Sunday, 27 September 2015


This time my "new art from old" uses a piece of fabric collage which was made to test out material combinations for a larger piece.

I played with it in Photoshop

painted some trees

based on one of our Rowan trees I can see through my window

and here is the finished new art.

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  1. Fabric, Trees and Photoshop, what a clever combination. Nice Forest. Love it, Awesome !!

  2. What a pretty page. Never knew the name of those trees, so thanks for that, too. No mushrooms to like here, though?! Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  3. I love your original fabric collage as well as the finished new art Sheila!
    We call it Vogelbeerbaum in german.
    A beautiful tree!
    But your little Ornage Esmeralds trees are the most beautiful ones!

    Thank you very much for joining us at Art Jorunal Joureny again!

  4. Hi Sheila, and thank you so much for your supporting comments ♥
    Your fabric is super beautiful, and the new tree creation is magical.
    It's like a mysterious forest in a faitytail. Love the green colour, it's gorgeous.
    Have a happy new week ♥♥

  5. Hello Sheila,
    a wonderful forest with a very small river, lots of different green and big trees in the background. I like the dark between the big trees which looks like a night sky with sparkling stars. And I love your little Rowan trees and all those little rosa (?) animals around them. I don't know what kind of animals they are but I'm sure they are animals!

  6. Hi Sheila, I love the original fabric art, the colours and design are gorgeous. The photo shopped art is also fantastic. Cheers, Shirleyxx

  7. This piece of patchwork looks so nice and what you did with Photoshop looks also really good. Very good work!
    Dear Greetings

  8. Wow, your ideas are phantastic!!!!! I love it so much to see how you make this artistically artwork from old things. I love the fabric patchwork as well and I'm looking forward what you will create from this.

  9. So inventive you. You come up with the best combinations of elements. xox

  10. Oh I LOVE it!! That fabric is amazing...although I love orange and have it in my home....I can't wear it...but if that fabric was pink, purple or green I'd want a coat made out of it!! Gorgeous!! And what you came up with amazing...I love the whimsy and colour of those trees! Fun fall banner too!! This is a happy place!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. fun fun fun
    fabric art mated with sketching

    love how it turned out
    and your used Rowan tree for inspiration
    i planted my first large tree today!
    it is a Rowan tree, or European Mountain Ash!
    It is so lovely in it's autumn cloak. It was So much work! I am smitten with my new friend the Rowan tree. So this feels like magic to come here and see your rowan sketch.

  12. Sheila! This is gorgeous!!! You flipped the fabric piece and when you processed it in Photoshop, the fabric created such a fabulous colorful ground collage for your trees to grow from. I love the trees you draw. And every detail put together is so amazing looking. I really LOVE this new art piece bunches and lots!

  13. You are in a roll with these makeovers! :) Here is another stunner and such a difference from the original design! Now I know the name of the tree! Yippee! Awesome sauce use of the fabric and Photoshop!

    Thanks for joining in our Mixed Media Makeover at Anything But Cute! Hugz again! ~Niki DT

  14. this is so "you". i never could see the final result in the beginnings with your wonderful fabric Collage (LOVE it). and then add some drawings of rowan (new word for me). altering all that in a way i never could come up with. you amaze me every time i come to you blog. your unique Approach is so refreshing!
    have a great week ahead, sheila :)

  15. Wow!!! This piece has blown me, it's so fabulous and just amazes me how you get your ideas and creatively use other bits to make new art, really magical! I love this one so much, a very special piece, so very artistic!!

  16. Wow, an amazing project, definitely an original design, love your end result.
    Yvonne xx

  17. Hey sheila! Oh wow thats great stuff, you have a wonderful eye and your work is amazing! Love the trees they really look fabulous! cxxx

  18. Your picture has become fantastic again, a peaceful countryside, where I would like to go for a walk! ! How nice, that you have left the painted trees in original and not digitized. So they look almost like on your photo.
    But I see, you have done real patchwork with the sewing machine ... even this piece looks great!
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  19. LOVE your interpretation of the rowan trees-gorgeous!

  20. I love your new art from old this week! The fabric collage is so beautiful! Thank you for showing us your thought process and how you come up with your ideas, Hugs!!!

  21. Love the beautiful original fabric piece and the final collage. A magical forest, It's one of my favorite collage of yours. Lovely art, Sheila!
    Mar xx

  22. I love your art, Sheila! I enjoy seeing your talent; thanks so much for sharing. :)

  23. You had me at the fabric scrap collage--so pretty in it's own right! Wow! Photoshop paired with hand drawn trees--amazing final piece! Thank you for joining our Mixed Media Makeover at Anything But Cute. Hugs! Sara Emily DT

  24. Great makeover! Thank you so very kindly for joining our Mixed Media Makeover challenge at Anything But Cute!
    Samra DT

  25. Fabulous transformation and great ideas... Gill x

  26. Your working in Photoshop is very interesting! I love the trees, they are just wonderful! Again a successful picture Sheila.

  27. I really like the architecture of the five trees in the foreground and the four tree trunk like things in the background.Tis a very cleverly executed piece of artwork showing again your excellent eye for design.

  28. LOVE this!!! what creativity!! thanx for showing a bit of the process as it's interesting to catch a glimpse of artistic flow as you've shown here :) I'm in a bit of a dry spell, feeling like i have to "pull" things out of myself which I don't like. I cherish the days when art just flows from deep inside... again, love what you created :)


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