Thursday, 10 July 2014


I'm going along quite happily with the "Summer of Colour" challenges when suddenly Week 5 comes along with these colours.

Frankly, bleeeeeehhh!

I had a look at some of the other wonderful entries.
They could do it.

I've been playing on and off since Monday morning, making blue collages

and to cut a long story short,
I added a few flowers
and made this with the help of photo-editing.

I know it's not just the three colours and I know they're not in the right proportions.

I know some of the flowers are not all red or blue, but actually they refused, they didn't want to be the same.

And that's it, otherwise I'll still be trying to make something from these three colours and it will be Week 5 2015.

I'm also linking to "Art Journal Journey" where the theme is "Flower Power".  

Please like it a little bit.


  1. Hello Sheila I don't like it a little bit I like it a lot, I love that the flowers all refused to be the same, and I love the way you have made them look so vibrant even although the flowers are small in comparison to the whole picture. it's great x

  2. Nice piece, and I know how you felt with those colours, a lot of us didn't like them. But you have done a good job here! Enjoy the sunshine, it's hot and humid here this afternoon after the rain! Valerie

  3. First of all... LOL... about your thoughts behind.... your struf´ggle with the combo of those colors....

    hihi.. nearly everybody who joined wrote that this is not a color combination to fall in love with it!

    But you did a work with great effort in my mind... gosh !
    I love love love your blue-grey collages .. and as I think you will make something with them in the future either, am I right`?- I look forward to this post than!
    Now for happily come to an end I can say it is a fantastic take on those colors you came up with !

    Have a great weekend Sheila!
    and not to forget to say a big thank you for the flowerpowery art for AJJ ---


  4. Super use of the colours. Love the patterning on the side panels and subtle shading with the blues. As for the flowers!, have they been to a party or something? Maybe someone's spiced their vase water. Their gorgeous, Love it, Awesome !!

  5. But in the end, you made it work!!!

  6. Your collage is so creative and a fantastic way to used the colours, I love this blue, and the flowers...great to see something so different. I really like it a lot! Brilliant!!!
    Mar x

  7. Gorgeous this collage! Really interesting to follow your steps ... and a great result! I love it!!

  8. I think it's really cool and pretty! I'm sorry it wasn't as fun as it could have been, but if I hadn't read the story I would not have guessed. I liked this week's colours but it looks like I was in the minority!

  9. Sheila your lovely flowers are there and I love those sweet red flowers in all that blue! I admit these colours were hard and just too primary....that's why I loved the simple way with this one and I don't think I overly kept to the exact colours anyway. You did great with this in the end!

  10. How gorgeous..your art is stunning..creative and magical...wonderfully inspiring works..I love how you used all the sc colors so uniquely..and I love-love flowers..beautiful!

  11. Ah-ha! So that's how you finally used the difficult colours! I was agog to see your creation, and I do like it! It is good the way that you have kept almost to the three colours. The one eyed octopus is surveying the flowers, and the blus millipede in the bottom left square. The red frame sets everything off beautifully!
    Have a good weekend, Sheila.

  12. These colors really do look fab together
    you stepped up to the challenge beautifully Sheila!
    Each step of the way I found all of the elements so pleasing and then your final result is really WOW!
    I'd like to be a fly on the wall and see how you do it...
    Oftentimes challenges can be good for getting us out of our comfort zone and stretching creative muscles...
    You did great and for two challenges too!

  13. This is so much fun Sheila. Fun for us viewers, but not it seems for you, lol. A shame, but your end result is colourful and fun :o)
    Than you for your comment on my blog too :o)

  14. I think you did a great job with your colors. Enjoyed the process.

  15. This is gorgeous and fabulous, Sheila! I love what you did with this week's colors!!!1

  16. I do like it a little. I even like it a lot! Firstly, you gotta know I love the rebel in you regarding this piece! :-) I love your original blue collages as well as love them after editing. I see lots of fun modern and vintage art and reality in this art piece. Good for you taking on the challenge.

  17. I'm laughing and laughing at the way your mind works. I know the feeling about week 5, 2015. I've had colors like that, too.

    Regardless, I adore your rebel flowers and fun art this week!

  18. these a really, really cool! love the whimsical flowers! your style is fantastically unique, sheila!

  19. Your photo collage is amazing, I have no idea how you create these beauties. Have a wonderful weekend, Shirleyx

  20. LOL - I love flowers that refuse to be alike! And I love what you've done with this challenge.

  21. Wonderful. I love these headstrong flowers and this little creature, which looks a bit like a centipede.
    love, Gerda

  22. I think every person has struggled with this weeks colour challenge. I am so pleased to see so many amazing creations come out of Kirsten's choice.

    You have made amazing ArT this week, love what you have created it is very inspiring :-) xxx

  23. I absolutely love what you've created this week! The colors are so bright and happy and make me smile :)

  24. Great result. I am new here and I did manage to get something up with the colors.

  25. I know just what you mean about these colors...not the easiest to work with, and not my favorite either.

    Your finished piece would make a great quilt!

    Wonder what is in store for us next week?

  26. Well, actually, I like it a lot :-)
    It was not my favorite combination either, but you did a great job with these colours. I love how you did the collages, and adding the bright red flowers just gives it that little extra.

  27. Fabulous! I just love seeing your wonderful creations and the changes you processes you use to alter them. So creative! Jx

  28. Know what you mean about these colours, I wasn't taken by them either but you did a wonderful job all the same . BJ

  29. I love this very original and creative work on the SoC colors!

  30. Sheila, I like it very much! The collage with the font and the colors are great and the small flowers are perfectly!

  31. You've managed so well!
    You rock Sheila! :)

  32. Like it a little? I love it! In fact I want to make a collage right now using this inspiration!!! Thank you SO much for your lovely words on my blog!!! They meant the world to me.

  33. awww its lovely! Sometimes its hard when you don't like the colours or you don't use them a lot!


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