Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I'm following a series of on-line lessons, some of which are of the type "Paint and make marks then see what you can find".
I started off with a limited palette using watercolours, painting and stamping.

Then somehow the limited palette went out of the window.

If you've got time, do have a look to see what you can find hidden in the picture above.

I left it sitting on my studio floor for four days, squinting at it now and then.

Eventually I started off with the modern winged angel in the top left.
And carried on from there.

I was quite surprised to find the hen, it came out of nowhere, although when I look back it was there all the time, hiding.

This is what I don't like about this technique: it's not very good at producing a good all-over composition.
This is what I like about this technique: you can find and paint images that you would never have thought of.

I think it's better cropped.

So, remember to always carry a large hen when you fly in to save the world.

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  1. I would never have found your gorgeous characters in this background ! NEVER EVER! ...
    great done Sheila!
    So glad you found even a hen - so MOO MANIA & MORE is happy as well.
    Art Journal Journey and I thank you a lot for this fab piece.

    Have a great (St.Patrick's Day)
    we don't care here in any way about this event-
    but every day is worth to be a special one!

  2. Cool, It looks like you had a lot of fun doing this!
    Groetjes Karin

  3. Lovely piece, glad you had fun making it. It's not a technique I really like either. Thanks for joining us at MM&M and AJJ, Valerie

  4. Angel with Giant Hen. Terrific idea. Super to make something out of such an apparent mess. Love your multi-media approach. Love it, Awesome !!

  5. Dear Sheila, thanks for a big smile with your fabulous characters. I do love the world saver and the huge hen. They do the great duty to us ;)

  6. Completely love this piece and I like your choice of colour. Your creatures are amazing, your hen made me smile, very fun!
    Mar x

  7. My eye picked up the train right away. Sticking to a color palette is hard! But worth a try. I do quite like the orange amphibious-fish in the lower right corner.

  8. I saw him! I saw him! I guess I've been hanging around you long enough to glimpse into your imagination. I know what I saw, but couldn't wait to see what you saw. And there he was! All decked out to save the world. But the hen was a complete surprise. WHAT FUN! But of course you've got to fly in with a large hen to save the world. bwahahahahaha! I do love your plant life too. And did you see the double-bodied bird in the lower right corner of the original?...I know you did.

  9. I didn't spend too long but I found lots of stuff:
    a face with a blue mustache (and purple hair)
    a dog
    lots of flowers
    a pair of shears
    the word 'boob'
    duck-billed platypus
    a staircase (seen from above. Possibly an escalator)

    1. The platypus is bottom right, in orange, facing left. :)

  10. I saw the figure right away but that was it. Will have to try it myself and see if I can pick out images.

  11. haha got it...large hen = check!
    At least you're going to class!
    If anyone can find magic creatures it's you my inventive and creative friend.
    Great results (but I am thinking art should be fun and not toil and trouble...grumbling at the back of the classroom ahem)

  12. I love this style of art where you find what you are looking for.

    Thank you for joining in at Art Journal Journey

    Love Chrissie xx

  13. Wow what a explosion of wonderful colors, love it all Sheila, so fun, I will always remember a large hen when I want to fly out and save the world.

  14. Just fabulous! Wonderful painting and very interesting to discover your amazing characters! I love it!

  15. I love your large hen. Hen's are quite useful it seems. Great creatures in critters in your creation "before" the crop. xox

  16. I saw two sisters by the terracotta plant pots with the flowers as well as the angel but mine looked different to yours. What an amazing colourful imagination you have. Love the colour combinations, you have an eye for colour.

  17. Fantastic funny and magical art work as always. Your wonderful fantasy is really infinite!
    Thanks for sharing all the details,
    big hugs Anja

  18. You are too funny! But that angel was there with that hen - you are right about that and I do think the cropped image is better too!

  19. What a fun and inspiring way to paint a picture,is a good idea to run once the creativity.

  20. The cropped version is my favourite. Once again great colour sense. Love the little continuing story

  21. With hen you are superwomen, hehe....Yes yes yes for finding all your creatures here, sheila !! Such a imaginative world! I so love to play like this! The hen and the lil squirrel are my favs! Sometimes it is very difficult to find something, when the background is very busy...than I try to even it out with a thin layer of white in some areas..this helps me alot....also to do negative painting then around the found items to let them pop ;) ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  22. oohh wow sheila,i find so much fun creatures on your fantastic art work,yes yes yes,you are a superwoman and i love your style so much,beautiful artworks you maked allways.
    have a great day,dear sheila.

    greetings jeannette

  23. You are so good at this schtuff, it'a always fun to visit :o))

  24. I like that you saw hidden things I saw some too love your page

  25. hahaha, so much fun.... i love your Imagination, not sure if i had found the hen:)

  26. these are very wise words to have your hen nearby when saving the world! I came over from moo mania and I LOVE your art. xo

  27. Wow what a piece! I certainly saw lots in your first image, birds and all types of wonderful creatures bursting with life!
    There is such an explosion of colour and life in these, it looks like you had a ball of fun and life is dancing and celebrating at the arrival of Spring!
    I love your final cropped version, it has such a happy fun energy!

  28. Oh you made me laugh so much telling this funny story about always taking your hen with you when saving the world as well as your little note about the palette that went out of the window! This is really phantastic! And by the way, I love your colorful palette much more and I also love your sense of humour as well as I love your technique of creating art so much. Thank you for sharing your great art!

  29. Hello Sheila,
    What a fun way to create, I know the feeling of not being able to limit a palette. Colour is magical to me so it is hard to restrict to only a few hues.
    Anyway you brought a smile to my face and I found the whole process interesting. I like the cropped version as well and I like how you found the images in your lines.
    Thanks for joining us this month at The Mirror Crack'd..

  30. what fun! Sounds a great course, I saw a little scorpion and you turned him into a little reindeer, how interesting how our brains interpret lines.

  31. That little man I saw right away, but there are lots of different figures to find on there. Love the hen :-)

  32. This looks like a lot of fun to do and I love all the bright colours.

  33. Lots of fun. I love all the colors and they splashy effect. Have a great weekend.

  34. What a fascinating idea Sheila!! So many interesting objects! The hen has the superpower to provide fertilizer for the whole world....happy PPF

  35. Fabulous lessons in looking for a subject in paint! I would have added all that color too:) Love how you found the hen, and I do like the cropped piece!

  36. Sheila, you found such wonderful items in the painting. I didn't see the person or some of the other things until you emphasized them. Love this post.

  37. That's hilarious...always carry a large hen, I'll have to try that!! I use this method for my art however I usually see bigger things...and the other day I saw a bird and duck...however that is turning into a cat eating a bird...don't ask!! Keep working with this method and see what you see...put it by the couch when you watch tv and just glance at it from time to time until something pops at you!! It's such an intuitive way of working!! Adorable by the way!!

    Hugs Giggles

  38. I love it! Serendipity pieces like this can be so much fun. Blessings!

  39. The body of your angel is my hen and your hen is my giant sparrow attacking your hen. Does that makes sense? Probably not, but I'll keep trying. Fascinating stuff, Sheila!

  40. Oh my gosh, you made me smile with the message: "always carry a hen when you try to save the world", I'm still smiling... Thanks for the exercise as well, I stared looking for images... I actually saw a rooster where you ended up with the angel. and a few other things. Beautiful cropped piece, it looks fantastic, I love the colours. Have a wonderful weekend, Shirleyxx

  41. That is a very interesting post, so full of figures and ideas!
    That is creativity pure, I think!
    When I was a child, I loved to look into the clouds and to find several figures... but after a while they changed into something else...
    Have a creative weekend, dear Sheila - Ulrike

  42. thanks for the hen tip, i would have never thought of that on my own!
    I like it cropped too, it gives more intimate glimpses at the details
    it seems like such a fun thing to do!

  43. My goodness Sheila you have been busy.
    A great thought provoking post and lots of artwork.
    Enjoy your weekend ;D

  44. I love hearing how this piece came about. Looking at paint and finding images is my absolute favorite way to paint.

  45. A hen! Art is surprising and inspiring, as can be seen in your process! Love it.

  46. Oh what fun this is! I think hens are so sweet, what a great idea!

  47. It's exciting to look for any figures and put paint to them, to work it out.
    lovely and fun piece you've made :)

  48. What a great post, I love everything here! :)

  49. Wow! Don't know which I enjoy more, viewing your Art or seeing your friends comments on it! Well, yes, I do know, it is your creations I enjoy most! The more I looked at the 4th picture, the more I saw! I am intrigued by the row of blue eyes below the angel, or is it a blue caterpillar going up the hill? Also I loved the final cropped one of the angel with her hen - a celestial being with a homely hen, lovely combination, Sheila's! Love it! Hugs.

  50. I always love your end product, but it's wonderful to see the creative process!

  51. I love intuitive painting and you seem to be having great fun with it! Love your piece ~ cropped and not!

  52. I love your title, very quirky. I sat and stared at your work for a while before moving down the page, I spotted your car and a crab and another angel. I see what you mean about the overall composition but it's a fun way of finding things to bring out.

    Thanks for sharing this clever creation with us

    The Mirror Crack'd


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