Happy T day...really late. :)

Evergreen Mo said...

You should design the poster for next years festival. Douglas looked as if he was having a good time. Great photos, they really capture the atmosphere of the book festival.

Claudia ClaSpi-Art said...

Oh Douglas hatte bestimmt sehr viel Spaß auf dem Fesival. Wunderbare Bilder hast du uus gezeigt!

stefanie stark said...

Your poster looks phantastic! And I love it so much to follow this cute guide named Douglas through the festival! It's a wonderful attraction! I especially love the picture with Douglas sitting in the middle of all these delicious cookies :)

janie said...

Hello Sheila thanks for the tour around the book festival, It looks wonderful, Douglas is very lucky to have been there every day. love ,love ,love your poster definitely agree you should be a graphic designer of posters, cards, prints....your work is exquisite