Wednesday, 6 March 2013


So I couldn't resist playing with more of Jaggy's toys.  Finding them was the hardest part.
The first one was under the coal bunker and the second one was... no, I'd better not tell you where it was.
The third one? - well Jaggy is a very friendly gentle interesting cat but he wouldn't let me have this one.

The first rescued toy.

Twirled it a few times and gave it a bit of texture.  It's a bit Art Nouveau, don't you think?

The second rescued toy

and the first pattern.  I really like these fresh colours.

The second pattern in different and some quite interesting colour-ways.

Just as I was finishing here he turned up with this

which I made into a ball.

I'm not sure if he likes it.

Orange E. is delighted, however, as she has a new set of card designs.


linda said...

I love Jaggy's toys, and the interesting and colorful patterns you've made!

Annie said...

As usual, quite interesting. The first looks very fluffy or fuzzy. Kind of like a chenille. Especially in the center. The second is a pretty cool design. Like the things are in water and maybe the color is what suggests water. The third is the one I like most. It glows and has dimension. Love the colors too!

Aileen said...

Love the patterns you've created. x

bohemiannie! art said...

You are amazing. SAQA is having a contest for prints for fabric...and if you were to enter ANY of your designs...I think you'd win.

kat said...

Oh what fun!! You've been having plenty with all of this, so quirky and a delight to read!

Miki Willa said...

I can't decide which I like best. I do love the art deco aspect of the first one. Playing with the pattern and colors in the second one gives you some wonderful patterns for fabric design. I really like the last one, as well. It also has an art deco feel. Very beautiful work.

janie said...

I love jaggy and I am pleased he lets you play with his toys. The third one is especially luminous however I love the way the first one has come together definitely a sellable card or one of a collection.

Rhonda H said...

love that turquoise pattern!