Saturday, 27 December 2014


Hello everyone.
I hope you had a good Christmas time whether you celebrated it or not.

As I said previously, I have recently had my studio revamped and it's looking very good but I needed a studio helper.
Luckily I have a very kind and caring nephew who sent me this person here.

As you can see Teddy Nonameyet has already helped to complete his first sewing task, making Christmas napkins.

And here he is, waiting to make his first piece of art.

We wanted to make a collage for the current theme "Collage" at "Art Journal Journey", and followed the advice of Jasper Johns  - "Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it".

Santa brought me some washi tape, so I started off with two pieces and a little bird,

drew some flowers,

painted the little bird and flower and added a collaged floating thing

and painted a sort of patchwork background.

It measures just under 4 x 4 inches and was made with two pieces of washi tape, two magazine snippets, nine pieces of my own painted papers, watercolour, acrylic, metallic and black pens and a little bit of stamping.

I was quite pleased with the design, but then I gave it a bit of a battering in Photoshop which I think improves the colour proportions and values.

Here it is in another colourway.

Edited on 1st January 2015.
The challenge "Mix it Monthly" has restarted again after a couple of month's break and the theme is "Colour Blocking".
Although this was posted before the challenge opened, Conny suggested that I add this to the challenge, so I did.

I'm also linking to "Paint Party Friday" where we share what we have made since the previous Friday.


  1. Hi Sheila, your wish is my command - well sometimes! I pinned the second from last one, as that was my fave colour combo! ! Thanks for another lovely contribution to Art Journal Journey, Valerie
    PS Love that new teddy, too!

  2. Hello Sheila, what a happy and creative piece, I love your new cute helper, what a great gift, perfect for your new studio! I love all your creative colourful fun here and the photoshop work on it makes for really special pieces, though I love the original just as much!

  3. At first: Welcome to your studio helper, he is very cute bear. I think you can be happy to have such a caring nephew and I think as well he will be happy to have such an aunt....
    I like you new collage with the bird, and the quote as well. Most of all I like your flower who seems to be very happy
    Ciao Beate

  4. OH! Here's your new helper! Well isn't he just the most adorable helper ever! Aren't all the other applicants jealous?! (all the other teddies) Coosh job working with the boss lady, you know. Oh my gosh, I'm just soaking in your art table. Rolls of Washi, Little books of/for little arts. Painted papers, BIG roomy table space!!! And what a fun first production out of the the revamped studio! A bit of a crazy quilt of papers and such. I've had quite the fun time examining and finding the many bits that make this art piece magical.

  5. Just wonderful art, Sheila! Love all you have done: shapes, colours, and of course the bird who had the starting role for your gorgeous collage.
    I wish you a wonderful holiday season dear Sheila.
    P.S. Best greetings to your cute Helper, too ;)

  6. No wonder you produce such marvellous work with help from such a bear. Love your collage multimedia creations. The wee bird is fantastic. I like the second last colour scheme best. Love it, Awesome !!

  7. Gorgeous collages, each one is wonderful. Your helper is cute :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all the best in 2015! Shirleyxx

  8. Wonderful collage ~ look like you had fun creating it *and* playing with it afterward too!

  9. How much fun you are having, not only putting your piece together, but then color changes. I will have to try that! Thank you for sharing your art with us this year. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2015.

  10. what a great helper you have here... seems he watches every step you do. awesome Collage, sheila, and what a tidy Studio you have!!

  11. Watch that bear ----- he bites! Maybe he'll be better tempered when you give him a name? These panels are marvellous --- so much information. If I had to choose, I'd say that my favourite is the second photoshopped one. The colours tie everything together so well.

  12. Terrific collage Shelia! Love the great patchwork background, colours, drawings, and specially the little bird. I like all amazing versions. And your helper is so cute.
    Mar x

  13. Fun new assistant you have there and a sweet nephew too!
    Your studio is so organized looking.
    What a fun and colorful collage you've created...
    great fun seeing it evolve and in various color ways too.
    It would be hard to pick a favorite since they are all so lovely.

  14. Love your work, Sheila! This is wonderful. Happy New Year to you!

  15. Happiness is a warm teddy and your collage. Cutest ever birds. xox

  16. Gorgeous and I love the green digital change!! Adorable helper you have too!!
    Wishing you a New Year abundant in good health, wealth and joy!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. Great collage again, Sheila!
    ... and like that you show, how it developed!
    You have a completely own style with high recognition value! … and I am astonished that your worktable looks so cleared up!

    I wish you a good start in the new year and many creative ideas in 2015!
    Best wishes from Ulrike

  18. What wonderful work and studio table. I stumbled upon your page via my big sister, Tracey Fletcher King! Love your little home. :)

  19. So beautiful collage! Very playful! Especially I like your first edited version ... wonderful colours! Interesting to see the steps ... thank you for sharing! Your little helper is so cute!!
    I wish you a wonderful and creative new year!
    Gruß, Annette

  20. What a sweet nephew there have sent you such a cute little helper Sheila, you and your helper have made a wonderful collage together. A Happy New Year to both of you.

  21. Thanks for showing the progress, I love to see how you design your art work. Love the colorful different looks.
    Dear Sheila, I wish you also a healthy, creative and blessed new year,
    big hugs Anja

  22. Lovely bear, lovely studio and lovely collages -- I like all the color variations and I love the original as well! I am tired today, returned at home late in the night ...and hope I will not sleep into 2015.. I did so often the last Sylvester nights during my life!



  23. Ohh lucky you with such an fluffy kind helper! You both have done a great job with the collage! And yes it fits perfekt to the theme colorblocking on Mix It Monthly What a happy world the lil birdie is living in!! Be blessed and never stop creating your amazing art!! ♥ Conny

  24. Happy New Year Sheila, love the photoshops but mush prefer the original. Good use of the washi tape, Santa brought me some too, love the new helper :)

  25. what a great helper, and what great collages, you have that knack, that inate sense of color and style

  26. Happy New Year, Sheila!
    I love your 4 x 4 piece, all versions. It always amazes me how you ring the changes. Fab! I love your new helper too! Jx

  27. Ha-ha! What a fun studio helper. I think he (or she) had a great influence on your latest piece. Happy New Year!

  28. Teddy Noname is lovely and I think his name (or lack thereof) has a certain ring to it! Your little patchwork bird is lovely both pre and post photoshop! Your studio desk looks wonderful. Happy New Year.

  29. I absolutely love the way you combine collage with drawn elements!
    You new studio mate is adorable!
    (Is that white sofa in your studio? That would definitely be a disaster waiting to happen in mine! Ha!)

  30. adorable assistant to keep you company. Love all the colorful art on your table along with your bird collage! Happy New Year and happy PPF!

  31. It's a lovely piece! And how lucky you are to have a little helper in the studio! :-)
    Happy New Year and happy PPF!

  32. Love your helper and the art, all versions. Hope you have a wonderful 2015 with lots of wonderful art creations.

  33. Wonderful helpers and wonderful collage. I love your little birds and editing on. There are always so happy pictures.

  34. Your nephew is a true "gem" to send you this cute studio helper. I was smiling when I saw this picture because I have a similar "helper" at home but I had never ever dared to tell other people because I always thought they would call me silly. Your cute helper did a great job with the christmas napkins :)
    I also love your collages! You have so much phantasy and sometimes I think it would be nice to take a class with you and you teach me how to let flow my phantasy.

  35. P.S. I love your new blog header as well. I'm not sure if I already told you that.

  36. loved seeing glimpses of your studio
    a lovely white couch = eek! only because i sit on my couch while drawing and painting ;-)
    my couch would not stay white
    this piece is a joy to see ~

  37. All of your 3 versions of your artwork look very good. You made it in your very special style and I love it. Happy New Year to you and yours,stay healthy and creative.
    Dear Greetings

  38. I love your fun art and it is so interesting to see it in the different colors.

  39. Do I ever wish I could come and visit your studio. I really love this little pieces and cannot imagine the work that went into them!

  40. this is great and I love how you shared the step by step process, very fun!


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