Monday, 13 June 2016


A birthday, a thank-you letter, an invitation to tea or just a friendly correspondence - all these could use a hand-written card.  Sometimes it is faster to make a card than to go out and buy one, especially when there is plenty art lying around that can be transformed with a few hours playing on the computer.

This design started with a little watercolour flower in the middle of a journal page

and several enjoyable hours later it turned into this.

I challenged myself to use this strangely coloured sketchbook collage, made with painted magazine cut-outs, inks and acrylic paint.

After several unsuccessful hours, I discovered simple was best with an easy colour-change and crop, and it will be a useful design if I ever have to send a birthday card to someone who is aged 24.

The third was a part of a large picture which was itself made from several oil pastel and watercolour paintings

with the colours altered just to make it different.

I always add my card logo to the back.

They are now real cards, not just virtual cards.

Would you like to say which one of the three you like best? 
I always like to hear what you think.


  1. They are all beautiful, I am sure you will have fun sending them and the recipients will surely be happy when they get them. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh Sheila, I'll be 24 soon (JOKE)!

    I adore all of these cards, and the wonderful scribbles you create that make me think I'm actually reading words. I also love the layers and layers to your cards. These are sincerely clever and SO your style!

  3. All three are very beautiful and so unique to you. I like the far right one the best, the colours speak to me :) Have a wonderful week xxx

  4. Oh all so gorgeous! But I really do have a pulling towards that third card and really particularly love the green version of it, it feels so healing and full of peace, it definitely attracts me and soothes the soul!

  5. Stunning work...just stunning...and I have to say that first one is one of my favourite pieces of art you have done to date.... I LOVE it...the colours, the action....everything about it speaks to me... They are all fabulous!! Good your logo too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Awesome cards. I love digital altering as well. It would be hard to choose a favourite , but maybe the first one with the flower would be my choice.
    Yvonne xx

  7. I really LOVE the first one. I'll bet it's because of how you so cleverly edit written words. They just draw me in like a magnet. I also like the 2nd card as I'll be 24 on my next birthday. I was 26 this year. At first I couldn't figure out why someone had to be 24 to get this birthday card. It wasn't until a more careful second look that I saw it! :-) And the third has more edited writing! I swoon for it! I like the new crop and colors too. I am mesmerized! (As usual).

  8. Oh Sheila, all three cards are so gorgeous. My favourite is the first one... love the design and beautiful colours. Very creative as always!
    Mar x

  9. These are fantastic Sheila. Some lucky people are going to get these. Your cards are like abstract art that could be framed. Hugs-Erika

  10. Oooh, these are so joyous, the colors enchant me!! Lucky receivers!!!
    I like the way you use different techniques and materials.

  11. Super cards, love your use of colour inversion. No 3 is the best, love it, Awesome!!

  12. all of them are beautiful. but if forced to choose... the left one. i think it is because i like strong contrasts. an poppies, of course! or just because, no reason...

  13. Of course they are all lovely but the first one you showed us on the left matches the top I am wearing just now :-)
    People must look forward to receiving your original cards Sheila!
    Thanks for sharing them with us here.

  14. Great!
    I see you had fun for a few hours and there are quite wonderful results!
    I do love the 24er card, but also the little flower left looks great ... I guess the right card is a little restless.
    But all the recipients will be very happy for sure!

  15. You ended up with some wonderful unique art cards dear Sheila! The recipients will love them !
    Happy rest of the week!
    oxo Susi

  16. Cool cards! They are all brilliant. At first I was drawn to the one with my favourite colours but then I kept looking at the others too and in the end ... I decided, no favourite.. love them all! Gill x

  17. Your cards are stunning, Sheila. They look very professional. I particularly like the pink and light blue one. Jx

  18. All three cards are wonderful. The 1st and 3rd card I like a little more. I love your art!


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