Monday, 20 July 2015


You know how sometimes you've just got to paint something?
I wanted to make a piece for the theme "In the Garden" at "Moo-Mania".

I usually have a plan before I start, even if it is only an two-inch size thumbnail sketch.
But for this I got out my trusty oil pastels

and just started.

At this stage it often looks as if an extremely untalented one year old child has played with her mother's crayons.
We have to trust that it will get better and continue.

Next step was using the watercolours.

This sometimes brings the painting to life (sometimes makes it even worse).

Then stamps, stamp pads, watercolour pens and other pens came out

and we ended up here.
It's not too bad when you look back at the start.

Of course I had to have a bit of fun with Photo-editing and that's how the garden got a pond.

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  1. How interesting to see your whole proces, Sheila. I envy your colouring mediums. I've only pencil, ink pencils and poor chalks.... I love the final colours and the pond. Great art!
    Have a happy day xxx

  2. Super pond !! Your mixed use of pastels, paint, stamps and photoshop is tremendous. Its all very inventive, Love it, Awesome !!

  3. Oh!...I get how it's done now. First - go to Sheila's house, sit in her creative space... LoL Yep, that's what I need to do all right. First off, I LOVE your artsy tools display! I love how used they are. Then to see a new piece where they all were put to their artsy talents guided by your imagination is icing! I've said it before, watching you create is like watching magic happen. This is yet another beautiful, magical Sheila garden. A wonderful place to spend my morning. **insert sigh of content**. It's always an enjoyable time looking through your art to find all the unique details you add.

  4. So beautiful Sheila! I so love this creations you make with crayons and watercolors -- they are the most colorful ones --- always AMAZING!
    The photoedited version is gorgeous as well!
    Thank you for joining Moo Mania & More ♥♥♥

    Happy new week !

  5. Beautiful garden, lots of lovely colours, too. Glad you had fun, and thanks for joining us at Moo Mania and More, Valerie

  6. Just beautiful! I like your colourful and very lively garden! So many lovely details! the edited version is wonderful, too!

  7. thanks for sharing your fun and interesting!! Great supplies!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. A beautiful garden, thanks for sharing how you created this colourful scene. I think you mast have had fun with this page.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Fun to see the stages of this piece and how it turned into a beautiful and magical garden!
    Nice photo of your tidy work place my talented neatnik friend ;-)

  10. I like that very much, Sheila!
    I like it that much that I have to try oil pastells and water colour as well. And I didn't do that before because I had no idea how to use them.
    Thanks for that. I see a lot of dancing flowers and I'm dancing as they do :)
    you know why...
    Best Beae

  11. i love your lovely garden sheila,so many wonderful clors you used,fantastic pieces,and the gate in your garden its very beautiful,i love these.
    the dancing flowers in your garden its wonderful as well.
    i love your tsyle so much,dear sheila :-)
    have a nice day,here its cold and rainy,no perfect summer here is.

    greetings jenny

  12. Absolutely gorgeous, Sheila! I love how you showed us your creative process, too! Your work of art is truly dancing!!!!

  13. fun fun fun
    yes, we have to trust from experience that at the beginning it will get better ;-)
    fun to gander at your supplies/tools
    and to see it unfold step by step
    and then to enjoy the whimsical ending in each gorgeous color combo

  14. oh, you have a lot of Colors and pens to Play with, i even spy some stamppads! no wonder you can come up with so joyful drawings... and you found your Special style playing with them, really unique. it was nice to see the Progress - and so good you added a Pond: we have a heat wave here where one shower per hour is the only solution to survive;)
    melting greetings, Johanna xo

  15. Wow I can only love this!! So great how you take us through each amazing stage and I mean it, I love all your creative process to get to this! It's such a great piece, a most beautiful Summer garden, I'd love to spend a day lounging around this garden, it feels tropical and I'm sure would be full of sweet singing birds and tropical sounds, delightful!

  16. This garden is absolutely beautiful and full of fabulous details. I love the digital version and choice of colours. Great job, Sheila!

  17. beautiful piece, a wonderful evolution into a garden with a pond!

  18. If the flowers in your garden at home are as nice and brightly, like in your picture, then you can be happy! This is a very joyful painting again! Ulrike

  19. wow, I thought the process was great. Nice work and it looks like a lot of fun.

  20. Beautiful! The creative journey can be so much fun, if you just let it happen as you did. Happy PPF! #11

  21. Truly "mixed media". Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Super fun and colorful piece. I love how you showed us your process. I often forget my oil pastels but I think you inspired me to bring them out.

  23. I like the mixed media technique. Great fun and awesome work.:)

  24. Gorgeous art work. Happy Friday!

    Love and hugs

  25. I totally know what you mean about trusting it will get better. I am much better at pushing through than I used to be, and it's worth it 98% of the time! Beautiful little scene you completed in the end!

  26. Sheila, firstly, I absolutely love your talent...gorgeous artwork! I also love how you shared it here, brilliant!

  27. Love your work as always Sheila and the result is fabulous as always too. TFS :o)) xo

  28. I love this garden so much. Looking at the last picture is like reading a wonderful magical picture book containing a story about a wonderful magical garden! Your ideas are always phantastic and magical too!

  29. I like the technique, that must I try out oil pastel and watercolors. A very interesting combination, it looks like a lot of fun.

  30. Great to see all your art supplies,my they are so clean and tidy. Lovely to follow your working method..The end result is so bright and zingy, is that a word, the piece just jumps from the page.

  31. I wanted to edit my comment above and I couldn't....... so I deleted it. Sorry. I gave someone's full name in the comment and I thought I should not have done that. Anyway........ love your blog and love this piece! I'll be visiting you a lot!

  32. How wonderful. This piece reminds me of my own little backyard pond. :D

  33. Gorgeous garden painting, I love the effect of the oil pastels mixed with the water colours. Beautiful colours as well. Take care, Shirleyxx

  34. You continue to amaze with your never ending imagination and use of techniques which culminates in an incredible finished piece of artwork. Great stuff x

  35. I love both versions, and it is fascinating to see the stages they went through before the finished piece - thanks for sharing. Jx


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