Monday, 13 January 2014


While the man in the band plays guitar in a noisy nightclub

the child sleeps and dreams

and the mother has an evening walk in her quiet garden.

What is Silence?

The theme at "Art Journal Journey" this month is "Silence".
Do go and see the many artistic representations of Silence there.

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My blogging friend Beate was intrigued by the many cats which live in Orange Esmeralda's house.  She asked if they could come to Germany for a party and she would make an art journal page of the event.  This turned into something even more exciting, both for the cats and for Orange Esmeralda.   You can see her first blogpost on the subject here.


  1. More fun work from you! Love the people you have created. I just looked at beate's blog, love the journey your cats made, great idea! Hugs, Valerie

  2. HI Sheila, what a wonderful story to the theme! And your pictures are so expressive! I would like to know how you did them. The last one looks to have been made out of fabrics. Is this a part of a quilt?

    Best Beate

  3. I went back to look and read again....
    this pictures are so different from what you did before. I like it soo much. And there is some more about it, but at the moment this some more is just a feeling I can't find words for...

    And thanks for telling about our book :)

  4. Oooh sheila,your art works of silence its amazing, i love the guitar boy,remind me of my mans brother,he live in schottland and plays many guitars in many diffrent bands.
    and your dream girl its wonderful, i love the white and black contrast,and your woman in her flower world its amazing too,wonderful ideas you used of this theme.
    the projekt with beate its great,wonderful ideas .

    Greetings from my bed:-)


  5. Your silence artwork is gorgeous. I love them all, but especially the orange & blues. I also loved the the story about your cats visiting in Germany, thanks for the link. Take care, Shirleyx

  6. The silence work is really nice! I especially love the mother walking in her garden. The fabrics are wonderful.

  7. The child and the woman pieces are quite powerful in their "silence"! A new versatile side to your art. I love surprises. The journey of your cats and other characters is so awesome! This collaborative artwork is a beautiful thing! It must be an exciting experience.

  8. The guitar man sings a lullaby for mother and child. Tremendous work. Love it, Awesome !!

  9. My goodness, Sheila, these are amazing pieces. So different from your ususl styly. I love the colors and the melancholy feel to these.

  10. Sheila what an artist you are! So beautiful with your words too, it soothes and is full of beautiful silence, just wonderful!

  11. genius ***Mixed Media Pieces*** Sheila.. wow!
    Love all the deatails on them!

    Yes indeed -what a great party with your cats in Germany!

    Love what Beate did with your fabulous creations!


  12. Your silence-pieces let me think of a dark silence. Silence is not always beautiful and welcome. It can be oppressive too!
    That's at least my impression for the first two pieces, the guitar-man and the dreaming girl.
    The mother in her garden at night is my favourite.
    You made me think of your contribution to AJJ a lot. To me this thinking about an artwork is one of the most important successes an artist can achieve! Well done!

    I am also very fond of your cooperation with Beate! It will be quite an event! Go for it!

  13. This is a fabulous post for the theme "Silence"!! Great words and wonderful artwork! Very unusal and imaginative!
    Also I like your project with Beate very much!

  14. i love your shadows on these collages. my fave is the last one. i also love to walk in the garden at dawn, when silence comes... the "blue hour", you know...

  15. beautiful creations and I love it that Esmeralda visited Germany,haha
    Groetjes Karin

  16. Absolutely gorgeous art works. They amazingly well reflekt silence and are most beautifully created. I love all but mosst the mother is walking in garden.
    Thank you dear Sheila your comments on my blog xxx

  17. Deine Bilder sind wieder so wunderschön, Sheila. Die Farben so schön und das alles auf Stoff! Ich bin begeistert! Und deine Katzen haben weine wunderbare Reise bei Beate begonnen!

  18. These are absolutely wonderful! I love the textures in all of these. Who knew silence could be so expressive?

  19. I love that you always tell us a little story with your images, they are all so amazingly well made, I also love the combination of fabric, paint and paper.

  20. Sheila, your images about silence are impressive. Each individual has a special aura. I find the pictures very touching.
    Greetings, Gerda

  21. Your artwork is so diverse, whatever you turn your hand to it always turns out stunning. You manage through your stories to draw the reader in and this time to experience silence, especially in the first two. Love the fact your cat wandered over to Germany x

  22. You have made a very individual and creative response to the 'Silence' challenge, with a story to read through the pictures and a great feeling of the silence of the sleeping child amid the other sounds.
    I wandered off to Beate's blog and enjoyed her creation of the collaborative piece incorporating your artwork with hers. All such fun, and I look forward to seeing her completed book.

  23. Really lovely array of creations giving a peaceful and beautiful feeling of silence dear Sheila ♥

  24. Aahhh Sheila, your art is so full of emotion! Your pieces this time are STUNNING! Love the first one with its pattern and pink to brown/black theme...the second one ist so gorgeous too with its flowers and then the third one with the patchwork on it!!! and then the lovely shapes! You are so talented in telling stories, that moves our hearts!! Have visited Beates Blog and enjoyed your kitties journey to Germany :D ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  25. I love all your work, but this is one of my favourites. So fantastic! :-)

  26. Three wonderful pieces. The mother is my favourite. Jx

  27. It looks like your cats had a lovely trip to Germany! What a nice vacation for them.


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