Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I don't usually let you see my horrible paintings, in fact I don't usually see them for long either as they go straight into the fire.

My studio is currently being painted and decorated by Mr. E. and my art supplies are out and about and being tidied up and re-organised in anticipation of their re-homing.

I found this horror skulking in a pile of papers.

I had been given some oil pastels of a different make from the ones I normally use and I was testing out the colours.
After I had covered it in watercolour and stamped it to make it even worse, it had obviously gone into hiding.

I think you'll agree that even its own mother wouldn't think it was pretty.

However, after it had survived for so long, just for fun I scanned it in to see if I could give any part of it a make-over using only Photo-editing.

I cut out three pieces from the bottom left, right top and middle top.

And here are the befores and afters.

Don't you think that's an improvement?

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  1. Yes, a great makeover, the afters are much, much nicer than the befores, great colours, too, really well done. I cut up old things I don't like and use them in collage, I hate to waste!

    Have a nice eveing, Valerie

  2. NO I see nothing what is not really wondxerful. I love your style and the brilliant colors on your always inspiring art works!!
    Have a nice evening,
    big hugs Anja

  3. Oh Sheila,
    I love this one the way it is; ok the way it was. It's so coulorful, there can be see so much. It has a soul and its own poetry. I'm not the mother of this peace, but I love it. And I hope I may say that although you don't like this picture...
    And although I'm so impressed by the original: The overworked pictures are wonderful as well. They are very different. And I'm glad that I don't have to say which I love more...
    I will come back later to find out more about this wonderful pieces of art

  4. As you say, each of the motifs is a bit lost in the original, but brought out and adapted make tremendous finished pictures. I love your creative use of the mixed media, some pastel and some photoshop. I like the first one in particular, the wee animal type shape with soft colours. Love it, Awesome !!

  5. Love the pieces would look great in some collage or paintings peekin thru

  6. I like the 'befores' but the 'afters' are gorgeous. Hope your room is back together soon :) Shirleyxx

  7. first, i think it is wonderful
    and yes a mother would love it
    i am not sure why your did not... but that is how art is, we all see and feel differently about it.

    it was fun that you turned it into some thing you like, so very creative of you. and how lucky you are to have an art studio.... some day i dream of that. I sit in the corner of my couch with a painting on my lap.... but we all have our ways ;-)
    thank you so much for your kind visit and message with my very long post!

  8. you never cease to amaze me with your photo editing transformations. It really works that you separated the individual sections. Separately they work beautifully. And I really love the new muted colors you changed them to. The elements blend and mix more pleasantly. I really like the colors in the last redo. Such magic.

  9. Love all fantastic paintings, but I specially like the first one. The colours are super as always. And I like the 'befores y afters'.
    Mar x

  10. actually i could not say which ones i like better. the "befores" because of their bright Colors, but the muted tones on the "afterwards" are awesome, too. but i think it was great to cut them down, they look better each one for itself.

  11. Well, I always enjoy your whimsy, so no I rather like your "horrid" painting. Just as I enjoy your alterations. Your mark making is most interesting to me. xox

  12. I think this wasn't that bad as you call it in the beginning .. but o.k. - now the parts are brilliant and the colors are awesome! I sometimes look to the RGB Channel to see what it would look like with my photographed pieces... but the most of the time my choice of colors is much better than MR. RGB Channel suggests... yes!
    """I think you'll agree that even its own mother wouldn't think it was pretty."""
    made me smile.. I have so many paintings and pages to which this sentence is perfect!

    Happy rest of the week Sheila .. good luck with the studio renovation!

  13. Lots to catch up with again. Love the change of picture but the owl looks very cross. Clever use of photoshop again. Colours are very bright and cheerful. Super

  14. A really very expressive painting, dear Sheila!
    But cut into parts it works nevertheless very well, it looks as well fascinating without digital work.

  15. This is what's so magical about your art, your ability to home in and capture the essence and you do it so well! I love how you used this old piece and brought parts of it to life again.
    These are really great, a magical process and hey presto some really beautiful art, wonderful my friend!

  16. I actually like the befores! But the afters are awesome too.

  17. wow they look beautiful, the before's and the afters!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Groetjes Karin

  18. Love the befores and the afters. Happy PPF, Annette x

  19. I prefer the gorgeous befores...but you know me I am all about vibrant color!! Love some of the digital edits too!

    Hugs Giggles

  20. They would all make a gorgeous wee collection of cards, they are unique

  21. Your transformations are truly magical. Good luck with your art studio redecorating. Happy PPF and Blessings!

  22. What a fun project - AND a new paint job on the studio - woo hoo!

    It is always fun to take something that feels like a 'lost cause' & turn it about ... love the pizazz of the redos!

    Happy PPF

  23. Fabulous art pieces, Sheila. The colours make them very charming.
    Have a great weekend xx

  24. What a makeover ;D
    Great idea to rework and look at the results!
    Good luck with the new creative space... Enjoy!
    Happy belated PPF to you

  25. Wonderful pictures, I love the colors and the processing of your images!

  26. Great idea to take some details and play with them. Love the new versions, although I must admit I liked the old ones too, especially the colours :-)

  27. I'm loving your makeovers! Not that I thought the original was bad. x

  28. "into the fire"?!?!?! Heavens, send them to me. Even the horrible ones! Although I must admit, this IS an improvement. I love your bright colours!

  29. I like the bold experimental firsts ...however your results are wonderful and a great way to find inspiration from other completed pieces!

  30. Belli prima e dopo, colori intensi che si trasformano meravigliosamente!!!

  31. I like the both versions! But the afters I like a little bit more! Beautiful artwork!

  32. A self-defined horror transforms into some true beauties! Love it!

  33. I don't think it's an improvement because I like both of them! The combination of hard and soft edges on the panels of the original appeals to me and the three-legged alien in the last one is straight out of War of the Worlds! Well done, Sheila --- another fine example of your creative mind!


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