Monday, 2 June 2014


Last week we stayed in a delightful, peaceful cottage in the grounds of a castle. The cottage was built into the wall of the huge Walled Garden.

The surrounding area was a paradise for birds, and a walker's paradise too.

I took my new pink shoes

but they didn't want to go out here

so they stayed in the cottage, although we didn't.

Someone wasn't too happy about the weather.

We were driving along a modern road when we suddenly came to this, a bit of a surprise, was it legal? 
We expected to see highwaymen.

The cheerful man who came out of his cottage to collect the toll could have come from the 16th century himself.

We drove our car over the rickety, slippery wooden bridge.  Maybe it was solid concrete underneath????

These people came on holiday with us and wanted to take a selfie for the blog.

When we left home our garden was neat and tidy, the best it has ever been, with the flowers and vegetables standing up neatly.
When we came back the garden had turned into an Amazonian jungle.

Because this is normally an art blog, here is a little bit of art to finish.

Last month I exhibited a couple of pictures in a group art exhibition and we were asked to make a 6 x 4 inch postcard to be included on a poster. The instructions were to take no longer than two (!) minutes to make the postcard.
This was mine, made in 20 minutes.

and here it is inverted.

I hope you enjoyed your little quiet tour.


  1. Lovely photos, looks like a great place to be. There are even private toll roads in London, they probably are modern highwaymen! You postcard is beautiful, in both colour variations. Glad your new shoes survived! Valerie

  2. I was waiting to go into the garden by the castle. I might have acted the same as the pink shoes though. That was a fun story of the bits of your trip. Your garden looks pretty. I now have a glimpse of why you must spend so much time with it. Wow, the postcard is terrific both ways! They each sure have a different feel with a simple processing magic.

  3. What a super write-up about your holiday! We were at a cottage in the Lakes the same week and enjoyed it but I can't match you for things to write about. I did put the wheelie bin out on Wednesday ----

  4. The cottage looks lovely, Shame about the mud but it looks like you had a great time. Your postcard turned out great.

  5. Elma said - Sheila, you make your holiday sound and look magical. With your comments your sense of humour shows through. A lovely account of the holiday.

  6. Your holliday sounds like fun and what a great selfie! Beautiful postcard too! Groetjes Karin

  7. Thank you Sheila for sharing your wonderful vacation news.
    You have done a lovely card.
    Welcome back to Blogland, Sheila!

  8. Great pictures, Sheila. I hope you had a great time on your holidays. I like the beautiful pink shoes and your garden looks lovely. Mar

  9. What a marvelous idea, a cottage built into the wall. The bridge, hope there was reinforcement it looked a bit dicey...for a car anyway. Sounds like you had a marvelous time....cute postcard...xox

  10. Beautiful pictures of your holiday, the house looks so inviting. I like your postcard with the flowers.

  11. Wow, what a fabulous house! I would love a walled garden. You made me laugh about your 20 minute postcard - it looks wonderful though and congrats on exhibiting.

  12. Great post, loved the 'tour'. The cottage looks quaint and I imagine it was a great vacation with your 'friends'. Your 4x6 artwork is beautiful. Take care, Shirleyx

  13. Glad you had a good hol. Cottage looks superb.
    Lots of posts for me to catch up on again. All up to your usual standard, very high. Glad you still can find the glue pot,loved the patterns on 3 leaves

  14. Beautiful pics, Shelia! Love the selfie :)

  15. thanks for sharing your holiday pics with us... i enjoyed the selfie;) and your postcards are gorgeous, always love your play on inverting the colors!

  16. Loved your "not 2 mins" postcards. They made me think of a day garden, and a night garden - lovely contrasts. Your two friends looked good in their selfie, and the holiday in a cottage in a wall sounds very pleasant. Everyone needs a holiday, even from such good fun occupations as blogging and gardening!! Hugs, Fodie Ann

  17. I think you must have had a wonderful vacation in this beautiful house in Wales. And since I knew about it I asked myself who would care about your garden... Now I know Nobody else than your garden itself did it. And I think he did it very good without his "mother" who put plants out and in and things like that...
    And I love your flower art very much!
    This time I prefer the inverted one. It's unbelievable, there is so much that can be seen and the colours are wonderful
    Ciao Beate

  18. Hi sheila,

    great picture of the lovely garden,and the woodbrigge is so dreamy,i want will there,haha.
    your new pink shoes are beautiful, i love sneakers allways,and the flowers in your garden so dreamy and wonderful, i love the roses,your picture its beautiful, i love the lovely backround and flowers,very amazing work.
    i wish you so much fun in your wood and garden,the weather its so beautiful,but here its rainy and cold.
    have a great day,dear sheila :-)

    Lovely greetings Jeannette

  19. Loved the peek of your lovely tour Sheila...what a great opportunity to visit places I have never been!
    The cottage sounds charming...
    glad you saved your pretty sneakers from getting ruined.
    Your garden looks absolutely perfect to me...what a glorious array of blooms...
    darn those naughty weeds that frolick when we're not looking ;)
    Your postcard is super too...
    the inverted version makes me want to go and invert something but I have to go to the market instead :)

  20. Hello Sheila, thanks so much for sharing your holiday photos, what a beautiful place, even if the weather looked to be so so. Your garden does look wild but very beautiful. That postcard is so free and spontaneous, I love art that lets go like that!

  21. Oh what a wonderful cottage, remembers at past times. I would like to stay there too at my holidays. Nice photos you made.
    Your 2o minutes card looks great, amazing technique.

    Sabine xox

  22. Awww now I can see the cottage...looks so very inviting, but the weather didn´t ;) Haha you hero, saving your new shoes from the mudd :) and so funny your adventure over the bridge...always such a great feeling while droving over some of these, isn´t it, hehe live is passing on in our heads :D and then I really enjoy watching your reverse postcard! Just wonderful...big hugs sweet Sheila-Girl ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  23. Your holiday cottage looks amazing. It looks like a lovely place to be, think your garden looks very enticing too. Great artwork x

  24. I like your postcard designs ---2 minutes? I'd never be able to do it either.

    The cottage by the castle looks lovely.

    Thanks for stopping by to see my Summer of Color image.

  25. Thanks for sharing your holiday pictures. They look great. Love your postcard too!


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