Tuesday, 31 May 2016



I've been off-line for a few weeks, staying in a lovely cottage in the English Lake District, with no wifi, no radio and a weak sporadic mobile signal.

It was very peaceful and stunningly beautiful.

Everywhere there were beautiful walks and after a steep climb

you could go over the next hill and come across a scene like this.

There were lots of sheep and lambs about.

Some were very keen to be photographed for the blog

and some would rather run about and play.

There was always time for a tea break.

Many of the houses were lovely too with beautiful proportions.

The dry stone walls are everywhere in the area, in the countryside and villages along the roads, as field dividers and as house walls.  They are made using only the stones.

The craft is very much alive and new walls are still being built.
It's a skilful craft where the wall builder has to choose each right stone for the right place.

It's great to be on holiday but it's also good to come home.
Leaving England at the border - "Welcome to Scotland"! 

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Lake District.


Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay in the Lake District, I used to love being there. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, including the nice one of Sheila personally.And yes, it's always nice to return home! Hugs, Valerie

Beo said...

Yes I did! In enjoyed this trip very much. Thank you for this wonderful excursion, Sheila! And I'm almost sure this lovley sheep and lambs will find their way into your art. And I'm very curious about the way that will happen. I'm sure it will :) And yes, this walls are art by themselves - I admire that very much.
Who cared about your garden?

Denise said...

Oh how I dream of Scotland,Ireland England...all of Great Britain.I want to go oh so bad. I dream of the country and villages,not so interested in the Cities.

marga bren said...

It is a very nice place, Sheila, I like all pictures.

My name is Erika. said...

Wow. I always heard the Lake District was a place to visit, but now I know it is. Gorgeous photos Sheila. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Now I know another place I want to visit.

~*~Patty S said...

OH how wonderful to get to enjoy some of your lovely getaway in your brilliant photos Sheila.
Is that lovely you sitting out on the terrace enjoying some tea?
Frolicking lambs... dry stone walls... rolling hills and so much beauty!
I can almost 'smell' the fresh country air.
Thank you so much for sharing some photos.
Being unplugged must have been VERY refreshing.
Welcome Home ♥ I missed you oxo

Tammie Lee said...

Your photos are a joy to see. So glad you had a good time away. The little lamb is so charming!
I love stone walls. I saw a wall in our area that a woman built alone..... part of it came crashing down. It was a huge task to try again or even to do the first time.

Welcome home.

Annie said...

Ah...BE-YOU-TEE-FULL! And here I was feeling so left behind and now I've gotten to go along afterall. Thank you so much! I see you were having a wonderful time. It looks like it must have been quite a relaxing, beautiful getaway. I just love stone walls. I thought sure they were a crumbling art and a thing of the past. I'm pretty sure they are a thing of the past here. I'm glad they are still an art there. And how nice to sit and have a spot of tea with you. Welcome home Sheila!

sirkkis said...

English Lake District seems to look very beautiful. Thank you sharing these great photos.
I've only visited London and this is enjoyable to see more England.
I'm glad you are back and look forward seeing your lovely Art soon.
Thank you Sheila so much for your kind comments on my site ❤
Have a happy day ☺

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The first three photos remind me of scenes from various public broadcasting shows I have seen of that area. These photos were mesmerizing. I so enjoyed visiting the Lake District. I'm sure it was not just peaceful, but also relaxing.

I had no idea those dry stone walls were still being built. For some reason, I thought it was a lost art.

Thank you for sharing your trip with us, because I live vicariously and this was simply incredible. Also glad to see you are back, because I started to worry about you.

kat said...

Ah super! I had a feeling you were somewhere peaceful like this enjoying unplugged time! Thanks so much for all of these wonderful photos, it looks like a place I would love too, such space and natural beauty everywhere. Also great to see you again too enjoying a nice tea break in the sunshine.
It all feels so natural and rugged and those walls, how refreshing to come upon such hand made works like that still.
I really enjoyed a glimpse of your beautiful and restorative holidays, thanks!

limmelon said...

No Wi-Fi !! Bet the coffee cafes got a lot of business. Super photos, especially the lamb. Love it, Aesomes !!

SusuPetal said...

Oh, that scenery looks so beautiful and inviting, lucky you!
Those rocks are truly work of art, so photogenic!

It's good to be offline from time to time, I use to do that, especially during summer. Such peace!

(but glad you're back!!)

ULKAU said...

That must have been a very wonderful vacation trip in this fantastic landscape! Pure peace and quiet, just wide nature around you! I especially like the walls of natural stones, which are works of art without mortar. It always looks so beautiful when small plants and moss growing out of the cracks in the walls and it is also a habitat for small animals and lizards.
How nice that even a picture of you can be seen here, now orange esmeralda has got a face! Fine, that you're back. Ulrike

Claudia ClaSpi-Art said...

Wonderful photoa and wonderful landscape! No Wi-Fi is also a recreation!But it's also nice that you´r back!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a fab trip dear Sheila - thank you for sharing all the photos- I am impressed by the stone walls - amazing!
oxo Susi

Anonymous said...

Marvelous trip and I would have so enjoyed those vistas while trekking about. Lovely to see you having a cup of tea and relaxing in the sun. Now I can envision you making your wonderful art. Wondered where you went? xox

Giggles said...

Stunning stunning photos!! I loved clicking on them and feeling like I was right there!! Thankful for a large pc screen! So glad you had such a relaxing time... really pretty countryside and loved those rock walls! So much solace can rejuvenate the creative juices!! Glad you're back! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us!

Hugs Giggles

Margik said...

A great trip, Sheila, Lake District looks a really nice and peaceful place to visit.
Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and especially to meet you.
Hugs, Mar

johanna said...

sounds deeply Relaxing and i fully understand that you enjoyed this beautiful landscape with the sheep and These Stone walls. and nice to share this wonderful Picture of you... always great to be without the temptation of the Internet. i personally am a dinosaur, i don´t even have a Smartphone, so i´m living completely "disconnected" when being away from home.
but nice to have you back, have a great summer!

rike said...

I enjoyed your pictures very much, because I probably never can visit this place, but now I have visited with your excellent photos! Very interesting how the stone walls were built! Lovely sheep that looked at you while you made the photo!

Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

That looks like a wonderful vacation. The landscape and architecture are gorgeous and. I love the dry stones walls and the sweet sheep.

Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing you holiday with us, Sheila. It looks like the weather was kind to you. I love the Lake District, although I haven't been there for a few years, but it is so beautiful.

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Looks like you had a fabulous vacation in a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing your photos. I love taking a break from the internet and life in general to explore a new area. As you said, it's always wonderful to get back home again. You live in a beautiful place :) Take care xx

genie said...

I wanna go back...so badly. But my back will not let me fly. I have gobs and gobs of BA FF miles that need to be used.These photos are heavenly. I am such a displaced Anglophile. Loved seeing the stones up close...all the ones thru the fields are so impressive. How the stone masons do it I do not know. The water is lovely. I'd be in heaven with my spinning wheel there with all of those sheep. That big gray one is impressive. Great fleece. Hope all is well with you. genie

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Wonderful photos!

Love and hugs

Evergreen Mo said...

Great to view such super photos of the area. The lamb is really a star. Looks like you had a good hol.

janie said...

Hello Sheila
So lovely to see where you have been on your holiday and a beautiful picture of you too. So nice to see you relaxing in your holiday home. The pictures are so clear, love the stone walls, the scenery and to be able to see where you have been, it looks like my kind of holiday x

The Happy Whisk said...

Is that really a picture of you, if so, you are just as pretty as I believe that you were. You would have to be, with all that art that comes from inside of you.

Great to see your face :)

stefanie stark said...

Oh yes, I enjoyed your wonderful pictures very, very much. Looking at them was just like vacation for my brain. I especially love the landscape on picture number two. It looks breathtaking there. Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful days with us!