Saturday, 27 September 2014


I belong to an Art Textile group and our exhibition in November this year will have the theme "Memories and Mementoes".  

On a holiday, blogged HERE, we could see so clearly the night sky.

These brooches are called "Heavenly Brooches" in memory of that sky.

This one is 1¾ inches wide.  The gold rectangles are organza.

The background fabric started off pure black and was painted and mono-printed with textile paints.
This one is 2 inches wide.  The three circles are hand-stitched.

The stitching is a combination of hand and machine stitching and each brooch is well padded with a cotton fibre.
This is 2½ inches high and has a little twirl of coloured wire.

There are six in the set, I will keep the other three for another day.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these and I would be interested to know which one you like best.


  1. What an amazing line of art, Sheila! A wonderful collection of your talented skills. My choise is absolutely the first one. All of them are lovely art works, indeed.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs, xxx

  2. They are all beautiful, love the deep blues, and my fave is the last one, just gorgeous! Have a nice day, Valerie

  3. Superb needle work. Very inventive. I love the colour coordinaton, blues, blacks, and grays with a hint of other colours. Very subtle. Love them, Awesome !!

  4. fantastic .. I think I like the first one most---such a great design in my mind- but each of them I call
    great little artwork...

    You inspired me much with this.. I think about creating a Moo sized brooche once... putting it on the To -Do list for sure!

    Have a great evening !

  5. Absolutely amazing! Love the blues. Love them all and find it hard to choose between the first and the last! Umm... the last one wins!

  6. All three of them are beautiful but my favorite is the last one. I love that little piece of colored wire.

  7. Dear Sheila, for me the last one is the best - but all are great!I wish you the very best for your exhibition

    ciao, Beate

  8. The deep colors are gorgeous on these little beauties. The stitches are divine. And the abstract designs are uniquely Sheila. I've been quite fascinated with each as I've examined them closely so as not to miss a single stitch. I will be anxiously awaiting the show of the other three.

  9. Ooh, what beautiful stitchery! You would enjoy the work of my friend Yvonne,, she does items like this, and inchies and all sorts of amazing needlecraft things. I hope you have to time to pop over to check out her blog and have a super Sunday :o))

  10. Oh Sheila your brooches are all so wonderfully made, I love the different stitch, they are so well and very creatively made.

  11. I think I'd be happy to wear any of those but I specially like the little twist of red in the last one.

  12. Wonderful art textile, Sheila!!! Your brooches are amazing pieces with a fabulous design and colours, you are very talented! I specially like the third one.
    Mar x

  13. It's hard to choos a favorit, I love them all*g* but now I decide the first and the last is my favorit.
    Great objects really unique and amazing, I'm looking for the next 3.
    Have a nice sunday and a great new week,
    big hugs Anja

  14. Very lovely and creative dear friend, my favourite is the third one with that twist of red on it, you've done a great job with all three here, stylish and cleverly done, great job!

  15. To me they are all beautiful Sheila. Excellent work. I'd wear them all.:) Thanks for you kind comment on my PPF post.

  16. I love the first one Sheila although all of them are fabulous.Thanks so much for helping me through Sirkkis.That was very kind of you, my friend.

  17. All are absolutely gorgeous and unique! So wonderful textil art! I love them all! Very nicely done!

  18. Hi Sheila, your brooches are gorgeous once of a kind mini artwork. They would make a great gift if you could part with them. Take care, Shirleyx

  19. They are lovely, don't know how you can work so small. I can't get much smaller than a 4x6 post card. Nice monopainting. xox

  20. Hello Sheila they are all beautiful but my favourite is the first one, you are a very talented and ingenious lady. So very well executed.

  21. Beautiful! I so admire anybody who can sew and create such wonderful results. Jx


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