Tuesday, 16 July 2013


What is keeping me back from making art and blogging?  


What I always knew as true, but have rediscovered, is that the more art you make, the more you can make, and the less you make, the less inspiration you have.

So out with the sketchbook, oil pastels, the dyes and the photo-editing programs.

Some circulating circles,

a little play collage with magazine cut outs added,

and a pink leaf.

Now back to the garden.

I do enjoy gardening!

The challenge at "Try it on Tuesday" is "Home is where the heart is", and in the summer months my home and heart are often in the garden, so I am entering this challenge for the first time, with the Pink Leaf.


  1. What a lovely atmosphere in your flower and vegie gardens! Beautiful color and greenery everywhere. And then such creative art from your inspiration. I look at your modern/abstract art and my imagination just comes to life! You have awakened it.

    'ART AND THE GARDEN' sounds like a good book!

  2. Oh, what a nice garden - I'm sure there is plenty of room for fairies and dwarfs among all those wonderful plants and flowers... Your words "the more you paint, the more inspiration you get" are so true!! But your new pictures show that your garden is inspiring you as well!!
    Best, Beate

  3. Love the circles and the pink leaf. Your mixed media collage is inspirational. Keep up with the gardening (or did I mean blogging). Love them all, Awesome !!!

  4. Love what you have made, and your veggies look GORGEOUS!!! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Lovely work, thank you so much for playing along at TIOT! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Lush and bright, thank you for joining us at TIOT.EE

  7. Thank you for sharing your garden photos with us at TioT's, its a beautiful project.

  8. Beautiful work and love your garden, Shelia!

  9. A wonderful way of having a take on our "Home is where the Heart is" -challenge!!! Seeing your garden I know exactly what you are talking about!

    Thank you for joining us at TIOT!

    Claudia x

  10. Your garden is gorgeous, and I can see how it inspires your artwork. I agree with your opening statement too. Blessings!

  11. I also love gardening and it pulls me away from other art in the summer. But it's also creative right ? Your artwork here is beautiful. Cheers, Shirleyx

  12. Wonderful pictures, the circles and the pink leaf are so great!

  13. Such a beautiful garden, Sheila. Your pieces of art are beautiful too. I love the circulating circles - so intricate and such movement.

  14. Georgus garden art work, i love the pink leaf and the cool picture,is terrific art and i love your style and your works,its very,very beautiful.
    your garden is wonderful i think also so inspiriering for this,love your pictures.

    greetings jeannette

  15. Totally fab! The first artwork looks like Japanese parasols.

  16. This looks so great - beautiful stamping!
    Thanks for joining us at TIOT!
    xxx Ellie xxx

  17. Again a fantastic contribution to the world of blogging, I especially like the pink leaf with the circles a close second. You garden looks incredible no wonder it pulls you....so lush

  18. I think I have missed this post, and find it now...such a treasure...how I love your little pieces...they are so different, but I can see you through all them ♥♥♥ Conny


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