Thursday, 9 June 2016


I always take some artists materials on holiday.  I say always, but twice I didn't and then had to go and buy some from the local shops. Once I bought a packet of Crayola children's crayons and drew on newspaper pages, that was really freeing and fun, and the other time I had to buy some embroidery threads and cloth in a very small village shop to give myself some colour and creativity.

This time I took a 4 x 4 inch Pink Pigs sketchbook, oil pastels and watercolours, a glue stick and a tiny box of saved magazine papers.
I had a sort of theme of stripes and dots, but it was mainly just playing and having fun.

What do you think of these?

* * * * *

Now that I'm back home my main task is reclaiming the garden from the jungle.
Did you know you can buy garden string in many delightful colours?  Of course you can use them for other stringy requirements too.

Now back to the garden.

I love when the late Spring / early Summer flowers intermingle like this.


  1. Your garden is looking great, looks really well cared for, with so many lovely flowers. I often buy bright twine for crafting, it's cheaper than special craft supplies. loOkY like you had fu in your little journal. too.

  2. lov your tiny journal Sheila,the colors and patterns are so interesting and natural !!

  3. Your mini pages are beautiful, I have a few favorites in the group. Your garden is beautiful (I love to garden), I'm envious of the trees surrounding your property. I've never seen colourful twine at the garden centre but I have found it at the dollar store. It's hanging about in my stash. Cheers, Shirleyxx

  4. Hello Sheila I love your little pages, Ilike the 4th lot the best, the colours and composition, sounds like great holiday fun, and small enough to transport. Your garden is absolutely stunning, it love it, wi sh you many happy and sunny days to enjoy it. x

  5. Oh, Sheila! I want to come lollygag in the shade of your garden, enjoy all your beautiful flora and drink a lovely ice rimmed frozen blended margarita. Ok, it might be more about the margarita, but your beautiful garden would be the ideal place to enjoy it. I could enjoy a lovely holiday right there in your yard.

    And boy do I love your little art pages! They are quite inspiring. And all so different. I couldn't choose a favorite, each page has it's own story and greatness. I love the mix of mediums and elements of each. I look forward to seeing some of these in future art pieces because I know they will re-live again in the future as all new art pieces that will get twisted and turned and spun around and change colors. Your art is so alive.

  6. Hi Sheila...such a gorgeous garden..magical space..and uplifting blooms! Your beautiful artwork is so meditative and deeply serene..just beautiful..I felt a peaceful feeling..a feeling of harmony. Love the colorful twine...looks fun!!
    Have a great day my friend

  7. Oh I love all your beautiful holiday art pages, they really do look free and must have been so relaxing and fun to do, all in your beautiful flowing style. What a gorgeous garden you have, I can well imagine you tottering around here enjoying your beautiful flowers and lush lawn, what a treat!

  8. All the wee colour pages are very inspirational. Love your use of different materials, creative fun. Garden is looking good. Love it, Awesome !!

  9. You have a wonderful garden, Sheila. I really love this kind of 'natural' looking gardens. The flowers look so beautiful.
    You made a very creative and beautiful art spread. Love the composition of differently patterned elements.
    Have a happy evening xx

  10. Lovely little compositions. Last one is my favourite. The garden as usual is looking good.

  11. You have a beautiful garden! So well kept! I'm v jealous.

  12. Your garden looks lovely, a peaceful haven to sit in and enjoy. Your small book and pages looks fabulous.
    Yvonne xx

  13. I truly wish I could landscape my back yard like yours. This is truly amazing and so colorful, too. I love the various islands of color and greenery, perfectly landscaped and looking immaculate. Please come do my back yard for me (grin).

    OH WOW. I love the pages in your book. The colors and compositions, many abstract in nature, appeal to me. I only wish I could make my art so freeing and clever as your beautiful pages. They are truly sensational!

  14. Your garden looks absolutely lovely! What a pretty view. And looks like you had a lot of fun creating all of those pages. Well done! :)

  15. Your holiday art has become so wonderful, each page in this small sketchbook has its own charm! This is a really good idea, to take a mini book on holiday, because even with a few accessories, you can create great art!
    Oh yes, now I see that you always have a lot of work with your garden, because it's so large. But you can be happy to have a garden - always a source of inspiration. Ulrike

  16. Best kind ever of holiday joy. Love these bright simple pages. My kind of art making. Garden is so wonderful, as always. xox

  17. This pages are just beautiful.... so happy ♥♥♥
    and your garden looks amazing Sheila!
    Lovely garden string - fab colours!
    Happy weekend!
    oxo Susi

  18. such a lovely garden!
    I enjoyed hearing about what happens when you don't bring art supplies. I suppose part of the fun is finding something to create with. I so enjoyed seeing your colorful little pages. It all looks like good fun.

  19. Sheila, I really love your journal, these little pages are so inspiring. And
    what a lovely garden and so beautiful flowers... a wonderful space.
    Have a lovely weekend! Mar x

  20. Lovely art and wow, wow, wow, on your garden space. Just a delight.

  21. Your journal pages look fabulous, Sheila! I haven't quite worked out holidays and art. If I take materials with me I usually don't use them. If, like you, I didn't take anything I end up buying pencils, paper etc.
    Your garden looks stunning; so beautiful. Jx

  22. i will take up that idea of taking a small book for creating with me next time - your results are amazing! i had fun enlarging the last page and noticing "royal yacht one/None"... i was visiting the "Britannia" in Edinburgh Harbor and it was interesting.
    love the garden yarns (and the Label especially!) and i understand that your garden takes a lot of time. but worth it, it Looks so beautiful.
    enjoy summer, i´m afraid it will fly by in no time. quite changeable weather here, a sunny day now and then, but LOTS of rain.

  23. What a lovely sketchbook and the pages are wonderful! Nice to see your colourful garden!
    Thanks for the insight and all the wonderful photos in the previous post!

  24. Oh wow, your garden looks like a paradise! I LOVE it! And as well I love this cute little sketch book. All the fun pages you created look amazing! This is such a wonderful idea to take a little sketchbook you. Maybe I should try to find such a cute little sketchbook too and take it with me to work and call it my secret fun book. I wish so much I could take my art with me to the office.

  25. How did I miss this post? Glad I found it because first of all, your garden photos are out of this world beautiful. Wow, you have some gorgeous plants and I wish I could get mine to bloom in sync like that. I go through a lot of green with a splash of color here and there. You have a lot of wonderful color. I also agree with you about having a few play supplies. I am the same way. If I don't have them I really miss them too. You made some super pages- they are a lot of fun. Enjoy your new week!hugs-Erika

  26. However did I miss this post?...I swear I have checked here... Gorgeous garden... so many pretty flowers. Your art is beautiful and distinct...I would know it anywhere now!! So many pretty pages. Does your garden inspire your art? Do you grow any veggies? Love it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  27. Dein Garten ist ein Traum, herrlich! Das kleine Skizzenbuch ist toll und es sieht nach sehr viel Spaß aus! Wunderbar!
    ♥lich Claudia


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