Tuesday, 2 December 2014


The theme at "Art Journal Journey" this month is "Collage".

Earlier on this year I suggested to my Art Group that it might be a good idea to have a Collage Workshop.
In some mysterious way I ended up organising and running it. 

We started off with a couple of warm-up exercises using two 6 x 4 inch pieces of good quality paper.
The idea was to make these two collages very quickly.

Collage 1

Choose one colour for this, e.g. purple.
Paint whole page light purple.
Leave to dry.

Keep to the same colour.

Do some loopy large purple writing all over.
Paint a purple border.
Add a mainly purple magazine image.
Draw a fancy purple frame round the image.
Add random letters and frame each letter with a purple shape.
Cut out pieces of text to make a sentence or story.
Colour the text pale purple.
Add another image in a contrasting colour.

Fairly ho-hum, but not too bad after playing with it using Photo-editing.

The castle picture in the middle is my own painting.

Collage 2

Use any colours.
Paste some images from a magazine covering most of the page but leave some white spaces to colour in later.
Add one or more words from a magazine.
Colour in the white spaces and any other white bits in different colours.

For some reason I really like the way this has turned out.

* * * * *

I spent about 20 minutes on each of these, not counting getting supplies together.

I'll use the second method again as a warm-up, although the first method was useful too as the colour choices were restricted, so more concentration could be applied to the design.

* * * * *

I concocted these exercises after several weeks scouring the web for ideas on making collages and the credit goes to the many bloggers who generously shared their ideas.


  1. Love your little warm-up collages, they have turned out really well. I think the last one is my fave. Hope you are keeping warm in this cold weather! Thanks for another lovely contribution to ART Journal Journey! Valerie

  2. I like your warm-up collages, especially the one with the little castle painting in the middle.

  3. I love the ideas to both of them and should try this steps...

    Hope so to find time enough to make many collages this month....

    I love both of your exercises and the photo edited version is original lovely Esmeralda style ...yes!

    Thank you for sharing them with us at AJJ Sheila!
    Happy Tuesday !

  4. Beautiful 'warm up' collages! Very much fun really. I like this month's theme, not sure if I will find time... it's pretty hectic here. Take care, Shirleyxx

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun making your mini collages and your vintage collage looks a bit like a mood board. Thinking of some new furniture perhaps? x

  6. Sweet. It's good to challenge with rules now and again. I always feel that collage is so intuitive you know? xox

  7. Love your beautiful collages and the photo-edited version, it is a pleasure to read your Collage Workshop and to see your amazing results. Great designs and fabulous colours, Sheila!
    Mar x

  8. I love these collages, I love making collages, I might have to make a few for the challenge

  9. very esmeralda as for the first ones... but i also like the last one - it is very well balanced. and i Love your new Header, awesome!

  10. wow,your collages looks all so beautiful,i loved this.

    greetings Jeannette

  11. These are very interesting possibilities to work a fast collage; that makes it easy simply.

    Your chair collage pleases me very well, one has the feeling to be in an area or room with multicolored wallpapers.

  12. I know that I'm much too literal much of the time, but I have to ask...what is it a warm up to? I'm going to guess just creative juices in general, but my initial thought was to a specific project. See how I am...not your standard run of the mill artistic thinking. I'm probably looking for too much logic and art has little of that. Purple is not a favorite color of mine so I'm really liking your photo edited version. The colors are so enjoyable and that little castle painting is pure delight!

  13. All well past the Ho-Hum. Super, love the colours, Awesome !!

  14. All your collages are beautiful, Sheila. My favorit is the 'castle' creation. It tells so much by few elements.

  15. Great ideas and art! Thanks for sharing Sheila, I really love the one with your castle picture, such an authentic piece, it's always oozing with creativity over here!

  16. Sheila, these pieces are stunning! My fav is the first one - makes me think of fairy tales!

  17. Hi Sheila! My favourite is the one before the Ho-hum, as purple is one of my favourite shades. The fairy tale bowl in the centre square is truly magical - you can only see the front of the bowl, the rest is invisible. I love the six and eight sided designs, and the warm red of the bowl! Hugs!

  18. Quick and beautiful! Especially I like the first and second one!
    Greetings, Annette

  19. I like the floating bowl and the castle the best. Great work as usual x


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