Monday, 25 May 2015


Usually when I get an idea for an artwork, no matter how badly it is behaving, I pursue it with whatever art material or technique it wants to complete it.


The Plan was to have a dear little octopus with a pretty little house for the "Art Journal Journey" challenge "The Sea".
Here is the octopus in the sea.

She didn't like her house.

And Mr. Esmeralda thought she was a turtle.

I even made her a pretty little octy chair.

I daresay I could have persevered but there are other things to do beside make an Octopus a house she doesn't want, so while I had my watercolours paints out I painted a journal page

and used Photo-editing to turn it into a sea page with fishes for the "Art Journal Journey" challenge, theme "The Sea" .

Just as you can make lemonade when you are given a lemon, I made a little notebook when I was given a truculent octopus.

Do you like my little octopus?  I think her name is "Matilda Octy".


  1. Matilda Octy looks very sweet and sociable. She's so happy-go-lucky looking, I can see why she might not want to be tied down to just one house. Your sea world is so lovely. All the gorgeous underwater sea life really comes to life with your photo editing. It seems to glow. The cutest and luckiest fishies ever to be swimming there. haha...what a fun and colorful octy chair! It's definitely the one I would choose to sit in if I were to visit Matilda Octy. She will keep your notes safe and organized, I sure. A fun post to start my day.

  2. Thank you for the smile, Sheila. Both Matilda and your final sea art are wonderfully colorful and quirky.

  3. Hello Matilda , love the nice red necklace she is wearing !! beautiful colorful world,like a fantasy land !!

  4. Love the little notebook. So much creative fun.

  5. Hello Sheila I love the little octopus with the colourful legs and red necklace in the first picture, and the little fishes and colours in the last picture but most of all love the cute little notebook.

  6. Fun work Sheila, I think Matilda look like a punk octopussy. Thanks for joining us again at Art Jounal Journey, Valerie

  7. Oh Sheila your octopus made me smile, so sweet and beautifully done and she have a lovely chair to rest in.

  8. Malilda Octy is terrific. Maybe an octopus or an eight flippered turtle !!. Love the chair, eight legs up, easy. The Matilda Octy notebook will become the current must have accessory. The seascape is super. Love it, Awesome !!

  9. Mathilda can be very happy with her fab chair and that she made it into a notebook as well!
    And I do love your page .. so full of motion and yummie colors ....the reversed variation is very expressive!
    Great that you found time to make once more sea art!
    Happy new week to you Sheila!
    big hugh
    Art Journal Journey says THANK YOU!

  10. Mathilda looks gorgeous and she also has a lovely necklace!
    Groetjes Karin

  11. Your octopus girl is such a sweet one, a beauty! And you don't have to wonder that she is very own by herself, doesn't want to have the chair and the house you've created for her.... Every being that comes out of your brushes is a strong one and has it's own haed. And I think you can be proud of/for this.

    And I like your journals page - and this time I prefer the one you created with photoshop - very, very much.
    Best Beate

    1. PS. What do you do with all this wonderful little notebooks??

  12. She has pizzaz and a most fance chair too! Lots of marvelous wavy plants in your sea. xox

  13. I bet Matilda Octy is very proud to be a cover girl and she will have many admirers. And if all else fails, there are plenty more fish in the sea :o))))

  14. Haha Sheila, I do like your sweet octopuss-lady! I had a grin about she is so picky about what house she choose...I mean she has so many arms and there has to be so much room she can´t take every house, you know? Meanwhile she find place in a notebook...awesome too I guess! The underwater-scene looks so magical and I am sure Miss Matilda will be seen here soon to take a lil walk ;) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  15. Love that underwater scene - both versions. And Matilda has found her ideal home on that book cover :-)

  16. Oh, what a entertaining post!! I do love Mathilda and her unique chair. You have found a wonderful place for her on this lovel notebook! I like both versions of your imaginative journal pages ... beautiful and very creative works!
    Hugs, Annette

  17. Your ideas are always amazing funny!
    Mathilda must be loved - but she's no octopus for me, but a little smiling flea. The best is her chair!

  18. I do love your octopus . What a fun idea to bind it as the title of your little book.

  19. Matilda looks really fabulous with this necklace so gorgeous. Love both underwater scenes... great versions with beautiful colours. Your little notebook is so cute and I also Iove the amazing and colourful chair. Funny art, Sheila!

  20. Love the octopus especially the necklace, one should never go swimming without one. Great sea scene , super colours again. The chair is such fun

  21. Matilda is cute and certainly has a story to tell :-) so perfect that you made her a beautiful book!
    Her chair made me smile extra much.
    Always fascinating to see what you create and where it leads you dear Sheila.
    I need a cuppa something strong to give me the energy I will need to catch up with all the players in this month's AJJ challenge. It is still breakfast time here in Virginia.

  22. I love your art work! Your journal page looks great and the octopus notebook worked beautifully. I adore the way you use colour! Thank You for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Actually I have a daughter by the name of Matilda; but she isn't an octopus! At least not as far as I know! xx

  23. I definitely love Matilda Octy, she's a real little lady with her bright red beads and I love that little note book you made, you definitely embrace your art and have such fun it's contagious and inspires me so much! As for that sea piece, I feel very deep in a wonderful sea world far below looking at this, there is movement and such life in it! A fabulous post as always here!

  24. I love Matilda! And all the art here. Merry creating!

  25. much energy and vibrancy and color-magic living inside of all of these fantastic pieces! I love your seascape dreamy and shining with wonderful textures, a sense of ethereal- lightness.. and how I adore those sweetie fish swimming by! Matilda..she has stolen my heart..adorable!
    Thanks for sharing your enchanting world!

  26. Hi, I really love your wild Matilda Octy, and you've made her a very nice chair. And that a wonderful place she can live. Your sea art piece is gorgeous in colours and shapes.
    Wish you a happy weekend, Sheila xx

  27. Fabulous art pages. Matilda looks awesome, lucky her having a nice place to live.
    Yvonne xx

  28. Oh my goodness so much eye Candy...Colourful, and full of movement... I am in love with the colour changes...just amazing..I see a series of cards with your unique work!! Good job keeping your style all yours!!

    Hugs Giggles

  29. I love, love, love both versions of your watercolour and your little octopus book is delightful. Jx

  30. this makes such a charming notebook!
    I love that chair with all the legs, so fun.
    who needs a house when one has the entire ocean.

  31. An Octy Chair indeed. We need more of you.

  32. how could i miss this post?? i LOVE your truculent (new word for me) matilda so much. maybe she reminds me of my truculent younger son;) the chair is hilarious!

  33. I love your talent! The colours are so lovely, and the themes very attractive. :)


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