Sunday, 5 July 2015


Hello everyone.
I've been on holiday in Skye.

When you cross over the sea to Skye, you can feel the change in the atmosphere immediately, the air is cleaner and softer, the pace is slower and calmer, and the island is friendly.

Here is the view we woke up to every morning

although some days it was like this, which was lovely too.

Skye has excellent two lane roads, but others are single lane with passing places, marked by the distinctive off-road sign you can just see here.  All drivers in Skye were extremely courteous and generous, and there was never any problem meeting another vehicle even on the narrowest of roads.

This was a not uncommon occurrence and you had to be careful if a lamb was on one side of the road and the mother sheep was on the other.  

Sometimes they had to be "encouraged" to move.

I was always trying to get a good picture of a pretty little lamb.
"Come on!" I would say "You'll be on a blog, you'll be famous". 
Most of them were unimpressed but this one decided to pose for us.

It was all very well meeting delightful sheep and lambs on the road but this lot were a different story.  I expect these cows were warm and cuddly, but their long sharp horns next to our car on a narrow misty road were a bit disconcerting.

This Hieland coo was a few inches from the car door which I opened to take this photo.  Wasn't I brave!  I'm glad he didn't turn round.

And then there were the blind summits on a single lane road.  This road was steeper than it looks here.
What was over the summit?  It could be anything - a sharp bend, a steep drop, another car or lorry ...... or what?  But it never seemed to be a problem.
When we got back to the Mainland and saw the road sign "Blind Summit" on a normal road we shouted "That's not a Blind Summit!".

Skye is full of awesome walks.
What will we find at the top of this hill?  Another hill?

Or it could be yet another magnificent view.
Everywhere in Skye was Beauty,

the beach and the sea

or a peaceful country scene.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Skye, a wonderful island.


janie said...

Hello Sheila Skye looks lovely so clean and fresh, love it all, the stream, the hieland coo, the wee sheep, but most of all the blind summits, must have been nice to see what's over the hill. Thanks for taking me on a lovely journey through Skye.

sirkkis said...

Thank you Sheila for sharing these wonderful photos and greetings from the Skye island. Looks a real countryside.
Nice to have you back on blogland♥

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you had a good time, thanks for sharing the photos, great views and the sheep and cows are lovely. Valerie

Jeannette said...

glad you have a good time,thanks for sharing this beauty island,love the lamb and sheeps,and the cow very freindly and lovely.
have a great summer.

greetings jeannette

limmelon said...

Skye mist, rain, gale, sunshine, calm, and that's just in a morning ! Coos, sheep, lambs, deer, otters, seals, birds, single track roads, steep bits, flat bits, passing places, blind summits, hair pin bends, makes for exciting driving on these roads. Super slide show. Love it, Awesome !!

Beo said...

Thank you for this trip so Scye, Sheila! I'sure have had wonderful days there. And I admire your courage to put the window down about face to face with this scraggy cows...
The little white lamb is so cute
Have a nice evening

Evergreen Mo said...

Glad you enjoyed Skye. One of my best places to visit. Your photos are superb and really show the magic of the place.

Karla B said...

Skye is inspiring, my friend!

Giggles said...

Gorgeous photos.....I once had a dream and it was exactly like picture 10..... it was almost twenty years ago and a very distinctive dream that's why I remember it!! Bazaar because I have never seen roads like that or been on one either!! I'm perplexed!!

Thanks for sharing that bit of beauty!

Hugs Giggles

johanna said...

thanks for taking us to this journey, sheila! the Little lamb just doesn´t know how famous your blog is;) oh yes, i would have been impressed by the horns of the cattle, too. and the whole mood with mist and "blind summits" Looks gorgeous.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Amazing photos from that beautiful island! Must have been wonderful days there Sheila! Gorgeous!
And YES ..very brave... what a big bull.. wow!
Glad to have you back- missed Orange Esmeralda!

Caz said...

These photos are amazing! What amazing views, so picturesque! I love the cows and lamb too, very cute except maybe for the horns as you say :-P

Margik said...

Skye looks so beautiful and a nice quiet place to rest, I really love it! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing, Sheila!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Ahh, Skye, *sigh*, one of my most favourite places on Earth. And being only a couple of hours from me, we go every Summer for a day out. I've never stayed overnight, but hubs has, for work, and he hates it! He seems to attract the midgies, lol. Shame *wink* I'm so glad you had a lovely adventure. Your photos do the place real justice. The wee lamb is adorable with it's thick fleece and the coos are magnificent. When we see them, me and Wee Man shout, Hoo noos! (broon coo) Lol :D Hope the weather is being kind now you are back home :D xo

Claudia CS-CreativArt said...

These looks so beautiful! Glad you had beautiful holidays!

~*~Patty S said...

OH MY such beauty at every turn Sheila!
Welcome Home.
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos
AND you opened the door!!! with those magnificent "coos" right there!
Brave visitor you!
I am going back for another lookie look at your beautiful pictures.

Annie said...

This has been a beautiful little trip to Skye that you've taken us on. I'd put it on my list of places where it would be lovely to live. Smart little lamb there, volunteering be blog famous. I'll bet he's been struttin' ever since. Those woolly beasts are quite formidable looking. I would definitely use my polite tourist voice with them. What a lovely place to get a way from all the hustle and bustle of life.

Fodie Ann said...

Hello Sheila, I love your pictures of Skye, the animals, the countryside, and the weather! What adventures you must have had, exploring the narrow, steep mountain roads - I do love your descriptions of what might be on the other side of the blind summits! They can be a bit daunting! You have captured the serene beauty so well! Hugs, Fodie Ann. xx

ULKAU said...

Sheila, this is a wonderful scenery which you show us - a fantastic vacation must have been! Everything looks so peaceful - and I am sure that the fuzzy cattle are also quite harmless.
I like these cows particularly.
Many thanks for these nice travel impressions. Ulrike

stefanie stark said...

How phantastic to see all your beautiful holiday impressions!!!!! I enjoyed it so much to look at your pictures because last year we have been there as well but only for a few hours for passing through. And we both my husband and me fell immediately in love with this heavenly island and we absolutely want to come back. Thank you again for sharing this wonderful experience!

LonettA said...

What a fabulous place! It reminds me about our vacation in Norway 24 years ago! Thank you for the impressive photos!

Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

Sheila your photos are fantastic, love the little lamb and the highlands cattle, you were very brave when you opened the car door.

Victoria said...

Wowness...what a mesmerizing place..feels enchanted and charming! I love all of your gorgeous photos..the sheep are so beautiful...and that photo of the path up the hill..spectacular!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures!! amazing!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Sheila, I loved my visit to Skye through your photos and story-telling! It is a magical place and your words and pictures are absolutely amazing!

Tammie Lee said...

i loved seeing your photos Sheila! Such a lovely place, a sweet place to wander. hills and sea. It sounds as though you enjoyed your time there, so glad to hear. thank you for sharing!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Gorgeous photos and scenery, looks like a great place to spend time. Take care, Shirleyxx

Linda said...

Beautiful photos! What a gorgeous and captivating place!

kat said...

Oh such great beauty, I love each picture so much and your lovely words to go with it all, what a magical place, I'd love it there, I'm sure.
Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful holiday with us!

Jackie said...

So glad you enjoyed your holiday. Skye looks an amazing place - somewhere I have yet to go - so calm and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. Jx

Anonymous said...

Fab views. Do you know Emma and her B&B? She posts these wonderful views often. Reading some mysteries by Peter May about the Isle of Lewis these days. Scottish n me somewhere maybe that's why I'm drawn to the coast. Xox

The Happy Whisk said...

Very nice to see all these pictures, but what's this? None of you????

Sim said...

Skye looks a lot like Ireland! It's beautiful! :)

Annie said...

Hi Sheila what stunning photographs :-)
I love Skye it is such a beautiful place. We stayed at The Three Chimneys, which was in an amazing location. Think the place is called Colbost. Lots of stunning walks. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog :-)
You also asked where in Scotland I live........well I stay in the South West, just across the water from the Isle of Arran, which is another gorgeous place to visit. How about you?
Now your newest follower

Hugs Annie x

Annie said...

You mentioned you love little journals/books..........have you ever visited Astrid's Artistic Efforts blog ? If not you must drop in as I am sure you will love it.

Annie x